PA-13: Leach Debuts New Childhood Ad (Watch)

Democratic State Senator and PA-13 candidate Daylin Leach released a new ad today briefly detailing his experience in foster care as a child and how he plans to help those who need it most in office.

The ad begins with grainy shots of a young boy, going through the motions in a presumably difficult childhood. “I remember the day my mom said she could no longer afford to keep me,” Leach narrates. “I grew up in foster homes across northeast Philly.”

Present-day Leach then appears, and talks about how he wants to use his rough and tumble experiences as a child to help others who may also be in a tough situation. “I’ve never been afraid to take on bullies like Governor Corbett and the NRA,” he says. Leach’s mention of the National Rifle Association refers to the “F” rating that the interest group bestowed upon him for his support of gun control.

“In Congress, I’ll protect social security,” Leach continues, “and a woman’s right to choose. I’ll fight for good schools and great jobs, and to put Wall Street crooks in jail.”

The ad ends with a shot, perhaps meant to tug at the heartstrings, of Leach surrounded by happy-looking children. The rowdy bunch gives an excited cheer as Leach wraps up his ad with the promise to help those who need it because he was also once in a situation where he needed help.

This is Leach’s first television ad, to be run on broadcast and cable television, as well as over the Internet. The ad comes on the heels of a successful first quarter for the candidate, where his fundraising efforts landed him on the list of PoliticsPA’s Q1 winners. Leach is the first candidate in the PA-13 race to air a commercial on broadcast television.

Also running in Pennsylvania’s 13th district are physician Val Arkoosh, former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies, and State Rep. Brendan Boyle.

3 Responses

  1. @ Philly Progressive –

    I don’t know if Brendan Boyle has lambasted any other foreign dignitaries, but I do know that he has taken issue with three millionaires closer to home (Daylin Leach, Valerie Arkoosh, and MM) 🙂

    This observation has really gotten under the skin of some of Brendan’s opponents and their supporters. Daylin Leach’s supporters seem particularly upset. They have been dishing out name-calling and innuendo for months, but they obviously can’t take any criticism in return. It simply drives them into a greater frenzy.

    In all serious, Philly Progressive knows its posting to be untrue. I had a prior posting several months ago in which I listed some of Brendan’s liberal acts ranging from the symbolic (refusal to support a resolution about Thatcher) to the more serious (Brendan’s support for and swing votes for LGTB rights). Similar to this string, the Leach supporters resorted to name-calling from behind false screen names instead of addressing the issues.

    Finally Philly Progressive, I was tempted not to even respond to your post. I figured to let people see it for the nonsense that it is. However I do want to say that your ignorance is only matched by your cowardice. If you want to engage in such name-calling and misleading statements, then at least use your real name when posting.

  2. John Sullivan, wasn’t your original reason for supporting Boyle that he lambasted Margaret Thatcher after she died?

    While I think this Leach ad is really good, I’m still undecided. To help me choose who to support, can you tell me if Boyle has gone after any other dead foreign dignitaries?

    I like to make sure that the candidates that I’m getting behind have a proven track record of giving moving speeches that hold deceased foreigners accountable, and it’s not a one-off thing that they are doing just to win an election.

  3. Nice commercial, but the promise to help the less fortunate is a little late in coming. Leach may have had a poor childhood, but we are not talking about ancient history. We are talking about his current, legislative priorities. We also need to understand how his current wealth may affect his votes in Congress.

    As I mentioned in another posting, most of Leach’s focus on the campaign seemed to be for legalizing marijuana. He only recently seems to have focused more on the economy and income equality. So I question Leach’s priorities and whether he will be able to vote against his financial interests while in Congress. Many members of Congress seem unable to do so.

    I would feel more comfortable with Leach if he actually lived in the 13th Congressional District. The fact that he does not smacks of carpetbaggery, and I wonder whether Leach is simply trying to climb the political ladder.

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