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Lackawanna County: Who’s Running For Office?

Lackawanna County Courthouse

Here at Politics PA, we want to make sure that you are aware of who is running for elected office and where they stand.

Today, we take a look at the candidates for office in Lackawanna County.

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas

  • Frank Ruggiero (D)


County Commissioner

The Lackawanna County Board of Commissioners consists of three elected officials. The Board of Commissioners serves as the governing body of Lackawanna County. The Commissioners are responsible for implementing operational policies and administering programs that deal with human services, public safety, economic development, and recreational and quality of life amenities in an efficient and cost-effective manner for the residents of Lackawanna County.
  • Diana Campbell (R)
  • Chris Chermak (R)
  • Laureen A. Cummings (R)
  • Brian J. Reap (R)

  • Bill Gaughan (D)
  • Philip Robson (D)
  • Michael Fedorka (D)
  • Matt McGloin (D)
  • Jerry Notarianni (D)


Clerk of Judicial Records

The Clerk of Judicial Records is the custodian of the documents for the Lackawanna County Court of Common Pleas.

  • Mauri Kelly (D)



The Treasurer’s Office manages the County’s money. Duties include collecting and dispersing funds and handling licenses for private citizens.

  • J.R. Refice (D)
  • Angela Rempe Jones (D)



The office of the Controller is charged with auditing before payment all bills, invoices, payrolls, and other claims, demands, or charges against the county government and approve the same only if duly authorized by appropriations or allotments of appropriations; and examining all contracts, purchase orders and other documents which would result in or involve financial obligations against the county government;

  • Gary A. DiBileo (D)



The Coroner’s Office is responsible for investigating deaths in Lackawanna County.

  • Tim Rowland (D)


City Council, Scranton (4-year term)

City Council is the legislative body of the City of Scranton’s government, exercising all related powers and duties, including introducing, reviewing, and passing resolutions and ordinances.

  • Jessica Rothchild (D)
  • Mark McAndrew (D)
  • Joe Matyjevich (D)

  • Tyler Day (R)
  • Marc Pane (R)


City Council, Scranton (2-year term)

  • Joe Matyjevich (D)
  • Gerald Smurl (D)

  • Darwin Shaw (R)


Magisterial District Judge (MDJ) 

Magisterial District Court is the first level of judicial authority in Pennsylvania and is the court where most people experience the judicial system for the first time. Magisterial District Judges handle all traffic cases, minor criminal cases, and civil cases involving amounts up to $12,000. Magisterial District Judges also set bail and conduct preliminary hearings in misdemeanor and felony criminal cases to determine if the cases should be dismissed or transferred to the Court of Common Pleas for further proceedings.  County Magisterial Districts Map

MDJ 45-1-01

  • George E. Seig (D/R)


MDJ 45-1-03

  • Joanne Corbett (D/R)


MDJ 45-1-05

  • Sean Gallagher (D/R)


MDJ 45-1-06

  • Mariclare Lawless Hayes (D/R)
  • Paul J. Ware (D/R)


MDJ 45-1-08

  • Christopher Szewczyk (D/R)


MDJ 45-3-02

  • Kipp E. Adcock (D/R)


MDJ 45-3-04

  • Laura M. Turlip (D/R)


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