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Mastriano Blasts Supreme Court: ‘Partisan Loyalty’ Over Constitution

Doug Mastriano

Republican candidate for governor Doug Mastriano today blasted the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the constitutionality of Act 77, the state’s mail-in voting law.

The Democratic-controlled court voted along party lines, 5-2, to overturn the decision by the Commonwealth Court.

“I’ve made it clear unconstitutional meddling from Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration poisoned Act 77 and made it unethical for Pennsylvania to continue to allow no-excuse mail-in voting,” said Mastriano in a press release. “As expected, the Democratic majority on the state Supreme Court condoned the administration’s deplorable behavior, because apparently partisan loyalty is more important to them than upholding the constitution.

“Don’t let Democrats fool you. They hated Act 77 and voted against it in 2019 because it eliminated straight ticket voting and the advantage it afforded them for decades in statewide races. Then corrupt administration officials reinterpreted parts of the law just before the 2020 election so that ballots with no postmark and no signature would count as official. This, on top of selective guidance that directed some counties to “cure” their invalid ballots – a questionable privilege that should have, at best, been offered to all 67 counties.”

It should be noted that Mastriano, the state senator from Franklin County, voted not only on the Senate floor to adopt Act 77, he also helped move it out of the State Government Committee as a member. All 27 Republicans were joined by eight Democrats in voting for the bill, while 14 Dems voted in opposition,

“I stand behind legislation introduced in the Senate to repeal no-excuse mail-in voting, mandate signature verification, establish an Elections Commission, expand the number of poll watchers and bolster their protection so that these unsavory practices become relics of the past,” said Mastriano.

17th District congressman Conor Lamb tweeted that “Every Republican state senator, including Doug Mastriano, voted for Act 77. They only opposed it after Trump lost. Today the Supreme Court simply did the right thing.”


5 Responses

  1. After he voted for Act 77 two years ago, Dung Mastriano now attacks it as a Wolf admin action. Is Dung senile? Did he forget that PA General Assembly passed this Act 77, including with his vote? Does he not know how govt works in PA?

  2. The Senator’s reaction is why his party is sprinting from his toxic candidacy for Governor of this great commonwealth. Seeing everything through myopic vision Senator Mastriano who once voted for mail in now 2 years later denounced it because he is doing the bidding of an elderly orange haired leader. Senator suddenly see’s mail in as corrupt. You can’t disagree with the Senator but you must be a political villain. The intellectual observations of the Court are pushed aside in his politically cynical world. The Republican Party see’s the Mastriano for Governor candidacy as unpleasant fragrance floating in the air. In a few months it’ll be lost in the mists of time along with other failed campaigns.

  3. Hopefully this idiot Insurrectionist will be just a footnote in history after November. Ding Dong Doug voted for Act 77 before he decided it didn’t give the advantage to his Orange God that he thought it would.

  4. Doug Masturbat-o is a fascist and a traitor. He belongs in jail, not in the Governor’s office.

  5. Tell us all about the constitution Dougie. Tell us how its OK to disrupt the peaceful transition of power.


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