McNesby Calls Black Lives Matter “Terrorist Group” (AUDIO)

In just a few days, Philadelphia will host the Democratic National Convention as well as several protests.

Today Philadelphia FOP President John McNesby passionately condemned one of those protest organizations, Black Lives Matter, as a “terrorist group”. MsNesby was talking to Dom Giordano of 1210 WPHT.

“As for the Black Lives Matter movement,” McNesby stated. “My thought is the Black Lives Matter movement is an absolute disgrace. There’s ways to protest, there’s ways to do things, to get your message across in a respectful way. The way they treat officers on the street…It’s a small group of people and most of them aren’t even from the Philadelphia area. They are a terrorist group as far as I’m concerned and they need to be dealt with strongly. You want to protest, protest against whoever you wish but make sure you do it legally and obtain the permits like everyone else has to and make sure you abide by the law.”

McNesby also revealed that he’ll be part of the group that decides which presidential candidate will get the national FOP’s endorsement.

“I’ve been appointed by the national FOP as part of the endorsement committee, a three man committee, to interview both Trump and Clinton for the endorsement,” he explained. “We’re waiting for a response. We sent a questionnaire out to both camps. We’re waiting for a response. We’re waiting for an interview and then we’ll recommend our pick to the national board of trustees.”

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  1. Stephen Todd ……….That’s terrible. Where did that happen? Do you have any links to the story? Laying down arms up and shot. I hope there’s cell phone video?

  2. It would go a long way for officers to call out the bad apples instead of defending them. Every industry and profession has them. We don’t have to go all Serpico on this every time. I would be interested in seeing a federal investigative board dedicated to police use of force incidents in the vein of the NTSB. It would take out a lot of the inherent conflict of interest in investigating your colleagues and, with any luck, restore confidence in the vast majority of police officers who work hard every day to protect and serve.

  3. “make sure you do it legally and obtain the permits like everyone else has to and make sure you abide by the law.”

    Does that apply to the cops who yesterday shot YET ANOTHER unarmed black man as he lay on the ground with his hands straight up, still and in clear sight? No, it does not.

    In my 50 years on Earth while white, I have never had to do that. Then again, I have never been pulled over for wearing earbuds (like the dude in yesterdays video du jour), nor have I once been asked if a cop could search my car (same video).

    #BlackLivesMatter. At least they do to this white citizen. And we both pay all police paychecks, as we will fund their retirements.

  4. Too little too late Johnny boy!! You have been endorsing Liberal Dems including Obama during your entire reign. Troops are unhappy. Change your registration and maybe the cops on the street will start listening to you.

  5. An idiot and racist is a bungy like creature who uses terms like retard and racist- your the racist. Gulag- pray tell when you hurled the term “pig” in your poetic posting- were you referring to Obama or Al Sharpton- you could not possible mean this fine officer.
    As someone said bless the police and send the folks at black lives matter to Turkey- it’s a good fit.

  6. McNesby is a disgrace. A Philly cop could shoot a sleeping baby in broad day light and McNesby will tell you with a straight face that the baby was reaching for a gun.I support good cops who follow the law. McNesby support cops no matter what they do. Here’s hoping the next victim of rogue cops is one of his loved ones.

  7. God bless him for having the courage to Give his opinion. We all regret any loss of life for any reason but the Obamas and Clintons – and worst of all this group have sought to use this for their own political purposes
    Bless our Police- and to hell with thugs who break our laws and threaten law enforcement.

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