PA-12: Rep. Rothfus Releases First TV Ad (VIDEO)

Congressman Keith Rothfus has unveiled his premiere TV ad today, which recounts his battle with cancer.

The thirty-second spot, titled “Gift”, conveys the thankfulness and optimism that Representative Rothfus gained for American innovation and life in general after the diagnosis.

“Being told you have cancer is one of the worst things you can hear,” Rothus begins.

He goes on to describe how he received the news a month before the birth of his sixth child and the fact that his type of cancer, that of the appendix, was rare and the survival rate low.

“It was American innovation that I credit with saving my life,” he says. “We should be passionate about every day that we have.”

Rothfus is currently running against Democratic nominee and businesswoman Erin McClelland. Rep. Rothfus is a freshman Congressman representing the 12th district.

10 Responses

  1. “John”

    Your candidate, has irritated enough people that it’s not really possible to narrow this down to one person. I mean, how many staff and consultants has she fired this cycle. She cray.

  2. Decent ad, not brilliant, but more than sufficient in a year when the Democrats have opted not to contest the race (along with so many others).

  3. This guy is the most disgusting elected official to represent the 12th Congressional District. Using an illness, that affects so many, is the lowest that one can go. He can’t talk about his voting record because it is so pitiful when it comes to helping ordinary people that he resorts to the lowest common denominator of pandering. One true fact about this man—when he was sworn in he immediately enrolled in the congressional cadillac health plan and was angry that the coverage didn’t kick in immediately because there was a waiting period. What a hypocrite but then again aren’t most idealogues.

  4. Keith had cancer of the appendix. A quick Google search reveals it has a 90% recovery rate but Keith makes it sounds like he had brain cancer and barely survived. He’s crying like a baby when do many really suffer with awful chemo and radiation. He had his appendix removed- big deal. What a dirtbag – I hope someone calls him on him lying about his cancer.

  5. To be constantly talking about your cancer in an attempt to portray yourself as a decent, caring human being is an insult to those that suffer from that dreadful disease. Talk about pandering. Shame on you—you truly are unfit to serve.

  6. Look at that, at least one candidate in this race managed to get on TV without running afoul of FEC regulations.

    Hopefully we get an actual candidate to take this guy on in 2016.

  7. When do Erin McClelland’s tv ads go up? I know her last report had her $12,000 in debt, but she told donors and the press in May that she would have $1.2 million by now…

  8. Tea Party Keith has a prexisting condition. Instead of voting 52 times to repeal the ACA this moron should thank Dems for his insurance coverage.

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