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Kane Responds to Committee Recommendation to Remove Her From Office

KaneKathleen Kane is getting mad and getting even.

Today, the State Senate committee investigating the Attorney General recommended to the full body that she be removed from office.

Unsurprisingly, she was not pleased with their findings.

“Today, a handful of senators sought to substitute their judgment for that of more than 3 million Pennsylvanians who cast their vote for the duly elected, independent Attorney General,” she wrote in a response statement. “I believe this attempt to remove the Attorney General from office is unconstitutional and intend to vigorously defend the Office of Attorney General against any and all future efforts by this committee or the Senate as a whole.”

Kane then transitioned to the pornographic emails, seeking to shift attention onto her enemies and their poor judgment instead of her’s.

“Over the past few weeks, there has been a chorus rising up across this Commonwealth to condemn the content of emails sent and received by a justice of our Supreme Court, as well as those sent and received by former deputies in the Office of Attorney General of Tom Corbett and Linda Kelly,” Kane stated. “This chorus condemns more than the racist, misogynistic, homophobic and religiously offensive content of these emails; it condemns the network of judges and lawyers circulating these emails on public computers across state-owned servers.”

“I have heard this chorus loud and clear,” she pledged. “Next Tuesday, I will announce my selection of a team of special prosecutors to go through every public email account trafficking this filth and track down every public server over which it was circulated. At that time, I will outline the prosecutorial powers that these special prosecutors will have to identify any violations of the criminal, civil and ethics laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In addition, I will call upon the Department of Justice to investigate emails circulated on the public email accounts of assistant U.S. attorneys in this state.”

“There can be no greater duty of an Attorney General than to restore the confidence of the public in the integrity and fairness of their judicial system. I intend to carry out this duty no matter how hard some in the Pennsylvania Senate seek to prevent me from doing so,” Kane concluded.

The saga continues.

55 Responses

  1. Yep, Pat. it is all coming together now.

    Recent reports indicate that DA Williams practically begged the steaming pile of dung (sting) defendant to take hie WAY TOO GENEROUS plea offer.

    And now we all know why. Even Bruce Beemer – who just testified against Kane in the Senate Kangaroo Court trying to remove Kane – wrote a Memo saying that Fina;s investigation of only Black legislators was improper … and that it was “unjust” for Frank Fina to drop all charges against the con-man who stole $400,000.00 from a non-profit set up to help children.

    Turns out – Frank Fina and that con-man have the same lawyer. And that lawyer’s wife (who has hardly any prosecutorial experience and ZERO experience as General Counsel) just got hired by Seth Williams to be General Councel at the DA’s Office.

    You can’t make this stuff up. Does the City (Mayor’s Office or City Council) have to approve of a new position created by a Politician? If so – they better look VERY CLOSELY at this.

  2. This story gets worse and worse for Frank Fina and Seth Williams.

    Tyron and Ali and Frank Fina have the same lawyer !!!! And this lawyer stands to profit from Fina’s lawsuit against Kane. This lawyer negotiated with Fina (one client) to get him to drop all the charges against his other client – Ali. And this same lawyer convinced his client Fina to let his other client Ali keep the $400,000.00 he stole from the taxpayers of Pennsylvania.

    And now this same lawyer’s wife is “Chief of Staff” … “General Counsel” … and “Chief INTEGRITY Officer” at the Philadelphia D.A.’s Office.

    The FBI better get involved RIGHT NOW. Before these people have any impact on the D.A.’s Office or the Citizens of Philadelphia.

  3. Corrupt loser Feudale OUT. Being a buddy of Fina’s is suddenly a career killer.

    The now-rational Supreme Court of PA needs to move fast on Eakin now. He is a disgrace to the Bench (but a typical Repervlican).

  4. I forgive everyone. Obviously I have moved on. As long as men try to take women out of high government positions there is going to continue to be abuse, violence towards women. All men with daughters and grand daughters should think very clearly about that. As a woman, I will continue to support her. I’m sure what was done to me has been done to many other women and it needs to stop. I feel she will protect women. Oh, but you see, guys don’t like that do they? End the violence against women!
    BTW Clinton will also be the next president. I now plant a seed in every young girl I meet. I tip them well in restaurants and tell them to go into polics and go to law school so the judicial system will be fair and equal the way its suppose to be. This bias BS has got to end.

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