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Lt. Gov: Critz Fundraising Lags


Former Congressman Mark Critz was easily one of the best-known candidates for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor. During his time in Congress, he represented a larger constituency than any other of the other candidates, but the apparent name recognition did not translate into fundraising prowess.

Critz reported raising just over $84,000 in 2013, and after expenses was left with about $40,000 to start this year.

A decent chunk of his money raised came from small donors, about $15,000, but the majority of his funds came from larger sources. He got $12,500 from the Greater Johnstown Regional PAC and $8,000 rolled over from his congressional account.

Critz also received $15,500 from individuals with the surname Kroh. D. Scott Kroh and Pamela Kroh gave $5,000 and $4,000 respectively and are employed by Robindale Energy, an oil and energy firm from Western PA. Two more Kroh’s donated $6,500 combined.

His expenses come from mostly staff, legal consultants and contributions to county parties, which is considered a cost for competing to earn local endorsements.

He decided to run for Lieutenant Governor in August of last year, when he determined not to chance a rematch with the man who kicked him out of office, Rep. Keith Rothfus.

Critz served in Congress for 3 years beginning in 2010, when he won a highly contest special election to replace the late Rep. John Murtha (D-Cambria). He won re-election that fall, and a primary versus Jason Altmire in 2012. He narrowly lost in 2012 to Rothfus.

He faces State Senator Mike Stack, State Rep. Brandon Neuman, Harrisburg City Councilman Brad Koplinski, Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith and Harrisburg advisor Dr. Brenda Alton in the battle for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Gov.

5 Responses

  1. Jack P: Brandon Newman is the one who should drop out in the West. He hasn’t even completed two terms in the PA House and he’s obviously just not ready to hold a statewide office. Brandon think’s he’s sooo golden, but the reality is that kid needs to calm down his ego and stay where he is in the PA House for a few more years — IF he can — and learn.

  2. kinda hard to get money for lg when u have a governors race going on it will all boil down to name id and critz has that locked up

  3. If I remember reading correctly Critz announced before Neuman did, and If I also remember correctly that investigation was over some time ago.

  4. Not to pick nits, but Critz didn’t so much get “kicked out” by Rothfus as get redistricted out by the Republican-controlled State Legislature. A bag of hammers with an “R” after its name could have won that district after it was redrawn. (Some think that’s what happened.)

  5. Critz needs to drop out. He is hurting Brandon Neuman’s chances as the western candidate and is obviously tainted. That $12,500 came from a PAC tied to executives of Concurrent Technologies which is under federal investigation. Don’t blow it Mark, drop out while you can.

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