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Kane Won’t Testify At Senate Hearing

Kane-ConferenceKathleen Kane won’t be making the trek to the Capitol building.

According to Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review, the Attorney General will not testify during the State Senate’s hearing concerning her potential removal from office.

State Senator, and Chairman of the committee investigating Kane, John Gordner says that Kane isn’t expected to be at Tuesday’s hearing.

“She’s preparing a response at this point but she is not expected to appear,” Kane spokesman Chuck Ardo stated. “She does not believe there are grounds for removal and she doesn’t believe the votes are there for removal to proceed.”

A two-thirds majority vote is required. If that threshold is met, Governor Wolf can remove Kane under Article VI Section 7 of the PA Constitution.

The Governor has indicated that if the Senate votes to remove the AG, he’ll follow their lead.

113 Responses

  1. sklaroff — Is that really you? That sounded way too normal.

    The republicans and perverts and racists are gonna do what they set this up to do; doesn’t matter if she “testifies” or not;

    No matter though. The Governor won’t be going along with this mockery of a sham of a joke of a “proceeding.” Why are they (the legislature) so scared of giving Kane a trial (which impeachment would provide)? Why was there such a delay in bringing the criminal charges to begin with? If they charged right after the grand jury’s joke of a report came out, she would have already had her criminal trial. Perhaps they are playing politics? Perhaps they want this to drag on?

  2. I think that, from her own perspective, she should testify.

    As I have noted on numerous occasions, it will be easier to toss her if/when she has proffered no appreciable defense.

    Remember that the scope of the proceedings is limited to the function of her office, and she could simply say that things are percolating along quite nicely.

  3. Her lawyer letting her “testify” before this Repervlican Kangaroo Court would be akin to that idiot lawyer in “Making a Murderer” turning his client over to detectives to be interrogated. Colossally stupid. Kane would have nothing to gain and everything to lose. She should work on getting the new Supreme Court to reinstate her temporarily suspended law license.

  4. Oops — meant to type: ” Fina’s lawyer’s wife.”

    Oh – and Fina’s lawyer is also Tyron Ali’s lawyer. Yes – the con-man “cooperator” on the steaming pile of dung case and the prosecutor on the steaming pile of dung case have the same lawyer!!

    Remember that Fina, just before Kane took office, hastily dropped all criminal charges against Ali (thousands of them). And then Fina let Tyron Ali keep the $400,000.00 he stole from PA taxpayers.

    Can’t make this stuff up.

  5. I am still waiting for someone in the Press to ask Mr. Williams about the newly created, high-salaried position he created at the DA’s Office. Of all the lawyers in the world, Mr. Williams chose Frank Fina’s wife’s lawyer’s wife for that roll. Seems fishy. Especially when you consider that she stands to profit from Fina’s $$$-driven lawsuit against the Attorney General’s Office … and the fact that she has very little prosecutorial experience … no general counsel experience …. in other words – just about ZERO qualifications for the job. Was this woman interviewed by the HR folks? Was she interviewed or vetted by the Hiring Committee?

  6. YO powerless, ruined careers. They still have their high paying jobs,wait until their lawsuits settle. They will be even RICHER!

  7. “It never ceases to amaze me that grown men would take to the internet to call another man a “Retard.” There is nothing more retarded that a troll with internet muscles. Hey troll — why don’t you go call another man a “retard” to his face, so he can punch you in your’s.”

  8. Just trying to think how I can type the same thing using this new screen name. Hmmm. OK – here goes:

    Candy Kane needs to just resign. Even the Democtarts want her gone. Rendell was right. Divorce … her sister … her sister … HER SISTER … Haiti.

    Meantime – I’m going to ignore the Federal investigation into Seth Williams, Eakin’s corruption, Feudale’s demise, Fina’s and Costanzo’s ruined careers … and Global Warming. I need to make sure all comments are about Kane and the trial that did not happen yet and the charges that thane not been proven. All day, that’s what I will try to do!!!

  9. Dave – I love it!! “Tomorrow, Tomorrow” — it’s always tomorrow for them. Pretty soon her term will be up and there will be no more “tomorrows” for them to point to. Seems they are desperate to get her out before the Special Prosecutor brings charges. Can’t say I blame them. Prison will not be kind to people them.

  10. DD – Will you ever learn? Trolls – like “LarryTheUnsanctionedSuckBoy” exist only to get attention from people on the internet. It is impossible to engage them in meaningful debate. They vomit their words onto the screen and hit “Post Comment” … then they sit back and hope someone falls for it. Don’t!!!

    DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS!! Just call them names. This one seems to really get angry when he gets called a RETARD.

  11. David,
    I love how you sidestep always her clear to everyone with a brain attempts to cover up her sisters transgressions, all the while promoting an investigated, found to have violated hr policy on sexual harassment individual who uses his office as a playground. Deflect to me all you want but nothing changes that you are backing a woman who has clear disregard to women’s issues. Sometimes I think you come on here defending her for the fun of it because it seems like there is no way even y0u could defend the nonsense coming from her office.

  12. Kane didn’t lift a finger regarding the emails other than to use them as blackmail FOR YEARS while in office. It wasn’t until she needed leverage for her self-inflicted crimes that she started to drip them out against her enemies–-not even acknowledging her sister’s involvement…or her own l o n g knowledge of them (KK having received them in 2009).

    Did she have to commit crimes to out this bad, non-criminal behavior? Nope, she could have done it in 2013, 2014, …but, no, she just saves her own skin, even finally throwing her sister under the bus.

    It’s all about Kathleen. She’s done whatever it takes to hurt her perceived enemies. Rendell was right.

    She’s one desperate and vindictive AG who’s M.O. Is to silence witnesses with blackmail and whistle-blower firings. Jail is appropriate.

  13. SpongeBob-

    Half-hearted attempt at denial through a question, then followed by deflection and no substance.

    Lot’s of bluster from you about Kane’s always-coming-but-not-quite-here doom. It’s been at “every turn” for quite a few months of turns. Sounds like you are the one who is turning so much he’s spinning.

    Do you and the other anti-Kane-ites dress up like Annie and sing: “Tomorrow, Tomorrow…” ?

    The Fina fans probably add black-face.

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