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Murphy Admits to Extramarital Affair in Statement

Congressman Tim Murphy (R-Allegheny) admitted to an extramarital affair in a statement from his lawyer this afternoon.  

According to the Post-Gazette, the statement came out hours after the paper won a motion to have a divorce Murphy will be deposed for unsealed.  Murphy is not a party in the divorce.  

“Last year I became involved in an affair with a personal friend. This is nobody’s fault but my own, and I offer no excuses. To the extent that there should be any blame in this matter, it falls solely upon me,” Murphy said in a statement from his lawyer.  

“I ask the media to respect the privacy of my family. They have done nothing wrong and deserve to be left alone.”

Murphy ended his statement saying he will not address the matter further.

43 Responses

  1. Who cares? I would not vote for him but not because he had an affair–that is no one’s business but Murphy’s own. It’s unfortunate that everyone’s dirty laundry has to always come out.

  2. Murphy made a very foolish PR mistake by bringing out the lawyer guns to try to prevent being deposed and/or seal the records. news of his deposition fight spread like wildfire around the courthouse, a reporter then gets wind of it , and now the PG gets in to the fight to protect our rights to read whatever irrelevant trash came out of the deposition. thousands of people get deposed every day. and no body ever cares about who said what except the parties and their lawyers. murphy’s managed to get great free publicity for his re election –unfortunately, the wrong kind. PS – chuckle porter the rat might be a better candidate…

    1. Thanks, but no thanks. We make more money with bribes, kick backs and threats than it would be worth than actually being inside city hall…working the edges makes us enough money without risk..but the godfather thanks you for your support…so long as we keep the FBI stupid and bought.

    2. The reporter got wind of it from someone in the clerk’s office before Murphy ever lawyered up.

    3. When you are a public official, many people care to know. Especially your enemies and the guy waiting to replace you. Perhaps even his wife’s boyfriend?

  3. This guy has been a womanizer for years! This isn’t the only woman he had an affair with. Wait until the others come out of the woodwork! creep

  4. This isn’t much of a story. He did the right thing by admitting it and moving on. It’s between him and his wife. I highly doubt that Dems will pounce on this but if they do, it won’t matter. Voters really don’t care about this stuff like the 50’s or 60’s.

    1. A messy divorce will be a bigger story. But, as we have seen with other members of the House, it didn’t keep them from re-election like Newt Gingrich.

  5. But same sex marriage will ruin the institution of marriage, not having sex with anything that moves, that doesn’t ruin marriage.

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  7. Conservative actvists in the community are looking to primary Murphy. He should’ve been voted out in 2012

  8. This has been rumored for years. From what I have heard from former
    staffers this is not his first. I am not speaking from rumors, but from first hand
    knowledge. If his former staffers are forced to testify to the truth, more will come out.
    Also based on first hand dealings,one can tell when a person has this type of propensity.
    Poor Nan she is a lovely lady. However he has not been nice to her.

      1. I see Republican operatives are already at work butchering the English language they pretend to hold in such high esteem. Or should I say “Repub operatives”?

  9. He’s got more of these stories in his closet. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone digs deeper now. They won’t have to dig very deep.

    1. Naw, local papers never did deeper, unless they have a personal grudge. Pete Flaherty got away with same shenanigans.

  10. Why is the post Gazette going after his personal life? I don’t care snout the congressman, but it is unsettling to see the Post taking such an interest in exposing his unfortunately typical personal life.

    1. Because he has campaigned as a “family values” candidate and this is hypocritical. He made his “family values” a campaign issue, and thus a matter for public scrutiny.

    2. Yes, Murphy is a hypocrite and THAT is public’s business when he represents them. Go cry in your lover’s pillow; your sex life may be public soon and you will be really crying.

  11. First Bill Shuster, now Tim Murphy. Are these lowlifes really the best the Republican Party can do in western PA?

  12. You mean some chick finds him attractive?? Well I have to admit in my redneck of the woods anything goes out here in District 18. After all…we have a number of registered Dems voting against their own economic interests.

  13. So, aside from the entertaining spectacle of a congressman caught in an affair, what information did the Post-Gazette give people to make them more informed citizens? Certainly, we never saw this scrutiny applied to Gov. Rendell. But the Post-Gazette went to court and sued to have some couple’s divorce records open, and even named the woman.

    This whole story is highly entertaining — until it sets off the inevitable chain reaction and everybody’s sex life becomes a matter of public debate.

    1. Gov. Rendell didn’t tout receiving a “Pro-Family Values” rating from the Christian Coalition or accept an award from the Family Research Council for his “family values” or campaign as a “family values” candidate. It is newsworthy because it reveals rank hypocrisy.

  14. Always thought that there was something creepy behind that smile. Family values………..riiiiiiight!!!

  15. P.S. I will campaign vigorously next year on Republican party core issues like family values, loyalty to kin and country and being ever faithful to family and flag. The voters are a bunch of summanabitch dumb bastards so they will forget everything come election day.

    1. The voters are a bunch of summanabitch dumb bastards so they will forget everything come election day?!?!?!? The only stupid son of a bitch dumb bastard is the one you see every morning in the bathroom mirror.Save your money,your time,and your effort in the upcoming elections,Mr.Porter.You have just become the main reason for the failure of your campaign. Sincerely yours, Just another summanabitch dumb bastard voter who won’t be voting for you.

      1. You clearly did not understand Porter’s sarcastic post. He was putting cynical words in the mouth of the congressman,not stating his personal intention to run against the office holder.. The PS was intended to be a post script to the congressman’s statement. Read closer next time.

        1. Tru dat…but the voters really are a bunch of summanabitch dumb bastards…look how easy it was to fool Dean Janas.

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