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PA-16: DePasquale, Other Dems Endorse Hartman

DePasqualeChristina Hartman unveiled a list of Democratic endorsements today.

Hartman is running against Congressman Joe Pitts in Pennsylvania’s 16th district.

The most prominent official to back Hartman is Auditor General Eugene DePasquale.

“Christina Hartman is exactly the kind of new energy we need in Congress,” DePasquale said. “I am impressed that she isn’t just focused on winning, but also on what needs to be done for the people here and that’s why I’m proud to be supporting her for the 16th Congressional District race in 2016.”

She also secured the support of Lois Herr, the PA-16 Democratic nominee in 2004, 2006 and 2010.

“Christina’s past work on behalf of women and families makes her perfectly suited to fight to expand opportunities for women, reverse income inequality and stand up for the middle class,” Herr stated.

The full list of supporters is included below:

Aryanna Berringer, Former Congressional Candidate

Norman Bristol Colon, Chair, Latino Democratic Caucus of Lancaster County

Eugene DePasquale, PA Auditor General

John Graupera, Lancaster City Council President

Lois Herr, Former Congressional Candidate

Tom Houghton, Former Congressional Candidate

James Reichenbach, Lancaster City Councilman

Mark Rizzo, PA State Representative

Judy Schwank, PA State Senator

Pete Soto, Lancaster City Councilman

Mike Sturla, PA State Representative

Kathy Wasong, Lancaster Township Supervisor

Barbara Wilson, Lancaster City Councilwoman

14 Responses

  1. Christina’s past work on behalf of women and families makes her perfectly suited to fight to expand opportunities for women, reverse income inequality and stand up for the middle class,” Herr stated.

    Another whining liberals who wants to cry foul when she don’t get her way. And we don’t need another liberal who yells victimization just to get ahead like obuma always does…

  2. Just another generic herr type candidate that the local Dems put out hoping to ride the Hillary wave in 2016. The last endorsed lady that ran for this seat skipped on herr husband and went MIA in the middle of the race. I have no confidence the local Dem party will present anything different than the same old same old.

  3. She’s got my support unless J. Rizzo Mertz decides to run. He’s a real inspiration and I know he would make a real run for that seat.

  4. Observer #2-

    Safe R or not, Dems should be doing a version of Dean’s 50-state strategy and have opponents in place. You never know if a scandal could erupt with a GOP candidate or some new issue galvanizes voters.

    Also, when the Dems do not put in a challenger, the incumbent spreads his fundraising to other GOP candidates and PACs, and spends money he wouldn’t have otherwise.

    Besides, maybe Pitt gets a primary challenger who either weakens him or whom we can beat.

  5. Hartman could still face a primary challenge. A lot of 2016 candidates have been focused on the 2015 races, so we may start seeing more come out.

    Presidential year turnout, and a good 2015 court victory, will probably encourage additional candidates.

  6. PA-16 has been redistricted since Lois Herr ran — if I’m not mistaken Rep. Pitts took on more Dems (including the City of Reading) in order to shore up PA-06 and PA-07.

  7. Pitts or no Pitts, this is an absolutely safe Republican district. It is folly for anyone to think they can do better than recent Dem candidates, esp. Lois Herr who had a lot going for her, but still lost. 99-1 odds.

  8. Ryan-

    The turnout in 2012 for the 16th was roughly 100,000 Dems, 140,000 R’s and 35,000 “other”.

    It’s a climb, for sure, but Hillary is going to be A LOT stronger in PA than whichever idiot wins the GOP nomination and turns off voters with that bat-sh*t crazy right-wing nonsense.

    Howard Dean was right with his 50-state strategy. The Dems need to go after every district in PA and not just concede them without a fight.

  9. This is a seat with an incredibly high Republican floor barring a scandal or a very horrible candidate. If the Democrats are going to flip a seat, they need to focus on PA-6 or PA-7, which are statistically more favorable for the Democrats.

  10. “It’s not impossible to beat Pitts in that district.”

    There are pretty persistent rumors that Pitts will retire this cycle. Not sure whether a new candidate (Scott Martin is the most frequently mentioned, but there are others) would be stronger or weaker than Pitts.

  11. It’s not impossible to beat Pitts in that district. It’s only R+6, and only went for Romney with 52.4% of the vote in 2012. Hartman describes herself as a “moderate to progressive” person, with the bio of working in international development, democracy and human rights advocacy, for organizations including Freedom House and the National Democratic Institute.

    She’s going to need to raise a lot of money to raise her profile and convince people she’s not just a tree-hugging liberal. Maybe she has the connections to do it. But I’m reserving judgment.

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