PA-Gov: Al Gore Endorses Katie McGinty

McGinty Gore

Katie McGinty and Al Gore, 1994

Katie McGinty received her biggest supporter to date for her campaign for Governor and it came from an old friend.

Former Vice President Al Gore announced today that he is backing Katie McGinty for Governor. His endorsement is arguably the largest that has been made in the commonwealth so far.

“I strongly endorse Katie McGinty for governor,” Gore said. “She shares my belief that we can build a better country and improve the lives of hard-working families. Katie has always viewed environmental challenges as economic opportunities. She knows how to create jobs—while protecting the environment. And she has the intellect, leadership skills, and optimistic, can-do attitude to build a better and more prosperous Pennsylvania.”

“Katie has always believed that we can create jobs and economic growth, while protecting our environment. And she has the record to prove it,” he concluded.

McGinty got her start working in then-Senator Gore’s office, where she worked on climate and environmental issues. She went on to become chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality and worked on the Gore 2000 presidential campaign.

While the former VP has been out of politics for awhile, he did win Pennsylvania in the 2000 presidential election and remains a very popular figure among Democrats.

Other Democratic candidates for Governor include Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, State Treasurer Rob McCord, former Department of Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf, former DEP Secretary John Hanger, Lebanon County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz and minister Max Myers. Former Auditor General Jack Wagner is also expected to enter the race.

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7 thoughts on “PA-Gov: Al Gore Endorses Katie McGinty”

  1. jjcnpa says:

    They should ask people at the DEP who worked for her if she is an environmentalist.

  2. Glennis says:

    Yipes. There’s another reason for not voting for her.

  3. Western Dem says:

    This was no surprise. Didn’t gore invent the Internet?

    She should run for lt. Guv.

  4. tommyd says:

    If Bill Clinton endorses Katie, and Ed Rendell weighs in on her side, it could attract funding and make her a contender. Whatever you or I might think of Bill and Ed, they are still real popular here in PeeYay.

    By the way, has Big Ed dropped any hints about endorsing anyone?

  5. Observer says:

    So, this is news? We already knew she had the Clinton/DLC/ThirdWay/WallStreetFauxDem backing locked up, in exchange for who knows how many guaranteed political favors due. This is about as useful to her in PA as Corbett getting those Koch and Chesapeake Energy dollars. Losers, all.

  6. Chris says:

    She’s super serial.

  7. If Katie is Governor, maybe she can finally catch Man-Bear-Pig for Al. 🙂

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