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PA-Gov: Guzzardi To Appear on Republican Ballot


Conservative gubernatorial candidate Bob Guzzardi will appear on the Republican ballot to face Governor Tom Corbett.

According to Guzzardi campaign volunteer Dr. Robert Sklaroff, the campaign filed approximately 2,300 signatures, with at least 100 from at least eleven different counties.

“Got the official ok – he’s in! We’re gonna file some more tomorrow,” Sklaroff told PoliticsPA.

Governor candidates are required to amass at least 2,000 signatures, with at least 100 from ten different counties.

Guzzardi, 69, resides in Ardmore, Montgomery County. The longtime politico is an attorney and businessman who made his living in real estate. He advocates for lower taxes and is staunchly pro-Israel.

He cited Corbett’s support for the recently passed transportation funding bill, which removed the cap on the Oil Company Franchise Tax. Consumers are expected to pay 28 cents more per gallon for gasoline once the law is fully phased in.

Following the legislative pay raise vote in 2005, Guzzardi stepped up his efforts to reform the Republican party. He’s contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Republican primary challengers and over the past decade, including notably state Sens. John Eichelberger (R-Blair) and Mike Folmer (R-Lebanon).

He will likely be the only Republican challenging Corbett.

“Winning is unrealistic,” he said when he announced his campaign in December.

30 Responses

  1. David, for statewide races the circulator of the petition must be a duly registered voter of the party of the candidate that he or she is assisting. They do NOT have to be registered in the county that they are circulating a petition. There is substantial case law backing this up.

  2. @ DD:

    What is occurring here is precisely what would occur when the parties were to meet with personnel from the DoS, were a challenge filed.

    I disabused you of the “county-specific” criterion, while you have raised concerns elsewhere that can reasonably be assessed, with the ultimate goal being that a judge would ascertain what was or wasn’t legitimate.

    Another clarification point of which you may not have been aware [which is an off-shoot of the first one] is that the notarization process need not be county-specific; thus, even when someone outside Cumberland is circulating, the county of the circulator AND the county of the notarizer need not be “Cumberland.”

    I already addressed the common-error of using one’s P.O. Box in lieu of one’s “city/township/boro,” but remember this is used primarily to ID the individual [for many people may not know what to write. being accustomed to writing their home address]; if the right voter matches-up [including signature] with the entry, no judge would strike it.

    Pending, but probably irrelevant is the “Fulton” vs. “Fultun” issue; the DoS need only confirm the accuracy of the signature…and that concern dematerializes.

    Pending but still of-interest is how Zak [not “Zack”] chose to record his address; can you discern [from your voter-list] who lives @ the address he entered? [It’s possible he moved, y’know.]

    I will ask Jay Russell about the date-issue; it’s possible the signer added it after having been asked to do so [although I’ve seen dates without years go through].

    Thus, our “differences” have been narrowed, but do you really think they will be able to satisfy the DoS-criteria for striking petitions [other than yours] of ~1000-lines…such as illegibility, not registered, not registered in the county-of-interest, etc.?

    And, more importantly, would you think they would risk losing were their challenge to not be sustained?

  3. Robert-
    I just wanted to make a quick assessment of the likelihood of Bob surviving a petition challenge. As to your points:
    1) Zack clearly wrote 314 instead of 26. There was no “scribble”.The address written must match the address where the person is registered at the time of the signature.
    My database is a copy of the full statewide snapshot generated by the PA state dept on Feb 10th, 2014. So, unless Zack changed his registration address in the two weeks since that, his entry is invalid.

    2) The date issue is VERY important if anyone but the voter/signer filled in ANY portion of the line. It’s invalid for a wife to fill in address portion for her husband, even if he signs the rest of it. Handwriting of printed addresses on adjacent lines are scrutinized closely.
    So, if a judge believes that the circulator added the -14 to the date, the entire line is invalid.

    3) I’m not sure about rule on circulators being in different county from the signers. It may not apply to at state wide race. I merely pointed it out as a potential issue.

    4) As for the misspelling of Fulton vs Fultun, it could be argued that someone else, other than the circulator, filled out that part of the back of the petition. This was in the printed (not signed) name, and the U is very clearly not an O.

    The rules are quite clear that the circulator is to fill out items 1-5. It is often the case that if the petition is missing a field like that, someone else fills it in. However, this “shortcut” is not allowed. If this is detected, the entire petition page is invalid.

    If you want to see what I saw, just go to Dept of State website:
    click on the link:
    2014 Candidate Database
    once there, you will see a list of candidates.
    Pick your candidate and you will have a list of submitted petition forms and option to Download. The downloads are multi-page Tiff files. If you can’t read them, DOS provides a link to a third-party software program.

