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Kane Boasts Endorsement She Didn’t Get

Kane’s since-deleted Facebook post. Source: Freed campaign

Kathleen Kane, the Democrat running for Attorney General, proudly announced her endorsement by a prominent law enforcement group on Tuesday. There’s just one problem: they didn’t endorse her.

“Very proud to receive the endorsement of the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association. Thank you for all the support!” read the post on Kane’s campaign facebook page. A similar update appeared on her Twitter feed. The posts have since been deleted.

The group backed neither Kane nor her Republican opponent Dave Freed. Endorsements by the group require a unanimous vote, but the result was split so they opted to stay out of the race.

“We asked the Kane campaign to take down the endorsement and they have complied,” PSTA President Joseph Kovel told PoliticsPA. “The PSTA will not endorse a candidate in this race.”

Freed’s camp pounced on Kane’s announcement.

“This is a new level of deception from Kathleen Kane,” said Freed Campaign Manager Tim Kelly. “Whether she’s running television ads that completely misrepresent her record or now claim law enforcement endorsements out of thin air, it’s clear that Kathleen Kane and telling the truth are at significant odds with one another.”

Kane’s camp chalked up the error to an overeager intern who mistakenly mischaracterized the image above.

Kane, a former Assistant District Attorney from Lackawanna County, has picked up several actual endorsements in recent days. Most notably, she has the backing of the powerful Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #5 in Philadelphia. She also racked up the support of numerous law enforcement officials and the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #91 in Allegheny County.

Freed, the District Attorney of Cumberland County, has the endorsement of many of his colleagues from counties around the state as well as the Pennsylvania State Police Lodge #41and Fraternal Order of Police Tri-County Lodge #76. The endorsement list on his website includes the Pa. State Trooper Association, which backed him in the GOP primary.

16 Responses

  1. Christian, I agree with you that Kathleen Kane is well qualified to be PA’s Attorney General.

    However I am somewhat concerned about your second statement, “She … should hire adults when she gets in the office.” I believe that to be an ageist statement. Everyone makes mistakes throughout their lives. It’s not an age-related thing.

  2. Kane is a qualified prosecutor and her campaign staff is amateur. She should win and should hire adults when she gets in the office.

  3. Make the claim, it sticks in peoples minds whether it is true or not.

    She has lost two areas she had at first, a) she was not part of the machine and b) personal credibility.

  4. I suggest you learn to read who is writing what before commenting further, as you’re beclowning yourself.

    Unless Patrick Murphy is a big fat liar, Kathleen Kane is so inexperienced as to be unqualified.

  5. Steven-

    If you’re going for the parking tickets… that shows your as desperate as Leroy Zimmerman. Smell Stevens desperation everyone!

  6. Kathleen Kane has continued to mislead the public about her record.

    Earlier in the year she said she prosecuted 3,000 cases, when in reality it was more like 24.

    She also really got like 13 parking tickets that were all wiped clean 10 years later.

    Kathleen Kane is just another corrupt NE Democrat.

  7. Your claim that someone worked for over a decade… twelve years to be exact, yet has no experience is dubious at best Steven. She has worked as has Mr Freed on multiple proceedings.

    She hasnt gotten the chance to see the sketch artist yet… he’s getting a crime description from the witness. Something about stealing kids money in a trust to pay for a golf course. The sketch of the criminal is beginning to resemble someone very close to David Freed.

  8. Steven-

    Your candidate is a puppet on a string… a grade A flunky for covering T Corbetts role is letting a child predator run free for three years… and the son-in-law of someone currently under investigation. Dave Freed is the perpetual LIAR. He’s the cover up man and everyone knows he’s a phony because it’s fairly obvious.

  9. Basically Kane’s campaign (well at least one intern on her campaign) made an error, admitted there was an error, corrected the posts by removing them. Yes Dave Freed this is deception at its best! How can you fairly represent the state of PA when you actually admit to errors and take action to correct them. A new low indeed!

  10. This is the most comments anyone has had from the Freed Campaign in over a week…talk about picking your battles….”RSLC slander attacks, no no lets not comment on that…Now an intern mistake!!!, this is what we have been waiting for!”

  11. Really Tim Kelly, “a new level of deception from Kathleen Kane”? Where were all these big words when the RSLC was running some of the most disgusting ads I have ever seen again Kathleen Kane? where was your OUTRAGE then? Clearly you save all of your comments and emotions to errors by interns. Glad you have your eye on the ball, David Freed is lucky to have such a smart word-smith running his campaign

  12. So does that mean she got a majority of the votes, just not unanimous. That is telling in that crowd.

  13. I am sure this was just a stupid mistake, how can any campaign seriously expect to fool people these days by taking credit for an endorsement they never received. Really a non-story if you ask me.

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