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Lancaster Cinema Cancels Mastriano Film Premiere

Penn Cinema

Lancaster-based Penn Cinema has canceled the premiere of the film, “Return of the American Patriot: The Rise of Pennsylvania,” which featured prominent right-wing Pennsylvania figures, including GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano.

According to, the movie is produced by Ralph Cochran and Steve Turley and features Mastriano, along with Turley and Mike Miller, who ran against state Sen. Ryan Aument in the 36th District GOP primary.

The trailer of the film can be found here.

Mastriano said in the trailer, “I do believe this is this year is a decisive year and we get a Governor Mastriano in Pennsylvania, we’ll be that light once again and the freedoms will be restored. “

Turley has a YouTube channel that has over 887,000 subscribers and features his stances on the rise of nationalism, populism, and traditionalism throughout the world. He is the author of such books as The Return of Christendom: Demography, Politics, and the Coming Christian Majority, and The New Nationalism: How the Populist Right is Defeating Globalism and Awakening a New Political Order.

The movie was scheduled to premiere next Saturday, July 16, at Penn Cinema’s IMAX theater. According to LNP, it was canceled after pushback from members of Lancaster Stands Up.

“We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: harmful political rhetoric that targets members of our community is not welcome in Lancaster,” tweeted the group.

The venue’s owner, Penn Ketchum, posted on Facebook that, “We are NOT hosting this event. We had planned to when we thought it was a “conservative” movie. In meeting with my team, we had made the decision to cancel the evnt when it became clear it was a whole other thing.” 

Penn Cinema also responded to Suzy Wurtz, a member of Lancaster Stands Up, informing her of the cancellation.


Turley responded that Mastriano was set to make a personal appearance at the event with the approval of Ketchum and management. He hinted that other venues are under discussion and that the show will go on.


A preview of the film featured interviews with Mastriano and other right-wing figures in Pennsylvania like Audit the Vote cofounder Toni Shuppe and FreePA founder Tabitha Valleau.

8 Responses

  1. The Left doing what they do best, shutting down discourse when they disagree. Tolerance up until the point of disagreement. And look, I get it, Mastriano is kooky, but even still… not sure how this is a ‘win’ for free speach.

  2. This is yet another example of Mastriano and his supporters simply losing the forest for the trees. Instead of trying to win over more centrist voters sick of Biden/Wolf/Shapiro policies or even the 60 percent of Republicans who did not vote for him in the primary, he is continuing to cater to these fringe activists and media figures. A more standard and forward thinking Republican such as Charlie Gerow or Dave White would not only have beaten Shapiro but also been able to succesfully govern the state. Even if he is elected somehow, how does he expect to pass legislation when he has impunged Cutler/Aument et cetera as RINOS and endorsed their primary challengers?

  3. The Dems are pooping their pants over the prospect of a Mastriano governorship. This is fear at work, plain and simple.

  4. Mastriano should be in prison for taking part in the attempted coup of our country. Pennsylvanians will be sure to do whatever it takes to get him out of our government.

    1. Mastriano types won’t stop talking about the 2020 Election, and “smart people” like yourself won’t stop talking about January 6th

      You both need to shut up

  5. Shameful. Doug is a godly man and will restore freedom to PA citizens. Why are you judging him?

    1. Because he has views that don’t jive with our constitution. Pull your head out si you can breathe.

    2. Mariano is a traitor to the United States, don’t use your “God” to excuse spitting on the constitution.


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