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PA-9: Rep. Shuster Wins Republican Primary

Rep. Shuster
Rep. Shuster

Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Briar) has represented Pennsylvania’s 9th District since 2001, and his 2014 primary opponents have not taken him off of his congressional course.

As of about 10:21 P.M., Shuster won the Republican nomination in one of the state’s most conservative districts.

With 404 out of 551 precincts reporting in, Shuster boasted 18,518 votes, coming out to roughly 52 percent of the vote. When results started coming in, opponent Art Halvorson appeared to be giving Shuster a run for his money. Around 9:30, Halvorson was a mere 6 percent behind. However, once Shuster started getting ahead, it suddenly became difficult to stop him. Halvorson ended the race with a respectable 12,934 votes, or about 37 percent of the vote.

It took other GOP opponent Travis Schooley a little longer to break into double-digits in terms of percentage, but he was able to finish the race with 4,119 votes, or about 12 percent.

In November, Shuster will face his Democratic opponent in the form of Alanna Hartzok. She ran the PA-9 Democratic primary unopposed.

8 Responses

  1. Math, that’s actually not true. Republicans only hold about a 3,500 voter registration edge. Now, many Democrats in that district are likely pretty conservative which means they will probably vote for Shuster anyways but in terms of having some large edge it doesn’t actually exist.

  2. Ummmm yeah. I’m going to have to go ahead and say, while I appreciate your optimism, there is that massive voter registration edge the Republican voters enjoy in PA-9. Hartzok may as well stay home.

  3. Voters in PA-09 have another choice in Nov. there is a Democrat running, Alanna Hartzok. However, if the 9th congressional district is going to be stuck with a republican representative I would prefer that it remain Shuster instead of Halverson who is far more conservative and says he wants to emulate Louie Gohmert (scary)!

  4. In the case that your candidate did not win this nomination, there is another candidate in the race. Vote Alanna Hartzok in November. Or, continue following your party leaders’ advice & let Shuster rub your faces in his smugness. Democrats, we are not all that outnumbered in CD#9. We are outvoted. We can turn CD#9 blue.

  5. The Republican establishment poured on the money and the staff to keep Tea Partiers off the November ballot. Anyone feel betrayed?

  6. No wonder that district is so pathetic they keep
    Voting in a guy who is completely worthless!

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