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McGinty Drops Out of PA-7 Primary

Democrat Drew McGinty announced Friday he is withdrawing from the 7th Congressional district primary.  

McGinty, who has been running for the seat since January 2017, cited the amount of money needed to run for Congress as the main reason for exiting the race.  

“Our political system is all about candidates raising money and I haven’t been able to raise what’s needed to stay in the fight.  And sadly, no amount of additional hard work and long hours by my campaign’s volunteers and me is enough of a substitute. This is why, today, I am announcing that I am withdrawing from the Democratic primary in the 7th district,” McGinty said.  

McGinty’s announcement comes just two days after the FEC filing deadline for end of year reports.  According to FEC filings, McGinty raised $2,016.82 in 2017.  

The 7th district recently became an open seat after Congressman Pat Meehan announced he would not seek re-election amid a sexual harassment scandal.

CIA Counter-Intelligence Officer Shelly Chauncey, Drew McGinty, an IT professional; Elizabeth Moro, a realtor; attorney Dan Muroff; Molly Sheehan, a biomedical researcher in the race; and state Rep. Greg Vaitali (D-Montgomery) are also running for the seat. State Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery) announced for the seat, but has taken a “step back” from his campaign after facing his own sexual harassment allegations

12 Responses

  1. lol to drew’s credit, he didn’t molest, grope, harass or assault any women. That put’s him pretty high up in this year’s pile-o-candidates.

  2. There might be a 50 50 chance of that Drew McGinty could be the Next Pennsylvania State Democratic Chairman after the incumbent resigned from his post after today.

  3. Muroff and Chauncey aren’t having problems raising money, from small-dollar donors. Maybe McGinty thought all of Katy’s donors would automatically fill his coffers?

    1. Muroff is a good guy and doing well raising, but it is not from small-dollar donors. He is fully in the Ed Rendell swamp of big donors.

      From what I’ve heard Chauncey is a lot of nothing. Big promises, little raising outside of those who launched her. Neither of them claimed to be small-dollar candidates. Chauncey launched as the DCCC pick and now can’t deliver, much like Moro back in April.

      I have no patience for unproven latecomers.

      1. JO

        DCCC is pretty much the kiss of death when it comes to picking candidates. Those clueless f*cks backed Golderer who lost to Mary Ellen in the primary by 50 points (possibly a new record, especially given that she was outspent more than 5-1).

        Without the new district lines, every campaign is both a likely winner and sure loser at the same time. 🙂

        To Dan’s credit, he had to raise money once Daylin unexpectedly announced last summer, and was assumed the new front runner. That sucked a lot of oxygen from the race, yet Dan pressed on for some respectable fundraising numbers.

        Now, Vitali is in the race. He’s got a good progressive track record. Can he catch up with a late start? I think a lot hinges on the new map, for him and everyone else.

        1. I agree that Vitali is different than any other new people. We know him. I’m not convinced he’s the right candidate, especially if it becomes much more urban in a re-mapping, but he’s a good guy that has been vetted.

          Dan is fine, too. Both of them are rather un-exciting, but at least Greg has won some things! And I like how Greg runs his show. I don’t know how it’ll work for 750k people, but it’s refreshing.

          Both leave something to be desired in the “Year of the Woman” on women’s issues and things they’ve said. I’d rather have the right candidate with no money, so we can rally and raise for them post May 15. Nobody in this primary will raise anything close to what will flow in the general, so what does it matter?

  4. There is another woman coming from a big Philly firm with the ability to raise a lot of cash and a resume that will make progressive hearts sing.

    1. Oxymoron much? Big Philly Firm and Lots of Cash = Progressive Hearts Sing? out of touch with progressives…

      Like I said above, I have no patience for unproven latecomers. I don’t care how good their resume looks, unless they’ve been in public service already, we have no way of vetting them fully before the primary. Also, if they haven’t been active locally already, they have no business running.

      Remember Perry and Leach? They were once toted the same way and their skeletons knocked them out. It’s irresponsible and selfish to get in this late – with the possible exception of Vitali since we know him.

    2. Are you talking about Ashely Lunkenheimer? She is a tough-on-crime health insurance company lawyer. That is the opposite of what progressives want. I frankly don’t know how the party didn’t tell her working for a health insurance company is a death sentence in a Dem primary. Some consultants must be fluffing her pillows.

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