Pa. Dems Hit Kelly on ACA Repeal

kellyThe Pennsylvania Democratic Party is hitting Congressman Mike Kelly on his desire to repeal the Affordable Care Act by highlighting the effects repeal would have on his district.  Kelly’s name is often floated as a possible candidate for the Governor’s office in 2018.

The Democratic Party cites a study from the Urban Institute that shows that over 102,000 western Pennsylvanians would lose their health insurance

“His constituents will lose their health insurance and be forced to pay higher premiums and higher prescription drug prices while losing consumer protections,” Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Brandon Cwalina said in the statement.  

Using attacks like these to box Kelly into a corner on issues that Democrats are united on helps set a narrative against him in 2018.

10 Responses

  1. Kelly even being in office is a fluke of Republican gerrymandering and re-working of Congressional districts in Pennsylvania. Based in Butler, he has done nothing for Erie County. As far as the ACA, he’s all bluster and no action. Besides participating in useless ceremonial votes to repeal Obamacare, he touted his party had a replacement ready to go. As we find out now, this is not the case, and the retarded Republicans are ready to push tens of millions off the rolls those who are covered by insurance and making them “uninsured”!

    This from a guy who is a multi-millionaire, inherited multiple car dealerships from his father and married the Phillips petroleum heiress. Kelly has no clue what his constituents must go through on a daily basis. He has nothing in common with them as he sits down to dinner with his fine English china and sterling silver.

    Kelly wants the power of the governorship, because in Congress he is just a low seniority Congressman from backwoods Pennsylvania who tows the party line. He has little,if any, “real power” other than that of being a Congressman.

    Kelly and his ilk will sell out the American people if it is politically convenient and their rich crones stand to profit. He is a shallow, vapid man with his eye on one thing…, his own bottom line.

  2. Familyof4: Bring your entire family to me; I’ll fix ’em right up. Psychiatry and spelling are my specialties. You seem to need both.

  3. I strongly believe that PA needs to expand Medicare/Medicaide and create a single payer health system that will remove the burden and fear of having to deal with health issues. It would allow people to be more proactive with their health care instead of waiting until there is a crisis. Imagine the positive impact that EVERY home in our great state would experience. Having complete state healthcare would be a huge incentive for business, reduce bankruptcy and provide peace of mind for every parent, senior, man, woman and child in this state. Money well spent.

  4. It’s to bad that there’s no choice and many families can barely scrape enough cash together to pay the 100 dollar detectable to get a checkup for a child with an ear-ache. ACA forced many w hc to exchanges and these numbers don’t factor in All who lost coverage bc of the ACA.

    A family of 4 is (2 kids) in a lot of the country is paying 300 dollars per month plus deductibles. Really? That’s referring reform? To bad. For Americans ACA has hyper inflated HC costs and fewer Americans actually go to the dr due to costs now.

  5. Kelly doesn’t care about healthcare policy or his constituents’ health. He compared my cancer to drug addiction and alcoholism. I calculated my healthcare costs for the last two years. Without insurance it would cost over $75,000. I was diagnosed in 2012 so the above costs don’t include my brain surgery and many other costs.

  6. Kelly is an arrogant prick who thinks he can threaten and bully people because he is rich.

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