Mastriano Set For Thursday Announcement About Possible U.S. Senate Run

Doug Mastriano

State Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-Franklin) is set to announce whether a run for the United States Senate in 2024 is in his immediate future.

Mastriano will reveal his intentions via Facebook Live on Thursday, according to published reports.

He teased an upcoming announcement on Facebook on Monday morning.

“Rebbie and I were planning on some sort of an announcement this week on Facebook Live. What our plans are, our desire is. Our plans are your plans and we’re gonna go be wherever we can be most effective. This is no game for you. It’s no game for us.

“We’re praying about it. We’ll let you know what the plans are, so in the meantime, keep our statewide movement alive. Energize. Keep all the county pages going if you’re part of our social media team network across the state. So it’s important to keep things alive and growing.”

He also shared the other thoughts about the outcome of the 163rd House District race, the Republican establishment, and the Republican National Committee and Republican Governors Association.

“I guess the consultants were telling (Republican nominee Katie Ford) to walk away from the MAGA movement and come across very moderate. It doesn’t work. You’re gonna alienate your base, your base is often motivated to continue to support you or show up.”

“I mean, it’s the same mantra we heard with (Mitt) Romney and (John) McCain and all, that they moderated. They lost greatly, Paul Ryan as well. Look how feckless he was in the House. So this means the Pennsylvania senate is a firewall we have to hold the line.”

“The ruling consulting class with the RNC and RGA will walk away from conservative candidates leave us hanging out there, as they take money from industrialists and big entrepreneurs and business owners in the energy sector in Pennsylvania. And spend it on other states.”

5 Responses

  1. Three thoughts here:

    1) Mastriano is clearly either not very astute, in his “own little world” or just surrounded by ill-informed people if he truly thinks he has any shot at getting elected Senator in a purple state like PA

    2) I except Trumpworld and/or the PAGOP apparatus (who of course failed colossally in 2022) to go into overdrive to find an alternative knowing just how much of a drag on the slate he would be.

    3) As much I hate seeing Dems cheerleading now, as well as putting their thumb on the scale during last year’s primaries (if you’re going to tell me fringe-MAGA is an existential threat, you simply cannot do that), this opens up all sorts of interesting strategic possibilities for them. They can either 1) withdraw any national money for Casey knowing he coasts to double-digits no matter what, or 2) have Casey try to really run up the score, tie Mastriano to Trump, or whomever, and use Casey to goose to further drive turnout to help Biden.

  2. Ding Dong Doug Part Deux – The Bald Ego Has Landed…. With a THUD.


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