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Nothstein Endorsed by Lehigh County DA in Bid for PA-15

Lehigh County Commissioner Marty Nothstein announced the endorsement of Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin in his bid to replace retiring Congressman Charlie Dent.

“Smart, disciplined and independent, Marty will bring a champion’s drive and determination to Congress. He has already proven himself as a conservative problem-solver on the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners, and his skills in both business and the non-profit sector mark him as the best among a new generation of leaders in our region,” Martin said in a release announcing the endorsement.  

The endorsement from Martin, who is well liked throughout Lehigh county, helps Nothstein show potential donors that support from officials within Lehigh county that fellow candidate state Rep. Ryan Mackenzie (R-Lehigh) has gotten all of the support from officials. This is especially important after state Rep. Justin Simmons (R-Lehigh) exited the race.  

Nothstein said he is “humbled and honored to have the steadfast support and strong endorsement from District Attorney Martin for our campaign for Congress. Most importantly, I look forward to seeing him on the campaign trail and benefiting from his counsel.”

Dauphin county Commissioner Mike Pries, and Former CIA officer Scott Uehlinger are also running for the Republican nomination.

16 Responses

  1. A high school graduate who has spent the past Thirty Years riding a bicycle… deserved congratulations for his impressive athletic resume, but i feel like you would have to be brain dead to stare at asphalt that long. This guys isn’t really running for Congress is he? I just can’t tell where the jokes stop any more. ‘His skills in business and the non profit sector’? That means what exactly? Maybe something to do with his drag racing career?

    1. I think he was doing a little more than staring at the road. Mr. Nothstein has had thirty years to prepare for this job, not wasting time at some liberal college. Just like President Trump he’s going to do it his way. If education is so important, how did he make millions of dollars? His business record will speak for itself!

      1. I guess it gave him a lot of time to think about how to manage his Justin Simmons style flop flopping after serving a year in a part time position, joining the NEVER TRUMP movement, then heading to fever pitch Pro Trump rallies.

  2. Does anyone vet the text of these articles? This is about as well written as a Buzzfeed post. This is Mr. Nothstein’s only endorsement, please at least communicate it properly. What’s going on with the third paragraph? It makes it sound like everyone endorses Mackenzie.

  3. This endorsement is just a little odd. Marty is a weak candidate. Only a commissioner for a short while and already figured out how to game the system by getting into an office where he can steer public funds to his organization and into his own pocket.
    Could it be that was his whole reason for getting into county government? He was never a solid Republican before. I heard he didn’t even bother to vote in the past two presidential elections. So in effect, he helped to give us Barack Obama. I’m surprised and shocked that Jim Martin would put his good name on the line for someone like Nothstein. 8

  4. Here’s something to investigate: Is there a potential conflict of interest around County Commissioner Nothstein receiving a $100k+ salary and big annual raises from a non-profit that receives money from Lehigh County?

    1. Do Republicans just not vet their candidates?? Dems will go to town on this sort of ethics issue.

  5. No surprise on Jim Martin endorsing Marty Nothstein. The DA’s budget is approved by the county commissioners. Follow the money.
    Lehigh County taxpayer money also goes to the Velodrome, where Marty is Executive Director. Follow the money.

  6. Marty is a much better candidate than handpicked MacKenzie. Having DA Martin’s endorsement adds way 4more credibility than the Swamp rats from Harrisburg state reps who are looking more incompetent every year.

  7. Lehigh area GOP better put up a stronger candidate than the two so far, or this seat could leave the valley. Just sayin.

    1. Marty is clearly the better of the two and can be a champion in the race so you are sorely mistaken.

      1. Marty gets paid $134,000 by a non profit that gets Lehigh County taxpayer money that he voted for (his salary is 17% of their revenue and way out of line with other non profit EDs who typically get 5%). Oh, and he collects a 2nd taxpayer salary as a commissioner! What a guy!

        1. Ryan Mackenzie’s career earnings have all been tax payer dollars…as a labor and industry bureaucrat and as an elected official. Well except when he worked for PAGOP…I’m sure that will impress the primary voters.

          1. That is good to know. Thanks for sharing. Doesn’t excuse Marty’s double-dipping on the taxpayer’s dime.

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