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Lamb Wins PA-18 Democratic Convention

Former U.S. Assistant Attorney Conor Lamb won the PA-18 Democratic convention to be recommended for the special election March 13th. The State Party’s Executive Committee will approve of the candidate before ahead of the state’s deadline for naming candidates.

On the second ballot, Lamb won 319 votes, Westmoreland County Commissioner Gina Cerilli got 151, and Pam Iovino got 71.

Update: The Pa. Dems spoke about the convention and the resume of Lamb after the convention.

“This unprecedented convention was held to enable the State Party to hear the voices of the people who live in the 18th Congressional District, and we are thrilled with the outcome.  Conor Lamb is a former federal prosecutor and Marine Corps veteran. During his time as federal prosecutor, he helped make the Justice Department’s Pittsburgh office a national leader in fighting the opioid epidemic and led prosecutions against drug dealers. He served as a captain in the Marine Corps and serves in the Marine Corps Reserves. He is young, experienced, and iminently qualified, and he will make the people of the 18th Congressional District proud,” Pa. Dems Chairman Marcel Groen said in a statement.

Lamb will face off against Republican nominee state Representative Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny).

The PA GOP jumped on the news trying to tie Lamb to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

“Conor Lamb — Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked candidate — is the epitome of a political insider and far too liberal for one of the nation’s most conservative districts, a district that President Trump won with close to sixty percent of the vote,” PA GOP spokesman Greg Mann said in a comment.

17 Responses

  1. Rick and Yoko Ono never met a free meal they didn’t take. These two will do anything for a free meal courtesy of any lobbyist. Good to know he can be bought with a steak @1700!

    1. Rick and who? Comparing Yong Saccone to Yoko Ono is a very cheap shot. You might want to point out that Yong is the mother of two sons by Rick, and both are Air Force officers. You might want to point out that Rick and Yong have been married for 38 years. You might want to point out that Dr. Saccone was at one time the sole American working in North Korea.

      If you feel you’re serving Mr. Lamb well by criticizing two fine people, keep it up. Jejune comments such as yours will only serve to prove how qualified Dr. Saccone is in the foreign affairs arena.

      1. Yeah man. I’m not a Rick fan what so ever. When you talk to him about anything other than politics he’s a really nice guy, but he can certainly be loony in his ideology. Yoon however, is an amazing lady. She’s not hard to spot. Usually wearing some American Flag apparel. Go up and talk to her, she’s a saint.

        I’m a D and am telling you that you’re embrassing the party and yourself by saying such stupid stuff referencing another Asian woman in attempt to make fun of someone. I know you’re better than that.

        1. MVP, What makes you think “Nova nation” is a Dem? Don’t you think Guy and Kim’s loyalists will be trying to undermine Rick so as to weaken him for the May primary? A loss in the special will make him less appealing to GOP primary voters. Expect more of this kind of stuff from Rick’s fellow Republicans.

          1. I am one of Kim’s “loyalists” and a supporter of Guy. Indeed, I was a conferee who sent him to Harrisburg when Smith left the Senate. The idea that members of FOAC, or Guy, who asked for a unanimous vote to support Rick, would do anything to undermine his campaign is so ridiculous that it barely survives being put into print.

            PA Republicans, the RNC, and all involved are firmly in Rick’s camp.

  2. According to his official biography Rick Saccone takes personal responsibility for enabling North Korea to build nuclear power plants. Now we know who to blame for giving Kim Jong Un his nuclear capability.

    1. You’re absolutely wrong; Rick Saccone worked out a deal with North Korea to ‘stop’ the proliferation of nuclear weapons! This deal hinged on having a President (Clinton) to stand up to the dishonorable leader of North Korea ‘if’ he betrayed the deal. Clinton, Bush AND Obama ALL dropped the ball!
      Rick Saccone is one of the most honorable and decent individuals who I know! IF you want to send someone with integrity, grit and a firm moral compass to DC then Saccone is your man!
      IF you want to continue to play partisan political games then you will get what you deserve!

        1. Telling Kim Stolfer to shut up is a very, very, unwise move. Kim will engage you in civil discourse, however childish shots across the bow, comments that say nothing about the man you champion, is the most certain way to sink Lamb’s ship before it leaves the dock.

          Rick Saccone’s history of accomplishments is incredible. Why don’t you tell us why we should vote Lamb? That is of course, a rhetorical question, because if you had anything more that “shut up”, you would have used it. Saccone for House.

  3. Hey Greg Mann…no such thing as being too Liberal when you live in Center-Right country that keeps being dragged to the Right. ????

  4. When is the GOP going to have an original thought? They were blown out last Tuesday and I think they drew a bad matchup here. Let’s see if they bring trump in on this one. He won this district against Clinton… why wouldn’t they want him involved?

  5. Yes, there will be the typical class warfare, scaring seniors about their Medicare and Social Security, and calling Republican’s extremist; but, I’m not sure what the Democrats were thinking. Nothing against Marines (my father was a WWII Marine) nor assistant US Attorneys, but to put this up against a gentleman with a military career, time spent in North Korea, interrogation of enemy combatants in Iraq, and legislative experience in Harrisburg, unless the voters are clueless, doesn’t seem fair.

    1. According to his official biography Rick Saccone takes personal responsibility for enabling North Korea to build nuclear power plants. Now we know who to blame for giving Kim Jon ? Un his nuclear capability.

      1. Rick Saccone gave PRK its nuke weapons capability? You may want to go back and read the bio where it says: “…he represented an international organization that was building nuclear power plants as part of an agreement that was negotiated under the Clinton administration.”

        I suspect this is what you’re referring to, and Dr. Saccone had no political aspirations at that time. If you want to pin the tail on the donkey (pun intended),blame Clinton.

  6. Congrats Conor Lamb on winning the Democratic Nomination is to run for congress and there might be a small chance of an upset might happen here for 2018.

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