PA-9: Shuster Releases ‘Negative Nancy’ Ad In Response To Halvorson

Rep. Shuster
Rep. Shuster

Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Briar) just released a radio ad that accuses Tea Party opponent Art Halvorson of being negative in his campaigning against Shuster.

The Shuster ad, entitled ‘Negative Nancy’, calls Halvorson out on a few things that he mentioned in his own recent radio ad.

“Now the politicians in Washington want to gouge us even more with a new tax. Leading the push for this new tax is our own career politician big spender Bill Shuster,” Halvorson’s radio ad narrates. “Shuster is supporting a new proposal backed by liberals that would tax us on how far we drive. It’s called track and tax. Shuster, inventing more ways to tax us, is this the kind of leadership we need? After 40 years of the Shuster dynasty and over 17 trillion dollars in debt taxpayers need a new voice.”

Shuster’s campaign is using their ad to debunk Halvorson’s claims.

“Art Halvorson has run a relentlessly negative campaign since day one,” Sean Joyce, Shuster’s Campaign Manager, said today. “He’s been a ‘Negative Nancy’, lying about Congressman Shuster’s proven conservative record every chance he gets.”

Here’s how the ad goes:

Man 2- Typical Halvorson. He’s run a relentlessly negative campaign for the past 9 months. Attacking Bill Shuster thousands of times online and in every speech he’s given.

Man 1- Art’s gone as far as comparing Bill to Nancy Pelosi.

Man 2- Nancy Pelosi? Bill Shuster’s a proven conservative.

Man 1: I know. Bill voted against Obamacare and voted 40 times to repeal it, voted against the debt ceiling increase and to cut $5 trillion in spending.

Man 2: And don’t forget Bill voted to cut over $10 Trillion of wasteful spending from the budget.

Man 1: That doesn’t sound like Nancy Pelosi.

Man 2: The only Nancy in this race is Art Halvorson, he’s a negative Nancy.

To make sure that no stone was left unturned, Shuster’s campaign put out a Halvorson Fact Check post addressing each line of Halvorson’s radio ad.

“Art Halvorson has been running around for month lying about Bill Shuster’s record because he has nothing else to run on,” Joyce said.  “The problem for Art is that people around here just won’t stand for his ridiculous negative attacks about our conservative Congressman Bill Shuster.  Art Halvorson will literally say anything to get elected, and we already have enough of that in Washington.”

Halvorson and Shuster will face off along with Travis Schooley in the Republican primary for PA-9, the seat that Shuster has held since 2001.

5 Responses

  1. Have to disagree, John. I had the opportunity to hear both Travis and Halvorson speak at a dinner last week, and I was not impressed with Travis at all. The candidates were supposed to get 2 minutes each, but he rambled on for about 15 before they cut him off. He was incoherent talking about his ancestors and his children and never got around to telling me what he stands for, what he wants to do in Congress, or why I should vote for him. It’s clear that he’s simply not ready for something like this. I’m voting for Halvorson.

  2. I have known Bill since high school the last thing you could call him is Ted. I never heard him tell a story about hunting or fishing all the years we were in school together. Yes and this is guy who drank a few with Bill back then saying this. Terry if you are the one from Everett you had a few with Bill also.Bill being a nice guy then and now does not make him a perfect choice for our Congressman.

    If the choice was only Art or Bill then I would choose Bill. However, we have a choice in Travis who is also a great guy. A guy who believes in liberty. A guy who would never support secret arrests and secret courts like Bill does. Bill supports many losses of our liberty for safety and security. I stand with liberty and Freedom and if that places me in a less secure world I choose freedom. If you choose max security go to a prison I think they call those Max security.

  3. Shuster has voted to raise the debt ceiling THIRTEEN times in his career, and he wants us to believe that he’s been an advocate for cutting spending and less government?

    It’s not “negative” to hold you accountable for your record, Bill. If Art is distorting the facts so badly, your best recourse would be to DEBATE him and set the the record straight.

  4. The Shusters are an entrenched political family. You can argue that they have done heroic things for the district they have represented for +/- 40 years. That doesn’t change the fact that they have become incredibly rich and out of touch with the majority of the people who live in south central Pennsylvania. Perhaps it is time for Mr. Shuster to find his life’s calling.

  5. Bill Shuster compared to Nancy Pelosi? That’s quite a compliment. I think he’s more like Ted Nugent.

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