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PA-8: Congressman Cartwright Endorses Naughton

naughtonShaughnessy Naughton won the support of a man she hopes will one day be her colleague.

Congressman Matt Cartwright announced today that he is endorsing Naughton’s campaign in the PA-8 race.

“For Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District, I am happy to endorse Shaughnessy Naughton,” Cartwright stated. “I believe Ms. Naughton will bring credit not just to the Democratic Party, but also to the entire Pennsylvania delegation to the United States House of Representatives.”

“Her strong academic credentials, coupled with her experience as a small business owner and scientist, will bring a dose of respect for true facts and real-world solutions that I have found too often to be sorely missing from proceedings in that body,” he continued. “In addition, Ms. Naughton has personally demonstrated the kind of grit and capacity for hard work that are the sine qua non of a successful campaign for Congress.”

“It is clear to me that Shaughnessy will make an excellent Congresswoman for Pennsylvania, and so I give her my fullest endorsement for the voters of the 8th Congressional District,” Rep. Cartwright concluded. “From Levittown to Quakertown, from New Hope to Harleysville, from Bensalem to Doylestown, the working families of this district will be glad to have Shaughnessy Naughton fighting for them in Washington.”

Cartwright has represented Pennsylvania’s 17th district since 2013.

Naughton is running against State Rep. Steve Santarsiero in the Democratic primary. The 8th district contains all of Bucks County as well as part of upper Montgomery County.

5 Responses

  1. People voted for George Bush because they wanted to have a beer with him, not because he was qualified. So why does everyone feel the need to qualify their response when suggesting we should elect more women – just because their should be more of them? Voting for a woman because she is a woman is no more inappropriate than voting for Trump because he’s entertaining, or Bill Clinton because he was attractive. But when someone says they’re voting for a woman just because she’s a woman, its taboo.

  2. Franklin- don’t let all the Hillary and McGinty supporters hear you say that! IT’S TIME FOR A WOMAN!!! Who cares about qualifications?

  3. I will support her if she is qualified. Not just because she is a women. Gender should not be used to decide to vote for or against someone. Policy is what matters.

  4. I’m also supporting Shaughnessy Naughton for congress as well because for Pennsylvania needs a woman representative in congress in 2016.

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