PA-6: Cozzone Drops Out, Dem Field Narrows

Commissioner Cozzone

Commissioner Cozzone

The Democratic field for the nomination in PA-6 shrunk again when Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone announced today that she won’t run.

“While I was excited by the opportunity to serve as my community’s representative in Congress and work on the vital issues facing our nation, this is just not the right time for me to make a change that would have such a large impact on my family. Spending time with my son, who is just 11, is too important to me during this time of his life,” she said. “It is sure to be a spirited campaign this fall and I look forward to working with our nominee to help secure a Democratic victory.”

Kathi Cozzone is the Vice Chairwoman of the Chester County Board of Commissioners. She was elected in 2007 and re-elected in 2011.

Pennsylvania’s 6th district became an open race earlier this month when Rep. Jim Gerlach announced his retirement. It’s an R+2 seat, which means a competitive general election for whoever the nominees are.

Cozzone leaving the race means that only one Democrat is officially in the field. Mike Parrish had declared his intention to run before Gerlach retired.

Democrat Manan Trivedi had run, and lost, in the district before but has not yet said whether he plans to run again.

On the Republican side, the field has narrowed to one: Chester County Commissioner Ryan Costello. The local party structure in SEPA has supported his candidacy and all other prospective candidates have dropped out.

*This story originally said that Rep. Rozzi was entering the race, he is no longer considering it.

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5 thoughts on “PA-6: Cozzone Drops Out, Dem Field Narrows”

  1. ProudChescoDem says:

    This woman has been nothing more than the third Republican on the board of commissioners. She hasn’t established any record of success to even distinguish herself as a Democrat. It looks like she was promoting herself more than she was considered as a likely candidate. If not, why would all the Montgomery county candidates be considered before she was even on the radar.

  2. Observer says:

    Wrong – there are NONE actual Democrats running. Parrish is a Koch Brothers plant, originally assigned to knock off Gerlach and take the seat farther right. We need a real Dem to get in this race!

  3. Bruce From Lancaster says:

    Kathi is a great leader for this region and she has a great future.

  4. 13thDistDem says:

    | Democrat Manan Trivedi had run and lost, twice, in the district before


  5. guest says:

    Commissioner Cozzone is a real classy lady and outstanding elected official

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