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Kane Used Private Email in Violation of Policy

KaneWell, it was quiet for Kathleen Kane for awhile there…not anymore.

The Associated Press reports that from her inauguration in January 2013 through August 2015, Attorney General Kathleen Kane conducted official business through her private email accounts.

Altogether, Kane sent or received about 4,000 emails through her AOL and Yahoo accounts during this time period.

The AG’s office has released about two-thirds of these messages but is holding onto 1,144 emails.

According to Kane’s office these emails deal with: personal medical and mental health; workplace discrimination, sexual harassment and employee discipline; secret grand jury and attorney-client communications; and information that could identify agents performing an undercover or covert law enforcement activity.

Then-AG Tom Corbett first instituted a policy in 2009 that would make using private accounts for work-related business a fireable offense. Nonetheless, Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo maintains that Kane is in charge of the policy and so can choose to exempt herself.

Despite all this, the AP found that the AG wrote in a 2014 missive to an aide to tell senior staff that they shouldn’t use personal accounts because they were “not secure”.

Ardo also revealed that Kane sometimes still uses her private address for business.

“Given her authority to choose to use her private email account, no one has attempted to dissuade her from doing so,” he said.

38 Responses

  1. Hey HaHaHa aka Brett Aka Jailbird. This story is about you. Are you going to pay the money back you stole from the elderly.
    Unsanctioned R2 says:
    May 11, 2016 at 4:18 pm
    Hey HaAHA aka Brett look you made the news when Fina arrested and convicted you. It’s nice to know that public sources still have this information. You gonna pay back any of the money you stole.
    Brett Cott
    HARRISBURG –Bonusgate defendent Brett Cott received a sentence of 21 to 60 months on three charges this morning.
    He also received three fines totaling $11,000 and was told to make restitution to the state of $50,000. The sentence was imposed by Dauphin County Judge Richard Lewis, who rejected Mr. Cott’s defense attorny’s plea for probation. Mr. Cott was found guilty on three charges: conflict of interest, theft of services, and conspiracy.
    The office of state Attorney General Tom Corbett had argued for a stiff sentence, claiming Mr. Cott had seriously misused taxpayer dollars in running as many as 20 political campaigns in Western Pennsylvania from 2004 to 2006.
    Mr. Cott’s attorney, Bryan Walk, had claimed that the prosecution was political and said that Mr. Cott was aqcuitted on 39 of 42 charges brought against him. However Judge Lewis said that Mr. Cott’s offenses were serious and deserved time in state prison.
    Read the sentencing memo for Brett Cott.
    The judge said Mr. Cott spent most of his time that was paid for on taxpayer dollars “orchestrating and mastermining political activity.” The judge said “public money was used like monopoly money to run campaigns. Some potential candidates were scared off by this taxpayer funded juggernaut. The public was also victimized.”
    He said probation was not an option because that “would demean the seriousness of the crimes.”
    Deputy Attorney General Patrick Blessington said that Mr. Cott was paid salary of $223,000 plus bonuses of over $39,000 from 2004 to 2006 for basically running political campaigns. Mr. Cott is the first of the Bonusgate defendents to be sentenced.
    Reactions to the sentence from prosecutors and the defense differed markedly.
    The stiff sentence “sends a loud and clear message that this kind of activity [illegal use of taxpayers funds for political campaigns] will not be tolerated, and people will pay for their crimes,” said Deputy Attorney General E. Marc Costanzo.
    In a brief submitted to the judge, the state contended that Mr. Cott’s “demeanor” wasn’t appropriate, meaning he hadn’t shown “contrition or remorse” for his illegal actions. He said Mr. Cott’s ongoing defiant attitude and lack of remorse were “appropriate legal factors” to be considered during the sentencing.
    Lawyer Walk, however, said he was shocked and “extremely disappointed” by the severity of the sentence, which could keep Mr. Cott in state prison for up to five years.
    “There are drug dealers and violent offenders who don’t get that much time,” he said. “We didn’t expect this.”
    He said that since Mr. Cott had no previous arrests or convictions, and since the jury had found him not guilty on 39 of the 42 charges that the state brought against him, he should have gotten probation and no jail time.
    Mr. Walk said the judge’s sentencing decision seemed to have been already prepared, even before this morning’s hearing, where the defense attorney spent almost an hour saying what a hard worker and good person Mr. Cott is.
    Mr. Walk said that if two of the original Bonusgate defendants, former House Democratic staffers Mike Manzo and Jeff Foreman — who made a deal to cooperate with the state and testified against Mr. Cott, “don’t get sentences that are more than Mr. Cott’s, then justice is dead.”

  2. When is Castille getting locked up for his illegal leak?

    Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Ron Castille authorized a special grand jury investigation into the matter of Kane’s alleged leak of grand jury information.

