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Keith Rothfus: Regular Guy (Watch Video)

The same day the National Republican Congressional Committee’s independent expenditure arm began running ads bashing Rep. Mark Critz (D-Cambria) for his stance on Medicare and Obamacare, Keith Rothfus’ campaign has released a get-to-know-you ad.

The ad – just in time for football season – is narrated by a person who sounds a lot like a football announcer. He tells PA-12 voters just what kind of guy Rothfus is:

“He mows his lawn,” the narrator booms. “He takes his kids to school. He fixes things.

“He’s a regular guy and he’s running for Congress.”

The ad shows Rothfus indeed mowing his lawn in a T-shirt and jeans, his daughter hopping out of the family Chevrolet Suburban (backpack in tow) and the candidate grilling in his backyard.

“Husband. Father of six. Rooted in our community, Rothfus shares our values and isn’t afraid to lead with them,” the ad continues.

“Rothfus fights for small businesses and against big government – and will protect Medicare by repealing Obamacare. We need one of us in Congress…Keith Rothfus.”

The Critz campaign has taken issue with that first statement that Rothfus is an everyday guy, saying that his finances (with a personal worth of up to $12 million) and support for the Ryan budget paints a very different picture.

“Keith Rothfus continues to run a deceptive campaign rather than explain why he wants to end Medicare as we know it which will cost seniors an additional $6,400 per year for health care, all to pay for more tax cuts for the wealthy,” said Critz campaign spokesman Mike Mikus.

“Keith Rothfus is worth millions of dollars and he is on the record supporting unfair trade deals that ship jobs overseas. Those positions portray a candidate who is anything but a regular guy.”

Fact-checkers have shown that the Ryan budget to which Democrats continually point is an outdated reference. listed this claim about Ryan’s budget plan as one of their “Whoppers” of 2011, saying it may get the same honor in 2012.

“CBO didn’t conduct an analysis that shows what seniors might have to spend out of pocket under the latest plan,” says

However, CBO did say there could be “reduced access to health care; diminished quality of care; increased efficiency of health care delivery; less investment in new, high-cost technologies; or some combination of those outcomes.”

This is more likely under the Ryan plan because government spending would be lower, but the $6,000 estimate or anything in that price range is not definite.

10 Responses

  1. One thing that’s interesting about the ad is the modest home that Mr. Rothfus is allegedly “mowing his lawn” in front of. According to public records, his actual home and lawn in Edgeworth, Allegheny County is quite different.

  2. I guess he got a deal from Lamar Alexander on the plaid shirts. Five dollars for every photo of him wearing a plaid shirt.before this commercial was shot.

  3. Dear Dr. Evil Jon Raso: You know that Keith the Candidate is no concerned citizen. He has been to the Beltway as a failed FEMA official and he wants to return to the Beltway Predators Ball sharing in the spoils of the class war that Keith Rothfus and his Beltway elitist backers are waging against our poor unspecting Western PA Seniors!

  4. I am so glad that a plain, concern citizen can step up and run for office. It is about time.

  5. Keith the Candidate Rothfus “shares our values”? WOW! Rothfus is a failed BELTWAY FEMA official who wants to return to the Beltway. He runs this eternal campaign on his wife’s trust fund, leaving her with the 6 kids. He wants to dismantle MEDICARE, leaving our seniors in a lurch under orders from his Beltway backers. He wants to continue to ship our jobs to China, following the lead of the US Chamber. When is somebody going to vet Keith the Candidate’s bio? If he is so rooted in the community, why has he left so few fingerprints of his community service? If I cut my lawn do I qualify to be a YOUNG GUN?

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