PA-Gov: Corbett Raises 1.4 Mil, Spends 3 Mil

Gov. Corbett
Gov. Corbett

Governor Tom Corbett outraised all but one of his Democratic challengers, but spent double what he brought in.

“Our campaign is in a strong position from a fundraising and organizational perspective. We are executing our plan that is rooted in building a grassroots structure with a heavy emphasis on using new technologies and data that will help us share Governor Corbett’s message and record with the voters,” Corbett’s campaign manager Mike Barley said in a statement.

He outraised former Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf, former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty and State Treasurer Rob McCord and was only beat by Rep. Allyson Schwartz in this reporting period.

Out of the five candidates, he is second in cash on hand with $5,935,250.32, falling behind Wolf.


Corbett’s largest contribution comes from multi-millionaire and part-owner of the Phillies, John S. Middleton of Bradford Holdings who contributed $250,000 to the incumbent governor.

While no other individual or group topped Middleton, energy and infrastructure organizations lined up to support Corbett. The governor made transportation funding a priority last year and after much political wrangling, the General Assembly passed and Corbett signed a $2.3 billion transportation package.

The Constructors Association of Western PA PAC wrote a $50,000 check, Transportation Construction Industries PAC wrote one for $15,000 and Murray Energy PAC contributed $40,000.

Corbett scored a lot of contributions from organizations, mostly pro-business, but also had a few wealthy friends, in addition to Middleton, that helped him reach the $1.4 mil mark. Raymond Hoover, Edward Stack, Robert Asher and Brian Rich each contributed $25,000.

$78,688.04 of his total raised came from donations of less than $250.


If you’ve ever wanted to solve the mystery of how to spent $3 million in three months, look no further than the expenditures section of Corbett’s finance report. He spent $2,997,246.72 between January 1 and March 31 and doesn’t have a serious primary opponent (Bob Guzzardi remains in ballot-limbo, and raised a mere $4,500 during this period).

A couple thousand went to Quantum Communications for consulting, another couple thousand to each KC Consulting and The Tarrance Group for research and about $270,000 to the PA GOP for staff and other expenses.

The major expenditures were media consulting from Brabender Cox and voter outreach from Behavior Matrix.

Behavior was paid about $375,000 for their voter outreach services.

Brabender took in $282,000 for production costs, website management and professional services. They also did the media placement for Corbett’s television ads, which cost the campaign about $1.4 million.

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  1. Let’s get back to the essence of the article.
    Quid Pro Quo is alive and well in PA politics.

    Remember the movie All the President’s Men (1976) about Nixon’s Watergate crimes?
    Deep Throat told Woodward to “follow the money.”

    So, look at the contributions and then look at the agenda. Quid Pro Quo.

    Tom Corbett established the Child Preditor Unit in January 2005. If “Children United for Pennsylvania” had contributed $600,000 to Corbett’s political campaign, he would have advanced child protection laws prior to today.

  2. “Voter-ID is intended to decrease fraud”
    Simply untrue. First of all, none of the proponents have been able to produce a case of in person voter impersonation fraud. Second of all (and this goes to you “Worm” as well), the state GOP specifically chose forms of ID that many people simply do not possess, and many cannot easily obtain, despite them having many other reasonable forms of ID that should be acceptable.

    Case in point, during one of the trials on this subject, Seamus McCaffery produced his own Supreme Court ID and was told it was insufficient ID for voting (despite it being sufficient ID for accessing all sorts of otherwise restricted areas in government buildings).

  3. Dr. Sklaroff apparently missed Rep. Turzai’s announcement that Voter ID was passed so that Mitt Romney could win PA. He said nothing about voter fraud, which was never shown in any of the court cases, and did not address absentee ballots, where if fraud does take place it is there. Racism and classism were both in play. If PA was the only state in the country that tried to get away with deterring non-existent voter fraud while attempting to disenfranchise a sizable number of its citizens, we might have been given pass for just making a bad mistake. We weren’t. We had lots of company with legislation that originated from the same place – ALEC.

  4. The charge that Voter ID was just another way of engaging in race-based politics is absurd. I have to use my photo ID to verify my identity to fly and drive. I continue to struggle w/ those who assert that it is an inappropriate tool fraud or not.

    Each of us has a right to ONE vote–and we also have a right to ensure that others only have a right to ONE vote, and that those who cast votes are entitled to do so. That right overcomes any inconvenience that it might place on the very small cohort of those entitled to vote who do not have photo ID, and will not secure it.

  5. With all due respect, PA-Indy, your hyperlink doesn’t corroborate your charge against Corbett; Voter-ID is intended to decrease fraud, and claims of racism are unfounded.

  6. Mazel Tov to my Pennsylvanian Jewish Friends: PAGOP Chair Rob Gleason wishes you a Happy Passover! As we celebrate the passage of the Civil Rights Act, the culmination of efforts by American Jews and African Americans to advance human rights, we should remember that the PAGOP and the Tom Corbett team are steeped in divisive racial politics. The PAGOP and the Corbett team will help you learn important facts about Democratic candidates like Tom Wolf had an AFRO before he became bald. The PA Republican Party’s Leadership Needs to Quit Race-Based Politics – Keystone Politics

  7. Good job POLITICPA!! This report shows why the candidacy of Bob Guzzardi must be taken extremely seriously. PA cannot afford another 4 years of the un-elected rule of the Republican consulting class: our acting Governor John Brabender, or his minions the Nutts and the Bakers! Tom Corbett is good for property values in Virginia’s horse country but not for real Pennsylvanians. Mr. Guzzardi: ride the Scott Wagner wave to victory and embarrass the Dark Prince and all his high-priced minions and data-mining consultants.

  8. Does Voter Behavior help the Tom Corbett Team and the PAGOP identify white folks who hate our first Black President and are afraid of real Welfare Queens? Voter Behavior: what is your algorithims to troll PA for racists?

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  10. Corbett sure knows how to waste money, and collect money from the special interests hurting Pennsylvania. The small amount of fundraising from donations under $250 shows how shallow his support is.

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