  4. @DD:

    You wrote, regarding our petition-effort, “I am completely shocked that anyone actually wasted their time on this.” Regarding your nit-picking, I conclude, “I am completely shocked that anyone actually wasted their time on this.”


    You don’t account for the key-concept when petitions are assessed by the Court, namely, whether the signature is authentic; unlike others, each/every individual who was circulating petitions was unpaid [i.e., not receiving $ for each line-item].

    Thus, although Guzzardi now has all the photostats of the petitions [so I can’t look-up what you’re referencing], your petty critique includes criteria that aren’t on the Commonwealth Court’s spread-sheet–such as how dates are recorded [“2/23-14”]–and, thus, would constitute a “reach” if the challenge-effort were initiated.

    Let’s take another concern [“Zachary Nye writes his name as Zack and uses 314 S. Hanover for his address, but is registered at 26 S.”]; although nicknames are eschewed, he ID’ed himself in a fashion that allows for someone to read the “31” as a scribble for “2”…as long as his signature is authentic. As you undoubtedly know, the DoS will be able to access this info from each county’s Voter Registration Department and, thus, forgery would be ID’ed. [Also, the advice against using nicknames is aimed @ people who know they are “Margaret” but who often write “Peggy”; this voter may actually think he had initially registered as “Zach,” which is indubitably comparable to “Zachary.”] Do you really suspect that Zach’s input was illegitimate, based upon your superficial scrutiny?

    Your next complaint is generically comparable [“Fulton J. Kennedy misspells his own name as Fultun on the affidavit”] because you are now attempting to suggest that the interpretation of two letters [“o” and “u”] may toss a signature, even when the rest of it is fine.

    It is true that it is desirable to write the city/township/borough and not the post-office locale, but this is requested so that the signer can be ID’ed in the precise fashion you are doing online. Know that “Mechanicsburg is a borough in Cumberland County” and that “Silver Spring Township is a township in Cumberland County” when you note that James E. Spangler “entered Mechanicsburg for the city. However, he’s registered in Silver Spring.” And, when you admit that “his street matches his registration,” it would be a cinch to toss any challenge before it were to be before a judge by simply confirming that the voter is who he said he is. [Remember, he may not have realized that “Silver Spring” is the entity under which he votes, when he perceives himself as residing in Mechanicsburg.]

    {As you know, if a challenge is filed, the total of allegations against the petitions must exceed the buffer and, thus, almost 1000 would have to be unearthed before a filing has been issued; wouldn’t it be embarrassing for Corbett’s group to be rebuffed by a DoS that would be helping to complete preliminary adjudication (routinely ordered to be accomplished between the parties) before the matter were to be presented formally?]

    And you are totally incorrect when you write “I thought the Circulator had to be from the same county. If so, that yet another defect.” Each document must be county-specific [i.e., each and every signer must be from same county, as ID’ed front/back], but any PA-Republican can circulate in any of PA’s 67 counties.

    I’d love to know the on-line resources you employed, if for no other reason than to vet the numbering that Guzzardi was provided when he supplemented the filing on Tuesday [after, for example, I had dropped-off petitions with a total of 60 names in his mailbox, Monday-p.m.].


    This was a grass-roots effort, as the county-distribution data illustrate; Corbett’s people would be better advised to help him bone-up for debates defending his decision-making, than to risk embarrassing his incumbency via a challenge-gambit predicated on a whim [and, BTW, Guzzardi has ID’ed a brilliant attorney, just in-case…].

  5. Robert-
    I just looked at the online filing which has 3 petition pages for the Initial for Cumberland.

    The first page has 3 signatures. The 2nd signature is for Zachary Nye who writes his name as Zack and uses 314 S. Hanover for his address, but is registered at 26 S. Hanover as of Feb 10th state voter file.

    However, more glaring is the dates.
    1st is 2/23-14
    2nd is 2/23-14
    I’ve never seen anyone mix slash and dash on a date.
    I suspect that they wrote 2/23 and the circulator added the year after the fact. If so, this would invalidate all 3 signatures as the rule is to drop all signatures after a bad date entry or entry by circulator.

    Finally, the BACK signed by the Circulator says Bucks county, though the front side and addresses are for Cumberland.
    I thought the Circulator had to be from the same county. If so, that yet another defect.

    On the second petition page, the first signature is from Fulton J. Kennedy. He is also the circulator, but misspells his own name as Fultun on the affidavit on the back.
    Gosh, that seems odd.

