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Lujan Grisham To Lead PA Virtual Roundtable on Biden’s Agenda for the Latino Community

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) will be virtually visiting Pennsylvania on behalf of former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign on Friday to tout the Democratic presidential hopeful’s agenda for the Latino community. 

According to a release from the Biden campaign, Lujan Grisham will be leading a virtual roundtable alongside Pennsylvania leaders and advocates to promote Biden’s plans for the Latino community. The event is set to begin at 4 PM on Friday. 

“Biden’s comprehensive plan outlines the steps he would take as president to level the playing field for Latino families and ensure Latino communities in Pennsylvania are able to thrive,” according to a link of the event page

Biden released his Agenda for the Latino Community on Tuesday. 

The Trump campaign said that Biden has made “false promises” to America’s Latinos and touted the president’s agenda as benefiting the community in the country. 

“Joe Biden has made false promises to America’s Latinos for decades. His pro-China, anti-worker, globalist policies shipped our jobs overseas,” said Ali Pardo, Deputy Director of Communications for Trump’s campaign. “His support for illegal immigration depressed American workers’ wages, making it harder for everyone, including legal immigrants, to achieve the American Dream.” 

“Many Latinos support President Trump because they understand that his policies actually help families like theirs,” Pardo continued. “The President doesn’t make empty promises – he supercharged America’s economy once, and he will do it again.”

Biden and Trump have two different tones and plans on immigration, although the former VP doesn’t endorse “illegal immigration” in his Agenda for the Latino Community

Although Trump didn’t earn widespread support among Latino voters in the previous presidential election, he did perform better than previous Republican presidential nominees. 

In 2016, 74% of Latino voters backed Sec. Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Pennsylvania, while 22% of Latino voters supported Trump, according to a CBS News exit poll. While this is a better showing for Clinton in Pennsylvania, in comparison to her national exit polls, where she bested Trump 66-28, among Latino voters in the nation, it is a 10 point swing in the GOP direction from 2012 in Pennsylvania when 80% of Latino voters supported President Barack Obama in Pennsylvania, while 18% of Latino voters backed Romney, according to a New York Times exit poll

A Politico story from mid-July reported that Biden’s campaign has made a “sharp pivot” towarding courting Latino voters by “hiring a rash of Hispanic operatives, spending $1 million in Spanish-language outreach and, this week, signing one of the nation’s top pollsters in the field, Latino Decisions.”

An internal poll from Latino Decisions in June showed that 56% of Latino voters in Pennsylvania were either voting or leaning towards voting for Biden, while 26% said that they were either voting or leaning towards voting for Trump. 

The same poll also showed that 62% of Latino voters were either be “very excited” or “somewhat excited” if Biden selected Lujan Grishan to be his Vice Presidential running mate, while 38% said that they would be either “not very excited” or “not excited at all” if Biden selected the New Mexico governor as his running mate. 

49% of Latino voters in Pennsylvania said that selecting Lujan Grisham as the running mate would make them “much more likely” or “somewhat more likely” to vote for Biden against President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, while 17% said that choosing the New Mexico governor would make them “much less likely” or “somewhat less likely” to vote for Biden, and 34% saying that it would have no impact on their vote for Biden. 

The Real Clear Politics Average shows Biden besting Trump by 6 points in Pennsylvania.

3 Responses

  1. Grisham has no chance of being in a Biden cabinet because he won’t win in November. Wouldn’t be a fine VP choice and that will not happen. Surely has no shot at a cabinet or judiciary choice.

  2. Grisham will be in the Biden cabinet should he win in November. Would be a fine VP choice but that will not happen. Surely a cabinet or judiciary choice.

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