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PA-9: Shuster Reveals Closing TV Ad (VIDEO)

Art Halvorson has spent the past few years aiming to get to Congressman Bill Shuster’s right.

The incumbent’s campaign is finishing with an ad attempting to head off any such move.

The thirty-second spot, titled “One”, asserts that Shuster is the true conservative in the race.

“When it comes down to it, Bill Shuster is our kind of conservative,” the narrator states. “That’s because he’s from here, born and raised in our community. Bill Shuster isn’t afraid to fight with either party for our values.”

The commercial went on to call Shuster “pro-gun and pro-life” and list his opposition to spending and President Obama’s programs.

In the narrator’s conclusion, Halvorson is alluded to as a faceless “desperate politician”.

“Desperate politicians attacking Bill Shuster don’t get it and they don’t get us,” the narrator concludes. “Bill Shuster fights for us every day, because he’s one of us.”

Shuster and Halvorson are fighting for the GOP nomination in the April 26th primary.

The 9th Congressional District consists of all or parts of Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Fayette, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Huntingdon, Indiana, Somerset, Washington and Westmoreland Counties.

20 Responses

  1. 3 facts: Art Halvorson owns a home and lives in the district (unlike the real desperate politician) Halvorson has never slept with an airline lobbyist (unlike the real desperate politician) Halvorson has served our nation with honor(unlike the real desperate politician)

  2. Unfortunately neither candidate is talking about the issues that the 9th District are truly facing. Shuster has voted 60+ times to repeal the ACA because it is the deepest line in the political sand right now. Both sides fundamentally believe in two different sets of facts; Shuster’s will try to tell you that he believes Americans should have “freedom” in choosing their healthcare providers. One thing we can all agree on is that the cost of healthcare is too high. Repealing ACA will not fix that. It will simply put us 8 years behind where we are now. Leaving it in it’s current form is not the answer either. Until Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Socialists, and all other ideologists can come together and discuss the facts facing the PEOPLE we will not see progress in the country.

    We need to stop pandering to party ideologies, only to work directly for the benefit of the interests funding these campaigns. Shuster has $5million cash on hand from special interests.. once he has your vote who do you think he’ll be working for. It certainly ain’t US! Art’s no better, but a vote for Art would at least be a vote against a broken system. Until I see a candidate that represents my interests, I’ll be writing-in.

  3. Tea Party Nation and Schooley endorsed Bill. The writing is on the wall let’s hear the negative attacks of the nutso brigade!!!!

  4. I do not know if Karen’s story is true but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was. Bill Shuster has long history of being a shady character. I am not a big fan of Art’s but I will be casting my vote for him on April 26. Bill has been in office for 15 years and his dismal
    voting record speaks for itself.

  5. Karen,
    Whatever you say is discredited. You sir, have no class. Get your tinfoil hat join your leader and find a bunker. Your campaign is sickening. I have not uttered one expletive or stated anything perverse. The perverted thoughts come from you and that negative campaign of a desperate politician. If Bill had committed these crimes please produce police reports but wait you heard this from someone.

  6. Everything I am saying is the truth their was numerous witnesses to Shusters sick behavior. If you want to justify Shusters sick and twisted behavior then you are no better then him.

  7. Karen,
    Way to keep it classy. Go find a compound grab your guns and please disappear with Your Fearless Leader Art.

  8. Well when you slap the ass of a bartender and press your dick against her and tell her you want to fuck her, yea you a sick perverted freak. That is actually what Bill did 5 years ago in a bar in Bedford County. Any of Bills supports that defends this sick pervert is no better then the sicko himself.

  9. Jimmy,
    It’s just lies from a desperate candidate. Halvorson and his nut brigade are searching for a paramilitary group to join. They are putting on their tin foil hats grabbing their guns and hopefully they can all disappear in the wilderness on April 27th.

  10. Eppard, please. Pulling the same misinformation I was referring to off of Art’s website, then reposting it, here doesn’t make it true.