    The 3rd petition page has only one name, James E. Spangler. However, while his street matches his registration, he entered Mechanicsburg for the city. However, he’s registered in Silver Spring

    So, depending on how good Corbett’s lawyers are (and if the inks/detail of the originals provide evidence of defects), this could throw out up to 14 signatures (of the 3 pages and 14 sigs I looked at).

    Statistically, the odds of my first 3 petition pages for Cumberland being uncharacteristically bad are low. If the rest of the petitions are this weak (and the judge is in a stickler), Corbett’s team should have a field day.

  6. Other press-reports reflect Guzzardi’s personal motivation.

    The AP quoted him thusly: “I did this so that Republicans have a choice.”


    The Allentown Morning Call added this criterion: “Corbett’s low poll numbers make him vulnerable against a strong Democrat this fall.”


    The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette downplayed his candidacy: “plans to use his candidacy as a vehicle to criticize Mr. Corbett’s fiscal policies.”


    The Inquirer, typically, couched absolute-truth as a “conditional” [using “could be” instead of “has been”] to benefit the more liberal candidate: “Bob Guzzardi of Ardmore, a conservative activist and businessman, accuses the governor of breaking his no-new-taxes pledge because the recently passed transportation bill raised fees on oil companies, a cost that could be passed on to motorists.”

    http:/ /

  7. I wrote the following in a recent “blast” e-mail [to ~900 people]:

    “Many consider Corbett him to be the most conservative governor in PA’s modern history, I feel Corbett deviates from mainstream conservatism in ways that are both fundamental and unnecessary to fuel his re-election campaign.

    “Why should he continue to implement Common Core, when other states are recognizing its liberal “theology” [amply shown in prior “blasts”] and rejecting it forthwith?

    “How does his expansion of Medicaid [a.k.a. “ObamaDon’tCare”] and, now, his dropping the work-requirement differ from the acts of BHO?

    When did he decide he could violate his campaign-pledge not to raise taxes [not just “income” tax…all tax…including the indirect tax of 7-cents/gallon]?

    “Who does he think will be fooled when his prior videos attacking gays are aired [“incest”], even if he now supports an expanded Human Rights Commission [thereby forcing employers to prove their innocence via extensive discovery, inter alia, manifesting pure-“statism”]?

    “Where will he be able to hide when daily stories remind 1/3-million PSU-grads [plus all who decry pediphiles] of his having slow-walked the Sandusky investigation [today’s reminder: resigning Penn State trustee Al Clemens: firing Paterno a decision he regrets]?

    “What did he plan when pledging to prioritize liquor-privatization and pension-reform?”

  8. It has been suggested that Guzzardi “advocates for lower taxes.” It would be preferable to conclude that he wishes to slash spending because he wishes to melt the looming “fiscal-iceberg.”

    He was indeed provoked by Corbett’s having violated his no-tax-hike pledge through—among other actions—having removed the cap on the Oil Company Franchise Tax; it may ultimately raise the per-gallon tax by 28₵, but people must learn the hike already is 7₵.

    Thus, one negative comment [“I’m still laughing at the people opposed to the transportation bill. After this winter, millions of dollars are needed to fix the potholes alone. Let’s not get started on the bridges, roads, and ridiculous congestion.”] must be critiqued; this tax-hike will be directed @ far more than “crumbling bridges,” for it will fund SEPTA, repaving, new highway intersections, etc.

    His having been characterized as “The Edmund Burke of Pennsylvania” recalls his most-quoted observation, which conveys the raison d’être of this effort: “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing.” It is indeed true that a key-motivator was articulated by another commentator: “This is nothing but good news for people who want to have a range of real choices versus the standard pap from the two multinational corporate controlled major parties.”

    Pejorative comments against him—reminiscent of how Sarah Palin has been maligned—have predictably emerged anonymously [“Be Honest”]; it is hoped that such noise will soon die-down. Not only has anonymity been punctured in Philly, but it appears this will occur also in Harrisburg.


    http:/ /

    Susquehanna superintendent to subpoena PennLive commenters…


    It should be noted that, when it was reported yesterday that “Hanger, Guzzardi file for PA Gov ballot…,” this constituted Guzzardi’s having filed a day before Corbett had done so.

    http:/ /

  9. To be provided is a series of postings related to Guzzardi’s candidacy; in the process, key-points raised in the above-essay and by below-bloggers are addressed.

