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Obama Campaign Launches Nurses Coalition to Defend Health Care Law

March 23rd marks the two-year anniversary of the polarizing Patient and Protection Affordable Care Act, nicknamed ‘Obamacare’ by critics. Wednesday, the President’s campaign launched its national coalition Nurses for Obama to promote a campaign report on how the law has benefited Pennsylvanians.

Philadelphia councilwoman Cindy Bass and two practicing Pennsylvania nurses took park in a conference call with reporters to share their experiences and support for health care reform.

Bass spoke at length about the positive effect of health care reform on Pennsylvanians as outlined in the Obama campaign’s report. She highlighted among other points, access to preventative care for all citizens, coverage for the 657,000 Pennsylvania children that have pre-existing conditions and women being protected from insurance company cost discrimination.

Health care reform is the President’s signature legislative achievement, but it proved an election liability for many Democrats in 2010. Republicans routinely attack the law and its supporters, and employed the issue to immense success last cycle.

Yesterday (and almost every day), the National Republican Congressional Committee issued a press release blasting the program.

“A new study assessing the implementation of ObamaCare confirms the worst fears about the government healthcare takeover: that it will increase the cost of healthcare, force employers to pass on those costs to their employees and cause many employees to lose the care they currently have,” Republicans said.

Democrats are anxious to go back on the offense.

Councilwoman Bass contrasted Obama’s legislation with Mitt Romney’s health care platform, saying that Romney has promised to get rid of Planned Parenthood to help pay for his tax cuts for the rich.

“In two years every single American regardless of their circumstances, whether they want to change jobs, start a business, retire early, or even if they lose their job, will have access to affordable, quality insurance,” said Bass. “Presidents have been trying to make that happen for 70 years, and President Obama is the one who got it done.”

The idea of Nurses for Obama is to engage and urge nurses who believe in health care reform, to add their voices of experience to the ongoing national debate.

“Being a part of Nurses for Obama lets us inform our community and neighbors about the benefits of the Presidents health care reforms and how it is making our country healthier and stronger as a whole,” said Pittsburgh nurse Michelle Foil.

The Obama campaign’s effort to improve the public perception of health care reform in Pennsylvania comes in the face of the state’s ongoing legal battle questioning the constitutionality of the bill. Immediately following the Affordable Care Act being signed into law, then Pa. Attorney General Tom Corbett filed a lawsuit, saying that Congress does not have the authority “to impose an individual mandate to purchase health insurance.”

He’s continued to support the suit as Governor.

The Supreme Court will be hearing the oral arguments of the 26 states, including Pennsylvania, who are challenging the constitutionality of health care reform at the end of the month.

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  1. In two years, even if full implementation of ObamaCare happens, by the administration’s OWN estimates, 23 MILLION AMERICANS will still be without insurance in 2019 – so the assertion that “every American” will be covered is either ignorant or dishonest. The CBO says implementing the law will cost almost TWO TRILLION dollars, and that doesn’t include the cost of unfunded mandates on individuals, businesses, and states. 16 million of the “newly insured” get dumped into Medicaid, which a third of doctors refuse because they lose money on each patient. Most doctors oppose “ObamaCare” because it will insert government bureaucracy between doctors and patients. While there are provisions in the PPACA that directly benefit nurses’ unions and advanced practice nurses, we can only hope that rank and file nurses in America recognize that full implementation of ObamaCare will seriously harm America’s health.

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