Pa. Ballot Odds & Ends

We’ve taken a look at the ballot from the state department and pulled out a few interesting tidbits about the legislative races, like who’s facing a 2010 rematch, who’s getting a free pass, and what’s happening in the open seats. Enjoy!

Overall, the redistricting chaos has turned out well for incumbents. 36 percent of those up for re-election (9 of 25 Senators, 73 of 203 state Reps) are unopposed. Among them are several folks running for two offices (John Maher and Eugene DePasquale, each unopposed for state rep and Auditor General; Mark Mustio, for state Sen and unopposed for state Rep).

Here are some other odds & ends.

Rematches: These are the replays of general election action from 2010.

The Democrats have recruited two lawmakers who lost in 2010 to seek a rematch in 2010: Dave Levdansky v. Rep. Rick Saccone (lost by 1 point) and Paul Drucker v. Rep. Warren Kampf (lost by 4 points). State Rep. Tom Quigley (R-Montgomery) will take another challenge from Dem Mark Painter; Jeff Pyle (R-Armstrong) will once against face Jo Ellen Bowman.

Democratic Minority Leader Frank Dermody (D-Allegheny) will again face Republican Gerry Vaerewyck; State Rep. Mike Sturla (D-Lancaster) will have a rematch against Tom Garman; and  Sen. Larry Farnese (D-Phila) will once again take on Jack Morley (R-).

Open Seats. There are no incumbents who didn’t make the ballot that hadn’t already announced their retirement. Here’s what’s happening in the places where incumbents are retiring:

SD-15: Jeff Piccola (R-Dauhpin). Republicans John McNally, William Seeds and Josh First. Democrats Rob Teplitz and Alvin Taylor.
SD-21: Mary Jo White (R-Venango). Republican State Rep. Scott Hutchinson.
SD-37: John Pippy (R-Allegheny). Republicans Mark Mustio, Raja and Sue Means.
SD-49: Jane Earll (R-Erie). Republican Janet Anderson. Democrats Sean Wiley, John Harkins, Brian Pitzer, Terry Scutella and Buzz Andrezeski.

HD-5: John Evans (R-Erie). Republican Greg Lucas. Democrat Jason White.
HD-37: Tom Creighton (R-Lancaster). Republicans Stephen Black, Barry McFarland and Mindy Fee. Democrat Russell Stahley.
HD-43: Scott Boyd (R-Lancaster). Republicans Keith Greinger and Robert McLane. Democrat John Weigal.
HD-74: Camille Bud George (D-Clearfield). Repiblican Thomas Sankey. Democrat Mark McCracken.
HD-103: Ron Buxton (D-Dauphin). Democrats Roy Christ, Patty Kim, Gloria Martin-Roberts and Karl Singleton.
HD-115: Edward Staback (D-Lackawanna). Republican Theresa Kane. Democrats Randy Castellani, Frank Farina and Girard Histed.
HD-126: Dante Santoni (D-Berks). Republican James Billman. Democrats Mark Rozzi, John Delcollo, Thomas Gajewski and Frank Denbowski.
HD-132: Jennifer Mann (D-Lehigh). Republican Aryeh Spero. Democrat Michael Schlossberg.
HD-154: Lawrence Curry (D-Montgomery/Philadelphia). Democrat Steve McCarter.
HD-155: Curt Schroder (R-Chester).  Republicans Becky Corbin and John Muller. Democrat Joshua Maxwell.
HD-201: John Myers (D-Philadelphia). Democrats Michael Ellis, Stephen Kinsey and Karl Gamble.

Free Passes. The following freshman and sophomores are running unopposed:
SD-11: Judith L. Schwank (D-Berks)
SD-45: James R. Brewster (D-Allegheny)

HD-21: Dom Costa (D-Allegheny)
HD-27: Daniel J. Deasy (D-Allegheny)
HD-41: Ryan P. Aument (R-Lancaster)
HD-54: Eli Evankovich (R-Westmoreland)
HD-69: Carl Metzgar (R-Somerset)
HD-72: Frank Burns (D-Cambria)
HD-75: Matt Gabler (R-Clearfield)
HD-85: Fred Keller (R-Snyder)
HD-88: Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland)
HD-108: Lynda Culver (R-Northumberland)
HD-114: Sid Kavulich (D-Lackawanna)
HD-128: Mark Gillen (R-Berks)
HD-142: Frank Farry (R-Bucks)
HD-193: Will Tallman (R-Adams)
HD-199: Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland)

Primary Colors. These 36 members are taking a challenge from their own parties (some serious, most not):

SD-1: Larry Farnese (D-Phila) is being challenged by John Morley.
SD-9: Dominic Pileggi (R-Delaware) is being challenged by George Howard.
SD-23: Gene Yaw (R-Lycoming) is being challenged by David Huffman.
SD-29: David Argall (R-Schuylkill) is being challenged by Brian Rich.
SD-31: Patricia Vance (R-Cumberland) is being challenged by Andrew Shaw.
SD-33: Richard Alloway (R-Franklin) is being challenged by James Taylor.

