PA-4: Rep. Scott Perry Calls CIA Torture Report “Almost Treasonous”

Scott-PerryCongressman Scott Perry isn’t happy about the Senate’s torture report.

In an interview with WPHT, Perry accused the recent reproach of the CIA’s terror tactics as nearly treasonous.

Recalling his own military experience, Perry was disdainful of the President, his administration and those in his cohort who would argue for the rights of terrorists whom Perry believes to be an ongoing threat to the American people.

“It vexes me that this president, this administration, and some of his cohort are happier to be concerned about the rights of savages that will kill every American they can get their hands on, while they seem to be disconcerned about our rights, and the transparency” Perry said in the interview.

In his critique of the 525 page report, Perry compared the missive’s overt transparency to the lack of transparency in the case of Ferguson, Missouri, where testimony regarding the Michael Brown case has been kept secret.

“Even from the standpoint of this grand jury investigation in Ferguson…that has to remain secret, but yet this, which has national security implications, and puts lives and national security at risk — that has to be open for the whole world to see,” Perry said.

Other Republicans share Perry’s ire.

When the report was released, detailing incidents of waterboarding, sleep deprivation, rectal feeding and rehydration, Arizona Republican Trent Franks echoed Perry’s sentiments that as veterans, the CIA’s methods aren’t unheard of. Texas Republican Mac Thornberry went on to say that those shocked by the torture report are suffering from “9/11 amnesia”.

Among those people shocked by the report is former Republican presidential nominee and Senator John McCain who has publicly condemned the CIA’s torture tactics, saying that the methods are astain on our national honor.”

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19 thoughts on “PA-4: Rep. Scott Perry Calls CIA Torture Report “Almost Treasonous””

  1. G.R.I.P says:

    GRIP Works.. Get Rid Of Incumbent Polititions

    …..If Scott perry votes for Jon BohNer as speaker of the house , again , after his obviouios treason , DUMP HIS ASS.

  2. Brad Kirsch says:

    Terms like pseudo Intellectuals don’t forgive the facts! Torture is agains the laws and treaties of this nation.
    And I stated very clearly that although I am in the minority I understand the obligations going back to George Washington.
    The majority in Germany, Japan, and Italy went along with the torture tactics of the time. That didn’t make them right.

  3. Upson Downs says:

    Spot on, Pete. And judging from recent polls, more people agree with you than with these shallow pseudo-intellectuals.

  4. WesternPA_Pete says:

    What’s embarrassing about this thread is the number of left-leaning, psuedo-constitional scholars who haven’t a clue as to what they are talking about. We can debate the morality of the EIT program, but it was perfectly legal and approved by the same members of Congress who are now complaining about it. My guess is that Rep. Perry’s opinion on this matter is shared by a majority of voters in his district and his re-election is not in peril over this issue.

  5. Bono says:

    An absolute embarrassment to have Scott Perry as our elected representative.

  6. Brad Kirsch says:

    When a Congressman who swears and oath to uphold our constitution proposes the efficacy of torture as desirable we are on a path of dangerous consequences to our own citizen’s at home and abroad.

    Those who believe that cruel and unusual methods are not then applicable to our own citizen’s don’t understand the overall dementia prevalent in much of our political dialogue in recent times. They know nothing of Nuremberg, concentration camps and the depravity of expediency over the rule of law. They deny fundamental justice as a value and allow laws to be sacrificed to save our nation. But our nation is based upon constitutional values!

    We in America are not repeating history we are making it and the history we are making is very dangerous to our nations progress and contribution to civilization. And Mr. Perry is a throwback to the McCarthy era.

  7. Roger Lund says:

    Scott Perry is an embarrassment to our district. His lack of understanding about what the Constitution is all about is frightening. If we go down the road of Fascism in this country, people like Perry will be leading the way.

    Folks, the only way to change all this is to make sure the Dems win the Supreme Court seats up in 2015 and we reelect Tom Wolf as governor in 2018. Then when those crazy Repubs try to gerrymander the state election process again, we will have a fighting chance to defeat them.

  8. Denny Bonavita says:

    Democrats say this stuff happened; Republicans say it didn’t. Someone is lying. Now, you can make an argument that enemy combatants have no rights; that’s one thing. Or you can argue that they do have rights. Or you can argue that it doesn’t matter whether they have rights. What matters is that we stay true to our principles. But either the Democrats are lying demagogues, or the Republicans are lying fascists. Can’t have it both ways. We need ONE set of facts: What we did. Only then can we discuss whether we were right or wrong. So stop the lying, GOP.

  9. A. Harold Datz says:

    Of course, he had to get his perfunctory remark about the president in, even though it was the United States Senate that release the report.

  10. The Lizard says:

    Perhaps this congressman should take a walk over to the other side of the Capitol and ask John McCain just how all-fire wonderful torture is.

  11. Isaac L. says:

    This is far more treasonous – Rep. Perry does not seem to be concerned with the Constitution of the United States or his oaths to support and defend it. We hanged Japanese and Germans for torturing prisoners; he’s defending war criminals that have severely undermined the United States at home and abroad.

  12. mario says:

    Scott is so far off base he’s in right field. If he studied the law he would know the facts. John McCain’s remarks on the report were spot on. Scott could use some mentoring. He should do his homework before he opens his mouth.

  13. Tom Pelikan says:

    The good news about torture, and make no mistake about it the methods used were torture, is that it gets you the answers you want. The bad news about torture is that there’s no guarantee that the answers you want are true. Representative Perry is quite fortunate that his opponent last month was a failed former Mayor of Harrisburg.

  14. Kathleen Albright says:

    Once again Rep. Perry is on board with the extreme right. Like the Government shut down and Benghazi. He’ll be backpedaling by next week. Like he did with the Government shut down and Benghazi.

  15. John says:

    Rep. Perry is clearly beyond his skill set. He also should quit watching Fox News, because they are not a viable source of information. Not only is the Senate report spot-on, Cheney and Bush should have international war crimes charges, and a day on court. I am embarrassed for his legislative body, and for my state. This is exactly the nonsense that will hurt the GOP in the coming years.

  16. Observer says:

    If it looks like a moron and talks like a moron… It never ceases to amaze me how many ignorant and uneducated persons keep getting elected by the voters of PA. Shouldn’t there be an IQ test?

  17. happydays says:

    Hmmm, maybe he should be glad he was not captured during his ‘term of service’ and had a rubber tube stuck up his butt. What a tool. If you listen to Sen. McCain, one of his concerns is that our soldiers will be treated similarly.

  18. Sue says:

    Or that both US and international treaty law make it completely illegal?
    Upholding your oath much?

  19. David Diano says:

    Does Perry care about the non-terrorists who were tortured?

    Does Parry care that the torture didn’t reveal useful information?

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