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PA-9 Republican Accused of Aggressive Actions

According to a report two female supporters of a primary opponent are accusing a Republican congressional candidate of aggressive outbursts by 

City & State reports that Mary Beth Dougherty and Dolly Malec both accused George F. Halcovage II, 61, of outbursts while he was chair of the Schuylkill County Commissioners.  

He denies the allegations, saying “I have heard nothing about that until now – when I am in the middle of a campaign.  There are people who may have personal vendettas against me and who have never been for me.”

Dougherty, who worked for state Sen. Dave Argall at the time, says that Halcovage screamed at her in a courthouse elevator in February 2015 over a policy disagreement.  Malec, a former Schuylkill County Detective, says Halcovage had a similar response to how she handled a bomb threat. Both women are supporters of Republican Dan Meuser who is also running in the race.  

“Dougherty says her motivation to come forward is partly political. She wants Halcovage to lose over the alleged encounter that she says was so frightening that she called the police,” City & State reports.  

Dougherty eventually reported the incident to the county DA and the city police.  

From City & State:

“A friend of mine works in the county office and I had stopped in to say hello. George spied me and says, ‘Can I talk to you?’” she remembered. “Then we get into the elevator and he gets in my face, pointing at me and saying, ‘Don’t ever send an email about this again.’”

She said Halcovage was screaming so loudly at her that his face had turned red. She said he threatened to ruin her job with Argall and blocked her attempts to leave the cramped compartment. She said that she had to yell several times before he relented.

“I could see the fury on his face,” she recalled. “I can still see the expression on his face today.”

Halcovage says the encounter happened differently.  

“I saw her on the day in question when leaving the courthouse and explained to her the reasoning behind our policy in what I felt was a very professional way. Surprisingly, she went to the city police and an officer eventually spoke to me,” Halcovage told City & State.

15 Responses

  1. Mary Beth Dougherty is a key member of the Meuser for Congress campaign. Of course it is just coincidence that this is being reported now. The poiice interviewed both people and did nothing because nothing happened. It’s just two people who really don’t like each other.

    1. Just because no actions were taken does not mean that nothing happened, that is just a fact.

        1. Lol excuse me for saying something intelligent and real. Go back to your world of conspiracy theories.

    2. According to the report in City and State PA, Ms. Dougherty filed a police report vs Halcovage LONG before this congressional race even started, so you can’t suggest this was motivated by Meuser. He wasn’t even running for Congress when Halcovage cornered the woman in the elevator. Dougherty clearly says she supports Meuser now because she wants Halcovage to lose, which makes sense, but she is definitely not a paid member of the campaign team. Also you act like there’s just one woman complaining about George’s issues with aggressive behavior. Two women are in the newspaper report. That’s not politics that’s called a pattern.

  2. Did Mary Beth Dougherty tell Argall? Did Argall speak to Halcovage? If he did not, why not?

  3. I agree, this race won’t even be close. Halcovage is not well liked in his own county and there is no way he can make up the difference in votes in the other counties. Meuser will run away with this race and any aspirations Halcovage ever had of being on the political stage again will be put to bed forever. George Halcovage is an embarrassment to Schuylkill County.

  4. There is a lot more to come out against Halcovage. He has no business being in this race and Meueser will smash him in the Primary. Who the heck is Halcovage anyway? He is just another wanna-be politician who woke up one day and decided to run for Congress. His campaign team is a joke. He won’t even win Schuylkill County, in my opinion. I think Meuser will have his problems in the General Election.

  5. I think for dan will win easily in the primary and the general election.

  6. TOver the last decade or so, the majority voters AKA the middle class, has been lulled into the idea that it is a good idea to put so called wealthy business owners into power. Meuser falls into this classification. All you are doing when you fall for this is replacing democracy with aristocracy. This is what the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch have spent billions to achieve. A small class at the top that controls the wealth and the masses below that have to work until they can’t physically work any longer. You have Trump at the top, Congress populated with all these millionaires and they just keep spending money to take more away from the working class. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

  7. This is a sad story. First, that these incidents happened in the first place (which I’m sure they did because Halcovage is a chicken nugget). But also that it’s just being brought to light now. I agree that this guy is a total piece of you know what, but I mean, there are plenty of other facts to support that. For example, that he raises his own pay every time that he gets the chance and that he has raised taxes three times and acts like it never happened. The petty Republican on Republican stuff is stale.

  8. This type of dirty politics usually means the race is getting too close for comfort.

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