PA-16: Democrat Christina Hartman to Seek House Seat

hartmanThere will be a race next year for the 16th congressional district after Christina Hartman announced her campaign to earn the Democratic Party’s nomination.

Hartman has spent over 15 years working on behalf of nonprofits, international development, democracy and human rights advocacy, according to a Lancaster Intelligencer report.

GOP Rep. Joe Pitts has represented the 16th district – which includes most of Lancaster and parts of Chester and Berks counties – since 1997.

Christina Hartman, however, believes the demographics of the district are changing, leaving the Congressman out of touch.

Hartman is the only area Democrat so far to declare a bid for Congress in 2016. Rep. Pitts is expected to run for re-election but has held off on confirming a campaign until after this November’s general election – though he registered his candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission in March.

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One thought on “PA-16: Democrat Christina Hartman to Seek House Seat”

  1. David Diano says:

    Let’s get a tea party candidate in there to run as independent.

    Given the recent ruling, what will be the signature requirements for a third party candidate?

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