PA-15: Dent Won’t Vote for Trump (VIDEO)

On an appearance today on Morning Joe, Congressman Charlie Dent declared that he, “has no plans” to vote for Donald Trump. The Congressman said he “has to able to sleep at night” and that others he has talked to have also expressed their concerns about Trump’s “incendiary rhetoric.”

The Republican presidential nominee first began to worry the Congressman after last year’s comments about prisoners of war, specifically, John McCain.

According to Rep. Dent, there have been many more examples of “incendiary rhetoric” from Trump during this campaign, with the latest being his attacks on the Khan family.

Dent explained that he had previously backed Ohio Governor John Kasich for the nomination because he “was the one candidate…who was talking in measured tones and was temperate. He talked about conservatism in a way people could relate to.”

Nonetheless, Rep. Dent said that he will not be joining his colleague Richard Hanna, who just announced that he will be voting for Hillary Clinton in November. In his opinion, Clinton disqualified herself when she “mishandled classified information”. Charlie Dent still called Rep. Hanna a “wonderful man” and did not go after him for his support of Clinton.

Congressman Dent is joining an ever growing list of prominent Republicans refusing to back the GOP nominee including the only two living Republican Presidents (Bush 41 and Bush 43).

At the end of the conversation, Dent did find a saving grace in Trump’s candidacy. He asserted that Trump busted the myth that GOP voters demand ideological purity from their candidates.

In many ways, Trump was not the most conservative person running in the Republican primary. Dent said that litmus tests or purity tests clearly did not stop Trump and they might not be a barrier to prevent other Republicans from winning a primary.

The 15th Congressional District includes the Lehigh Valley and stretches from the eastern suburbs of Harrisburg to the New Jersey border.

6 Responses

  1. This is excellent. Republicans that love this Country will make sure it never ends up in Donald Trump’s tiny little hands.

    Kudos to the Republicans stepping forward and condemning that fraud of a candidate …. and fraud of a man.

  2. If you aren’t supporting Trump or Hillary, who are you supporting? Man up and make a choice.

  3. Deng has a brain and loves his Country!!

    Republicans supporting Trump will wear that forever.

  4. Proud of these guys!! Trump is not only stupid and divisive – but he isn’t even really a Republican.

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