PA-11: Barletta Under Consideration For Spot in Trump’s Cabinet

lou-barletta-portrait-680x1024Congressman Lou Barletta may just wind up in the executive branch come 2017.

According to Ivey DeJesus of the Patriot-News, Rep. Barletta will meet with Donald Trump on Monday.

They will reportedly discuss the possibility that the PA Congressman will be the President-Elect’s choice to lead the Department of Transportation.

Barletta was among the first members of Congress to endorse Trump and was recently named to his transition team.

He also serves on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

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8 thoughts on “PA-11: Barletta Under Consideration For Spot in Trump’s Cabinet”

  1. Bono says:

    PITY, LOU got nosed out by Mrs. MITCH McConnell

  2. HaHaHa says:

    Diano, just a reminder that we are all still laughing at you. The Dems got their clocks cleaned. How does your ass feel?

  3. john says:

    Harold Ford Jr would be better pick than this one.

  4. Idratherbefishingwithric says:

    Major league asshole

  5. Scott Davenport says:

    He is going to bring us a new ‘underground railroad’, except this one will be for undocumented workers and lead to Mexico.

    It will be a huge railroad. An enormous railroad that will run from Hazleton, PA to Mexico and Canada will pay for it.

  6. Porter Randolph says:

    It’s all about finding the right racist for every appointment. The due diligence by Trump’s transition team has been nothing short of inspiring!

  7. David Diano says:

    Someone has to drive us off the cliff after Obama got us out of the ditch.

  8. PhillyPolitico says:


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