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PA GOP to File Federal Lawsuit Over 197th District Special Election

PA GOP PresserThe Republican Party of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia GOP announced today they will be filing a Federal lawsuit to have the special election in the 197th House district invalidated.  

“We are going to be filing a Federal lawsuit in the near future due to the rampant fraud that occurred in the 197th,” PA GOP General Counsel Joel Frank said in a press conference this morning.  

The lawsuit will be pushing to have the results invalidated.  

The PA GOP has alleged that the Democratic Party in Philadelphia was telling people they had to vote with a stamp, and going into the voting booths with people.  

The House Democratic Campaign Committee (HDCC) has been accusing the PA GOP of playing politics with the election.  

“The voters of the 197th have spoken decisively, and Democrat Emilio Vazquez was their overwhelming choice. This is a fiction beyond belief authored by the party of the 4th place candidate,” HDCC Executive Director Nathan Davidson said in an email.

The lawsuit will allow the PA GOP to continue is messaging about corruption in Philadelphia.  The messaging echoes President Trump’s claims about voter fraud across the country and in Philadelphia during the 2016 election.

13 Responses

  1. There is no doubt that, should another election be held, a GOP candidate will not win. However, if fraud is found and validated, all of the cries of foul play in Philly over the years will be substantiated. A possible future of increased scrutiny in Philly elections could lead to many GOP victories in state-wide elections. Less votes coming from the Philly area equals a HUGE advantage for state-wide GOP candidates. I am sure that this is why they are challenging this.

    While I remember the New Black Panther’s voter intimidation scheme a while back, which was substantiated with video, the Obama DOJ squashed that and turned a blind eye to any other cries of foul play in Philly elections.

    I am not sure how anyone, of either party preference, could be against fighting against voter fraud of any kind. Unless, of course, they are part of some secret combination of sorts bent on stealing elections from voters.

  2. For one nobody cries more than David Diano and second is the Phila. Dem Committee is so corrupt they cant help themselves but to cheat. Its in their political DNA. This seat could have been a won without cheating but thats how they roll.

  3. This is silly. Philadelphia is so heavily Democratic that fighting over this seat is a waste of time.

  4. Hey Tom Hagen I wonder if louie D. knows they wore a WIRE Around you. Don’t worry he’s only from SCRANTON.

  5. The best part is another special election will place a Democratic Party Candidate on the voting machine, so the ass kicking the Republican experiences will be biglier than the write-in victory. This is just Val trying to show he is a tough guy…he’s not. He is a half-assed lawyer and half-assed politician.

  6. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    The PA GOP cries more than David Diano.

  7. The fraud was real (and documented) and unnecessary, as the Republican candidate would have still been overwhelmed by write-ins. The Democrats and their apparatchiks manning the polls shot themselves in the foot over this one. It certainly doesn’t make the Democrats look very good, and that takes some doing in a place like Philadelphia.

    All the Republicans are likely to get is another special election, albeit under some much closer oversight this time. Maybe this time a suitable unindicted Democrat can be found to run, and register for the election before the deadline. In the 197th they should win it hands down. It’s that easy.

  8. Who cares about this BORING Shit. I hear that a couple of people are ratting to the FEDS over at the philly Sheriffs Office. Tom Hagen better have a good lawyer.

  9. The last two reps from the 197th left for new jobs making license plates. Perhaps Gov Wolf should tell them they don’t deserve a seat for a few years.

  10. “The lawsuit will allow the PA GOP to continue is messaging about corruption in Philadelphia. The messaging echoes President Trump’s claims about voter fraud across the country and in Philadelphia during the 2016 election.”
    President Trump is not a good source of accurate factual information, nor will he ever be.
    PAGOP is a wasteland of Trumpian extremism, intellectual laziness, and outright destruction of the American and Pennsylvanian way of life. This frivolity is just another symptom of the cancer that is modern talkshow conservatism.
    But only for a short time. The backlash will be politically bloody, and karma will be sweet. As Trumpians hancuff themselves to Trump, the boat is full-steam towards a Russian iceberg.

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