    Yet, it appears that Castille has leaked secret information about this new grand jury examining Kane:

    “Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille told reporters that some of the documents in question constituted grand jury material, which would be confidential…. Questioned by reporters at the annual Pennsylvania Society gathering in New York, Castille countered that at least one of the documents that appeared in the Daily News story should have been confidential. ‘It was a detective’s statement,’ said Castille, speaking to two reporters at the Metropolitan Club.” (Philadelphia Inquirer 12/14/14)

    So, because of grand jury secrecy rules, there is a detective’s statement that Kane should not have provided the Daily News. If she is precluded from revealing it because it is secret, then how can Castille discuss it?

    Furthermore, would not Castille’s revelation that the detective statement is at the center of the new grand jury investigation be a further violation of grand jury secrecy rules?

    The law is incredibly clear that Castille is violating the law because discussing anything in a grand jury is verboten:

    “All evidence, including exhibits and all testimony presented to the grand jury, is subject to grand jury secrecy, and no person may disclose any matter occurring before the grand jury, except…Defendant in a Criminal Case…[and] A grand jury witness may disclose his or her testimony”. (PA Code Rule 556.10)

    When is the perp walk?

  3. Figures. Diano’s girlfriend is just like “Crooked Hillary” They think they are exempt from the laws designed to protect official business. These people just do what they want. Hey Diano, what do you say about THIS revelation you putz?!

  4. Dem Cnty Chrm says:
    April 22, 2016 at 5:10 pm
    Jessica and Bundy. Could this possibly be the same Brett you referred to. I guess we also know him as HaHaHa among so many other names. It would sure make sense that Brett would have a hard on for the guy who prosecuted. Come clean HaHa. Brett
    Bonusgate defendant Brett Cott is sentenced
    May 21, 2010 3:30 PM
    By Tom Barnes Post-Gazette Harrisburg Bureau
    Brett Cott
    HARRISBURG –Bonusgate defendent Brett Cott received a sentence of 21 to 60 months on three charges this morning.
    He also received three fines totaling $11,000 and was told to make restitution to the state of $50,000. The senten

  5. The August trial is getting closer and closer….and closer. Someone should buy Ms. Kane some Excedrin.

    Just 8 more months until PA has a new Attorney General. And, all of these shenanigans will be over,at least in the AG’s office.

  6. The Philadelphia D.A.’s Office has many policies. Seth Williams not only sleeps with women that work for him, but then he promotes them. That must bother the females working there that refuse to sleep with Seth. Word is – Seth has also hired women that he is sleeping with. That should not it well with taxpayers.

    And then there is the person (jilted lover?) that slashed the tires of the City vehicles in front of Seth’s house. That woman, for some reason has not been arrested and forced to pay for the damage to those vehicles. Seth Williams made the taxpayers pay for the damage.

  7. We like to engage in bad behavior and sign pledges. We like TEA and FOXNews. #NoBrains

  8. It sure do looooksed like dat RETARD BobSponge is back heres wit a new sceene-name. Efff dat foxnewz watching RETARD

  9. Jessica and Bundy. Could this possibly be the same Brett you referred to. I guess we also know him as HaHaHa among so many other names. It would sure make sense that Brett would have a hard on for the guy who prosecuted. Come clean HaHa. Brett

    Bonusgate defendant Brett Cott is sentenced
    May 21, 2010 3:30 PM
    By Tom Barnes Post-Gazette Harrisburg Bureau

    Brett Cott
    HARRISBURG –Bonusgate defendent Brett Cott received a sentence of 21 to 60 months on three charges this morning.

    He also received three fines totaling $11,000 and was told to make restitution to the state of $50,000. The senten

  10. I am going to tell you what these guys have been doing — They have been using “lawsuits” to air their dirty laundry. Have you noticed all the lawsuits filed by the people aligned against Kane? It’s not a coincidence. They know the cases are meritless. They know they will all be thrown out. But they also know that their filing are public record – and will be reported on. Clever. But wrong too. The Disciplinary Board needs to get involved. I don’t understand why Fina even has a license after the Superior Court’s findings in the PSU case.

  11. Maria – Great point. I am sure that SOMEONE in the Press is going to have to ask Seth Williams about Kathy Martin eventually. I am surprised they have let him skate this long.

  12. Not only has Fina not resigned, but he is, apparently running the Philadelphia DA’s Office.

    How else can the hiring of Kathy Martin be explained?

    She has a shady background (representing rapists, drug dealers and murderers). She was a part time prosecutor for a cup of coffee in rural PA somewhere. And then – all of a sudden – she is 2nd in Command in a big city D.A.’s Office (Philadelphia)!!!

    Weird huh?

    Kathy Martin’s title is “Chief of Staff” and “General Counsel.” She has ZERO general counsel experience and just about no prosecutorial experience. Did she interview with the Hiring Committee? Did she get vetted by HR? How did she walk off the street into a six-figure salary?

    Hmmmmmm …… Let’s see …..