    Know that the Guzzardi-Petition submission-total was ~2894; this is probably bullet-proof, particularly when the “100+ signatures in 10+ counties” mandate [*] is probed, noting that a dozen counties more-than-exceeded this threshold:

    Adams 10
    Allegheny 84
    Beaver 2
    Berks 217*
    Blair 3
    Bucks 295*
    Butler 15
    Carbon 5
    Centre 5
    Chester 29
    Clearfield 49
    Chester 166*
    Clearfield 26
    Clinton 1
    Columbia 8
    Cumberland 118*
    Dauphin 7
    Delaware 180*
    Indiana 3
    Jefferson 32
    Juniata 6
    Lackawanna 2
    Lancaster 340*
    Lebanon 147*
    Lehigh 30
    Luzerne 7
    Lycoming 56
    Montgomery 258*
    Montour 30
    Northumberland 130*
    Perry 53
    Philadelphia 15
    Schuylkill 192*
    Snyder 40
    Tioga 1
    Union 165*
    Westmoreland 51
    York 158*

  10. Let’s be real people – by the looks and behavior of Bob Guzarrdi, not one Pennsylvania parent would leave their child alone with him. He is as creepy as they come. No adult will vote for someone who instills immediate fear for their child’s personal safety.

  11. Congratulations Bob! It’s about time that we have a fair and competitive election. The establishment will try to do anything to get only their people in office. This is not a Democrat thing or a Republican thing, this is an American thing! And everybody should get behind Bob in the primary.

  12. Mr. Brown – the Governor of Pennsylvania is ALREADY limited to two terms. It’s in the Pennsylvania Constitution – Article IV, Section 3.

  13. Bob, you better hire a good election lawyer because with less than 3000 signatures you can count on your petitions being challenged. Better luck next time.

  14. If the 78% who disapprove of TC will vote for the positive alternative “Bob Guzzardi” then PA is in for a great future with lower taxes and smaller government. This is the best way to do term limits on professional politicians.

  15. Taxpaying citizens of Pennsylvania, unite behind Bob Guzzardi! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

  16. Go Bob, go! Very proud of you. You do know your ballot petitions will be challenged. But if you get enough legal help, you should survive. I’d like to see 4,000 signatures, which makes it bulletproof. I had no idea you were running, but you’ve got my vote if you stay on the ballot.

  17. Paindy is right! What kind of people are we anyhow? Mr. Guzzardi represents the new dawn of political action where a person with all their inherent human frailties has the courage to go before his neighbors and tell them what he would do to clean up the systemic corruption in the Harrisburg swamps. Arrayed against this person is all the concentrated power of privilege, money and cronyism which pervades both parties. Let us see where the people stand.

  18. I have said I will not accept any contributions and self funding will be a very modest level. I would estimate less than $ 10,000 to primary most of it cost of travelling and some printing.

    It is completely unrealistic to think I could raise $10 to $20 million dollars and I don’t want to. I like the opportunity to talk about whatever I want without fearing loss of donations.

    This is a grassroots campaign. My campaign is viable because Tom Corbett broke his promises to those who voted for him in 2010. It is a reasonable likelihood that I win the nomination.

  19. Dear Bob: Expect the Bakers to get WORLD CLASS Jeff Romoff of UPMC to fund a challenge to your petitions. Fight these Tom Corbett bullies who only stand for the mortal sin of political necrophilia!!

  20. Bob,
    Congrats on giving conservatives a choice.
    I hope you survive the challenge to your petitions.

  21. there will be a few hundred more petitions handed in come tuesday. also 10 of the counties are well over 150 signatures meaning there is very little chance any of them can be struck down. I know for myself I used an updated walking list ok gather signatures for support and ever name and address is fine. the campaign did an excellent job at not just getting petitions signed but making sure each one was valid. good job guys.

  22. Only 2300 signatures??? There is no way the R’s let this campaign survive a petition challenge

  23. The Edmund Burke of Pennsylvania will stand up valiantly against the blatant Political necrophilia and cronyism of Tom Corbett and Acting Governor John Brabender’s Administration. RUN BOB RUN! At least you stand for something more than duping your next donor.

  24. This is nothing but good news for people who want to have a range of real choices versus the standard pap from the two multinational corporate controlled major parties. Where does Mr. Buzzards stand on fiat currency?

  25. I’m still laughing at the people opposed to the transportation bill.

    After this winter, millions of dollars are needed to fix the potholes alone. Lets not get started on the bridges, roads, and ridiculous congestion.

  26. Congrats Bob. We agree on little (if anything) policy-wise, but I respect your opinions and positions (usually) in FB debates. I hope you survive the certain challenge and best luck.

  27. I am completely shocked that anyone actually wasted their time on this.

    Let’s see if this survives a petition challenge.

  28. Congrats Bob! Since I am a Politics Pa fan and post on here, can you name me to the head of the Department of Education? 🙂

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