PA-8: Q3: Fitzpatrick Raises $740K

brian-fitzpatrickBrian Fitzpatrick unveiled his third quarter fundraising haul.

According to the campaign, they raised $740,000 from July 1st to September 30th. The Fitzpatrick team says that this is the highest total for any non-incumbent in PA-8 history.

In the second quarter of 2016, Fitzpatrick brought in $495,000.

“I am grateful for the continued support and encouragement of friends and neighbors who are powering this grassroots campaign to bring experienced, independent leadership to Washington,” Fitzpatrick stated. “These fundraising numbers show that Bucks and Montgomery counties are connecting to our campaign’s positive message focused on keeping our communities safe and increasing opportunity for all.”

The 8th Congressional District represents all of Bucks County as well as parts of upper Montgomery County.

18 Responses

  1. Anyone know where the money is coming from? He makes it sound like its all local county money. Probably PAC money like his brother.

  2. Brian Fitzpatrick denounced Trump only after the leaked video but “stood by the republican nominee” when he made fun of a disabled person and said POW’s weren’t war heroes. Who would vote for this man?

  3. DCCC has had those ads out for about a week. I expect there to be a new poll beginning of next week. If Santasiero hasn’t come to within single digits, DCCC will pull out.

  4. Patrick — you’re hilarious. Please link to those DCCC numbers. All I see is TV ads slamming California Brian paid for by the DCCC. If that’s dropping the race, Brian better be scared about what happens when they go all in.

  5. That’s right. I forgot that the 8th CD is a monarchy. Big brother Mike and the county GOP demands that California Brian be his successor.

  6. Everybody needs reminded that he is the incumbent’s brother and deserves to inherit the office, because nepotism is so viewed as a qualification in PA politics.

  7. IDK baby brian sent out a pretty convincing mailer. Accuses Steve of misspending 62.48$. Wow that’s the worst you could dig up?

  8. If Steve doesn’t take the lead in the polls or come close to Fitzpatrick, the DCCC will leave this race in a New York second.

  9. Why would the DCCC pull out of a race against a weak GOP candidate? California Brian hasn’t made the case why the voters of the 8th CD should elect him. Being a Trump supporting ex-FBI office-jockey doesn’t cut it.

  10. LOL – anybody who thinks that the Dems are pulling out isn’t in the Philly media market. Every other commercial is a hit on the Fitz brother. He’ll need every last bit of that 740k to combat the deluge.

  11. This is a good haul. The Bucks GOP has to get the folks on their side out to vote. Don’t take any chances with Trump at the top of the ticket.

  12. Game over. The DCCC is pulling all money from this race and is sending to open seat in Lancaster.

  13. Hmmm. Can Stevey ask is wife for more money? Why hasn’t SantaZERO released his numbers? Maybe he is hiding from the national Democrats so he doesn’t have to explain how Fitzpatrick crushed him again. Slippery Steve sure does have good hiding spots. No one seems to see him anywhere during this campaign.

  14. Congratulations to Brian Fitzpatrick and his campaign staff! This news is the result of your dedication and hard work !
    To those folks like me who supported Brian and who have donated to his campaign, I just know that we all have chosen well. Brian Fitzpatrick will not disappoint!

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