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Muhlenberg College Poll: Trump 35% Cruz 28% Kasich 27%

trumpDonald Trump maintains a lead in PA, but his opponents are both within striking distance.

That’s according to the new Muhlenberg College poll, which tested the three GOP candidates.

Trump leads with 35% while Ted Cruz and John Kasich got 28% and 27% respectively. When leaners are included, Trump expands to 37% while Cruz and Kasich score 29% and 28%.

There is quite a disparity in the results when it comes to men and women. 43% of males favor Trump against 29% who want Kasich and 28% who chose Cruz. On the other hand, 31% of females went with Cruz as opposed to the 29% for Trump and 26% for Kasich.

The biggest gap, however, is the education one. High School graduates (57%T/23%C/13%K) and those who had some College or Technical School experience (39%T/27%C/27%K) favored Trump. Meanwhile, Cruz prevails among those with a College degree (37%C/29%T/29%K) and Kasich is far ahead with respondents that achieved a Graduate degree (48%K/33%C/19%T).

Furthermore, while a plurality believe Trump would be the best possible general election candidate against Hillary Clinton, 13% would vote for the Democrat over “The Donald”.

The Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion surveyed 306 likely Republican voters in Pennsylvania from April 1st to April 6th. The margin of error is +/- 6%.

4 Responses

  1. I always look at the “would vote for the other party in the general” numbers with a skeptical eye. I have to wonder how many say that now but would get in line in November. Though, I recognize that this is a snapshot of the electorate now, not predicting behavior then.

  2. So anyone with a brain is voting Kasich. Unfortunately the Republican primary electorate is lacking that demographic.

  3. Lindsay Graham’s comments about trump not being a ‘real republican’ and ‘too liberal’ and generally a nutcase should help Cruz substantially in PA. and trump has a disorganized campaign, while Cruz is professional and focused. Don’t count out Cruz in PA….

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