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No Spending Cap in PA-8

Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick pushed for campaign spending limits during the 2010 campaign, but not so this time.

Gary Weckselblatt of The Intelligencer has the story:

Two and a half years ago, when he decided to make a run against Congressman Patrick Murphy for the 8th District job that was once his, Mike Fitzpatrick had a challenge for the incumbent: Limit spending on the 2010 campaign to $1 million apiece.

“The cost of running a campaign is out of control,” Fitzpatrick said back then. “Candidates spend much too much time fundraising and not enough time with the people and addressing their issues.

“And given the economy, and with so many good Bucks Countians out of work, it’s absolutely the right thing to do. As leaders, it’s the responsible thing to do.”

There will be no such limit this time. He faces Democratic attorney Kathy Boockvar and is Dems’ top target in Pennsylvania.

He said a $3.7 million ad buy this fall by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in the Philadelphia media market prevents him from making the pledge of a $1 million spending limit.

The DCCC announced its reservation of ad time back in April.

The Boockvar campaign has not called for spending limits; PoliticsPA is seeking comment on this story.

11 Responses

  1. Fitzpatrick’s spending cap just bought him a lighted bill board on New Falls Rd. My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of Lord and female dictatorship. lol!

  2. @jack. Republicans single handidly brought this country to the brink of fiscal collapse. Now your blaming all of your mistakes on the Democrat trying to clean up your mess. And your party is 89% white. When your party is all white people and the other party is everybody else because they feel the Republicans are too extreme, that speaks for itself

  3. “Koch Brothers, Haliburton, Dick Cheney, racists, sexist”….you libs are so unhinged. Fitz in a walk.

  4. That’s a crap argument you’ve got there buddy. Not even adressing his support for Todd Akins views on rape, I see. You must be one of Fitzpatrick’s trolls

  5. You’re the same 4 people that comment on every story that he is mentioned in.

    If he is actually that bad there would be more of an uproar. Instead we get the same 4 people with the same tired old talking points.

  6. More evidence that Mike Fitzpatrick has been BOUGHT by the Tea Party and Koch brothers. This man will do and say anything to stay in power. Including helping launch sexist sites such as Radical Kathy.

  7. No surprise here. He will do what is expedient for his own self interest. And he will defend it.
    His support of right wing policies and his obnoxious statement declaring the president will commit treason is not the politics of a moderate. He promotes the right wing lies about Medicare and the ACA.
    The president said the ACA was not the end of the problem, it was the beginning of the solution, and there was a lot more work to be done to make it better and to fix Medicare for the long term. The hard work was not done by congress, we have been subjected to a war against the president by people who do not think he has a right to be there.

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