    Shuster has consistently voted to reduce the size of government, de-fund Planned Parenthood, protect our southern border, and was able to fund the first multi-year transportation bill since the mid-2000’s….and he did it without a tax increase. And those are just a few.

    Do you honestly think we believe that National Right To Life is endorsing a candidate (Shuster) that voted to fund Planned Parenthood? Or are they just part of the “establishment” maaaannnnnn?

    It’s this kind of ridiculousness that makes you guys look like clowns. Who wants to vote for a guy that is clearly misleading the voters on his opponents record just to win? I don’t.

  11. We have lots of legitimate issues with Shuster’s record.

    -He voted for No Child Left Behind
    -He voted for TARP
    -He voted for Cash For Clunkers
    -He voted to raise the debt ceiling 14 times
    -He voted for the CRomnibus
    -He voted to increase the EPA’s budget by $250 million
    -He voted to fund Obama’s executive amnesty
    -He voted to fund Planned Parenthood
    -He voted for the TPP
    -He voted to recharter the Ex Im bank
    -PA’s roads and bridges are still the worst in the country even though he chairs the Transportation Committee
    -He passes every piece of legislation his lobbyist girlfriend wants

    If Shuster really was the icon of conservatism he claims to be, he wouldn’t be getting serious competition in Republican primaries.

  12. Wow. Rapist? Drug addict? Piece of “garage”? (Adam, you’re and idiot). This is exactly why Shuster will win. Halvorson supporters, not unlike Halvorson, are a transparent group of pure hatred. They have demonstrated that no personal attack, regardless of how clearly false their charge, is out of bounds.

    If they had a legitimate issue with Shuster’s record – even one – Halvorson would have a chance. Instead, they lie and slander the competition because they can’t take issue with Shuster’s voting record. Which, I’ll remind everyone, is the job the 9th District voters are essentially hiring a candidate to do. Shuster votes with his conservative district consistently. Halvorson and his people can only attack him personally if they hope to have a chance…and that to me is the most disgusting part of politics.

  13. Great ad Bill Shuster and I think is you will win this thing in the next week’s Republican Primary, and there might be a small chance of a upset might happen.

  14. Bill Shuster is no different then Bill Cosby or Bill Clinton, he is a liar, thief, scam, adulterer and a rapist. I seen Shuster illegal conduct when he gets drunk and tries to take a unwilling waitress or bartender to his hotel room. This of course happen long before him and his alleged happily married wife got a divorce.

  15. All of the Halvorson supporters must be getting your marching orders from your desperate candidate. All of you say the same thing. Remember not to “Judge not lest you be judged.” I’m ready to here from you how can I support a blah blah and a serial blah blah. Yes Bill has made mistakes and you and your candidate’s bitter attitude will not help your cause. I’m sick of the whining and and it is pathetic.

  16. So the man who has never held public office before is a “desperate politician” while the man who has been in Washington for 16 years, committed adultery with a lobbyist, and doesn’t live in PA anymore is “one of us.”


  17. Neither Republican is any good. Halvorson is a nutcase rightwinger and Shuster is a spoiled hereditary politician without ethics. Vote Democratic.

  18. I like how all these campaign ads says the word conservative 500 times. Shuster is far from a conservative. I really don’t like Art but I voted for him in 2014 and will vote for him in 2016. In fact I will vote for anyone but that piece of garage Shuster. Bill was a airhead, drug addict and womanizer in High School. Forty-five years later Shuster still hasn’t changed.

  19. That’s correct your district doesn’t get how you could support a perverted, adulterer like Bill Shuster you takes millions of dollars in campaign bribes to push the lobbyists agenda. Shuster has never cared about his district nor the people of his district.

  20. No personal attacks from Bill. He calls it like it is naming Halvorson a desperate politician. Bill is from here and desperate politicians attacking don’t get it and they don’t get us.

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