NRA Blasts Biden in $1.5 Million PA Ad Buy

President Donald Trump’s campaign argues that people would be unsafe in Joe Biden’s America. The political arm of the National Rifle Association is echoing that message in a new attack ad airing in several battleground states, including Pennsylvania. 

The NRA Victory Fund launched a two week, multi-million dollar TV ad buy in markets in five states, including Pennsylvania, that attacks Biden on gun policies. According to Medium Buying, the total ad spend is $4 million for two weeks. A spokesperson for NRA Victory Fund told PoliticsPA that $1.5 million of that is going to TV markets in PA.

The 30 second spot portrays a woman being chased by two men as she approaches her car. As she looks for her gun, it disappears. 

“She’s got two kids, and two jobs. But tonight, she may not make it home,” says a female narrator. “Every woman has a right to self-defense, a gun for protection. But Joe Biden, would take her rights away. For decades, Joe Biden has opposed your gun rights.” 



The ad ends with an image of shattered glass, a remark about Biden and police funding cuts.“In this election, self defense is on the line. Defend your family, defeat Joe Biden.”

The Biden campaign did not comment on the ad.

Biden’s plan to end the “gun violence epidemic,” says that he will “pursue constitutional, common-sense gun safety policies,” like banning the manufacturing and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines – but not eliminate the 2nd Amendment. 

The ad also says: “Now, Biden wants to cut police funding.” Per WGAL8, Biden said during a July interview that he “absolutely” agreed that funding for “surplus military equipment for law enforcement” to police departments should be redirected. The NRA’s phrasing is more careful than that used by Trump’s campaign, which accuses Biden of seeking to defund the police and has been deemed false by fact-checkers. Biden sought to turn the police funding issue against Trump in a recent interview; he noted that the President’s proposed budget would eliminate millions in federal grant programs to local law enforcement agencies. 

The Victory Fund is the first to air 2020 ads related to gun issues in PA, but is unlikely to be the last. Everytown for Gun Safety, the Michael Bloomberg backed organization that works to “end gun violence and build safer communities,” selected Pennsylvania as one of its 13 top priority states in the 2020 election. 

A July 2020 Franklin & Marshall College poll found that 58% of registered Pa. voters favored creating more laws that regulate gun ownership versus 39% opposed. Although a majority, it’s a drop from March 2018 when 72% said that they either “strongly” or “somewhat” favored backing more laws to regulate gun ownership. The 72% approval rating for creating more laws to regulate gun ownership was just one month after the mass shooting that killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. 

In any case, the NRA’s political strength has long been that its voters prioritize gun rights issues more than opponents. 

The Real Clear Politics average shows Biden leading Trump by 5.8 points in Pennsylvania.

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29 thoughts on “NRA Blasts Biden in $1.5 Million PA Ad Buy”

  1. Cathy Cook says:

    NRA rocks ! Pro gun and Pro
    Trump .

    Biden will take guns away , we don’t want him and
    we sure as hell didn’t want Harris !

  2. Cathy Cook says:

    Where is Joe ?

  3. Joe Bin Hiden says:

    Where is Joe today ? Nobody has
    seen him in 3 weeks . Hopefully he is in a home
    having oatmeal .

    1. James Baker says:

      Joe’s having a bowl of
      oatmeal at St. Pat’s Old Farts home .

      Joe has early dementia and can’t keep track of what he is saying , goes off the tracks and down
      the hill . The Dems should be embarrassed for
      allowing him to even try and speak !

  4. Cathy Cook says:

    Antifa isn’t welcome at BLM now. They
    are sticking up for White Nationals – BLM 202″

  5. Cathy Cook says:

    Antifa now say they love and
    support the Nazi !

  6. Cathy Cook says:

    Kyle is a hero ! He stood
    up to the Antifa punks .

  7. Big Joe says:

    Them Dems can’t even even thinks
    for themselves . Like Joe , then are something else , isn’t they. Black for dat Trump !

  8. John Bistline says:

    Just joined the NRA today and gave
    Trump another 1,500 dollars . Can’t wait to get
    NRA hat and patches . Going to the gun range today
    and hope to site in my new deer gun . Hunting
    seasons is a few months away . Now that’s good eaten ,
    all natural meat .

    1. Cathy Cook says:

      Same incompetent scumbag. Just look at the poor grammar and punctuation. Spends all day pretending to be other people, including women. Most have had a real rough upbringing. Probably a psychotic domestic terrorist.

  9. Cathy Cook says:

    Kyle will get off , no charges because
    he was attacked by 3 hooligans that have felony records.

    High powered 2nd Amendment layers are now backing
    the teen ! Antifa and the left better watch out now , new
    rules . Enough is enough .

    1. Ned Shneablee says:

      When he goes to jail for life, he will answer the age old questions of, “how many crumbs in a loaf of bread” and how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop”.

  10. Billy from Enola says:

    Got my new NRA hat and belt buckle
    last week . You should see the snowflakes look when I wear it .

    1. Cornholio says:

      Did you have to mortgage your shack?

  11. Cathy Cook says:

    Proud NRA supporter !

    1. Cathy Cock says:

      Enough said

  12. FormerGOPer says:

    If someone says they are an NRA supporter you can bet on them being not very bright.

    1. Foster Jones NRA 1980 says:

      Why don’t you tell that to someone’s face ? Specifically at a gun range .

      1. Frank Burns says:

        Big gun, needle dick.

      2. FormerGOPer says:

        Guess what you proved my point. Do you like the fact that your member dues pay for rich guys’ legal fees and vacations?

  13. truth says:

    Is this the same NRA that funds vacations and slush funds for top executives, while stupid members scrape to pay dues?

  14. Thomas Paine says:

    The NRA has become irrelevant this cycle due to their internal battles which has brought forth issues that don’t make them look good.

  15. PhillyPolitico says:

    Remember that time the NRA was exposed as a fraud, ripping off its donors to enrich its board members? Fun times.

    1. 2A says:

      Don’t care. I am a donor and I still support them 100%. Better luck next time.

      1. Thomas Paine says:

        NRA will need more than your luck. They are like an aging movie star that thinks they still have game when all they have are facial wrinkles and a bad case of the gout.

      2. Not 2A says:

        Good for you! Giving away your money to the rich white guy personal slush fund rather than a charity or a church. At least you stand for something……

        1. truth says:

          Feeling sorry for you, standing for shit and proud of it.

  16. The Huckabeast says:

    After seeing a 17 year old parade around with an assault rifle – ILLEGALLY less than 48 hours ago – the GODDAMN NRA should be ashamed of itself. It’s not about gun rights anymore. They are just doing to bidding of far right extremists PERIOD.

    1. David Diano says:

      And doing the bidding of the gun manufacturers..

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