    When Kathleen Kane won the AG race, but before she took office, then Deputy AG Frank Fina finalized his “unjust” plea deal with Tyron Ali – the con-man cooperator in the sting case. Bruce Beemer called it “unjust.” Fina dropped all of the over 2,000 criminal charges that were pending against Ali. Fina also let Ali keep the $430K he stole from a non-profit set up to help children. That was taxpayer $$$.

    Con-man Ali’s lawyer is/was Bob Levant. Fina negotiated that sweet deal, in the 11th hour (right before Kane was set to take over) with Bob Levant.

    And now Fina is suing the AG’s Office for more taxpayer money. And guess who one of his lawyers is? Yep — Bob Levant.

    Rumor has it that Bob Levant has also helped Seth Williams with the FBI’s criminal investigation into Williams.

    A ways back, Seth Williams hired Frank Fina. Whether he knew of Fina’s “e-mail issues” when he hired him we may never know. But Williams certainly knows now. The Superior Court just called Fina’s conduct in the Penn State case “highly improper.” Williams certainly knows that too.

    “Chief of Staff/General Counsel” is a high paying job. Six figures. Seth Williams hired Kathy Martin off the street into that job. She has zero general counsel experience and hardly any prosecutorial experience.

    But – Kathy Martin is Bob Levant’s wife. Now – Seth Williams’ “Chief of Staff” is in the Press, speaking on behalf of the Philadelphia DA’s Office, defending and praising her husband’s racist client – Frank Fina.

    Huge coincidence, huh?? I think not. It’s no wonder that Williams refuses to fire Fina. They are in bed together. Levant and Martin are on that stinky mattress too.

    Is it OK that Kathy Martin, a high-paid City employee, has a financial interest in smearing the AG and propping up her husband’s client, Frank Fina?

  13. Is this the part where we pretend that Kane could trust the people working for her?

    Speaking of e-mails – the last time Seth Williams spoke about his failure to fire the racists and perverts, he said “mea culpa.” He went on to say:

    “I failed. I should have asked at that point for all the emails so I could have had the complete picture – from everyone.”

    Well – when is Seth going to fix this “failure”??? Right now – the racists, perverts and woman-haters ARE STILL COLLECTING SALARIES FROM PHILADELPHIA TAXPAYERS.

    This is from the most recent article:

    Williams left the door open to reevaluating their punishment, which was one day of sensitivity training, but he said the only way for him and others to fairly assess the matter is for all the messages to be made public.

    “I am personally saying mea culpa,” Williams said in an interview last week. “I needed all the evidence, and I didn’t have it …”

    Earlier this month, Williams transferred them to lower-profile positions in the office, stripping them of the ability to handle criminal cases. Through a spokeswoman, Williams said the move was unconnected to the outcry over the emails.

    Nina Ahmad, president of the Philadelphia chapter of the National Organization for Women and one of the toughest critics of Williams’ handling of the matter, said nothing short of firing the prosecutors would quiet the growing discontent. She called Williams’ call for more information “disingenuous.”

    “What has been released has been enough to incriminate these men, who have clearly shown their deeply rooted biases,” she said.

    Kane shared with the court 20 emails that were sent or received by the two men, calling the messages “misogynistic, pornographic, racist, obscene, and offensive.”

    Many of the messages contained crude jokes that played on racial and gender stereotypes or mocked obese people, women, blacks, and gays.

    Frank Fina twice used his Government computer to forward messages containing messages that played upon stereotypes, including that blacks would attack someone for fried chicken.

  14. The Attorney General is responsible for things like signing wiretap orders, validating usage of undercover resources in The Criminal Law division. Peoples lives are at stake. Criminals could go free if investigations are compromised. She herself said it isn’t secure. These aren’t just emails from personal friends. I think the testimony that she is just an administrator clouds people’s judgement. If there is nothing to see here then release all the emails from her personal account that were held back. She can’t because it would put people in jeopardy.

  15. Damage? What damage? There is nothing illegal about this. In fact – it is common for the elected official to be able to things that the rank-and-file cannot. For instance – in Philly, there is an anti-fraternization policy that applies to the ADAs. Apparently – it does not apply to Seth Williams. If it does, he is going to have to fire himself. There is a no-social-media policy too. Seth is on social media. This is little (very little) ado about even less.

  16. Nothing illegal here. Why is this a story? These are NOT Hillary Clinton’s Top Secret national security issues.

  17. Hey res. rep., if FINA put you in prison and had you a-hole OBLITERATED while in prison, You would hate Him also.

  18. Well color me shocked for the 2nd time in under 30 minutes. HaHaHa in full blown damage control mode…deflecting (under multiple handles, albeit unconvincingly) from Bozo’s misdeeds by recycling the misconduct of an assistant in a DA’s office 100+ miles away.

    Again, I just can’t believe it.

  19. Well knock me over with a feather. I just can’t believe that Bozo the Attorney General would screw up again.

  20. Who could blame her?

    She had back-stabbing traitors running around the AG’s Office. In fact – she still does.

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