HD-20: Adam Ravenstahl (D-Allegheny) is being challenged by David Schuilenburg and Mark Purcell.
HD-24: Joseph Preston (D-Allegheny) is being challenged by Todd Koger, Edward Gainey and William Anderson.
HD-28: Mike Turazi (R-Allegheny) is being challenged by Karen Shaheen.
HD-29: Bernie O’Neil (R-Bucks) is being challenged by Gloria Carlineo.
HD-39: Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny) is being challenged by Shauna D’Alessandro.
HD-44: Mark Mustio (R-Allegheny) is being challenged by Ron Steele.
HD-45: Nick Kotik (D-Allegheny) is being challenged by Maribeth Taylor.
HD-48: Brandon Neuman (D-Washington) is being challenged by Judith Fisher.
HD-49: Peter Daley (D-Washington) is being challenged by Randy Barli.
HD-66: Sam Smith (R-Jefferson) is being challenged by James Brown and Cris Dush.
HD-79: Richard Geist (R-Blair) is being challenged by John McGinnis.
HD-82: C. Adam Harris (R-Juniata) is being challenged by James Felmlee and James Knepp.
HD-94: Stan Saylor (R-York) is being challenged by Kelly Henshaw.
HD-102: Rosemarie Swanger (R-Lebanon) is being challenged by Tom Hawk and Joe Eisenhauer.
HD-104: Susan Helm (R-Dauphin) is being challenged by Jenna Lewis.
HD-112: Ken Smith (D-Lackawanna) is being challenged by Kevin Haggerty.
HD-113: Kevin Murphy (D-Lackawanna) is being challenged by Martin Flynn.
HD-120: Phyllis Mundy (D-Luzerne) is being challenged by Frank McCabe.
HD-124: Jerry Knowles (R-Schuylkill) is being challenged by Larry Padora.
HD-149: Tim Briggs (D-Montgomery) is being challenged by Nahjee Grant.
HD-159: Thaddeus Kirkland (D-Delaware) is being challenged by Ernestine Johnson.
HD-167: Duane Milne (R-Chester) is being challenged by Joe Corrigan.
HD-172: Kevin Boyle (D-Phila) is being challenged by Daniel Collins.
HD-179: Tony Payton (D-Phila) is being challenged by James Clay.
HD-180: Angel Cruz (D-Phila) is being challenged by Jonathan Ramos.
HD-182: Babette Josephs (D-Phila) is being challenged by Brian Sims and Paul Hagins.
HD-185: Maria Donatucci (D-Phila) is being challenged by Norma McNeil and Fareeda Mabry.
HD-188: James Roebuck (D-Phila)  is being challenged by Darryl Kegler and Rarimah Muhammad.
HD-190: Vanessa Brown (D-Phila) is being challenged by Lemuel Thornton, Audrey Blackwell-Watson and Wanda Logan.
HD-192: Louise Bishop (D-Phila) is being challenged by Will Mega Ashantee.
HD-194: Pamela Delissio  D-Phila) is being challenged by Ray Bailey.
HD-195: Michelle Brownlee (D-Phila)  is being challenged by Mahdi El, Michael Jones, Takkeem Morgan and Andrew Kleeman.
HD-196: Seth Grove (R-York) is being challenged by Dan Bradley.
HD-198: Rosita Youngblood (D-Phila) is being challenged by Malik Boyd and Charisma Presley.
HD-200: Cherelle Parker (D-Phila) is being challenged by Bobbie Curry.
HD-202: Mark Cohen (D-Phila) is being challenged by Numa St. Louis.
HD-203: Dwight Evans (D-Phila) is being challenged by Sabriya Bilal and Thomas Lamont.

Keegan Gibson contributed to this report.

14 Responses

  1. I am the Logan Olney EPIC Stakeholder Coordinator and on March 12th we have invited the state representative candidates and incumbents in the 198th 201st and 202nd to address the community on their vision for the Logan Olney community. I am having a problem with getting in contact with Mr. Karl Gamble and would like some help in getting contact information for him. Would someone please email me his contact information or have Mr. Gamble contact me at 215-456-5670.
    Thank you!

  2. It’s Roger Howard running in the 9th. If you look at the State Department’s official list, his name is Roger Howard.

  3. You missed Rep. John Hornaman (D-3rd District) Running: Dem – Ryan Bizzarro GOP: Regina Smith and Jason Owen (both of whom Rep. Hornaman defeated in previous attempts)

  4. The Dems did have someone in the 54th. The problem was that gentleman had backed out and changed his mind at the last second even after the went out and required enough signatures for him, around 300. I’m not sure why.

  5. I believe John Morley’s a Democrat. You have him listed in the rematches section as an R, then later listed correctly as a Dem. A Republican has also filed in that race (vs. Farnese), Alphonso Gambone.

  6. HD-45 – Aaron Kime (R) is running against Rep. Nick Kotik (D) in a rematch of the 2010 election.

  7. Nice to see so many of my VoterWeb customers who joined my call to challenge Dems that voted for for congressional redistricting

  8. Pyle will be in the 60th for life unless someone farther to the right runs against him. Factor in his time as a public school teacher with his time in the House and he is looking at a nice fat pension. He won this seat because Dems in this district will vote Republican.

  9. SD 15 is curiously missing from the list of open senate seats. Piccola is retiring. Three Rs and two Ds are vying to fill it. Given that the district includes the state capital, you’d think Keegan would not have overlooked it. Odd.

  10. Why didn’t the Dems find someone to run in the 54th. Dermondy must really want the New Kensington / Arnold Dems in a new 33rd. Holt’s map has nice compact district in Northern Westmoreland County, that will never see the light of day.

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