PA-Gov: McCord Resolute, Defends Campaign

Rob-McCord-lores1The expression “double down” is used far too often in political discourse, the more correct way to describe Rob McCord’s actions today is going “all in”.

The State Treasurer and Democratic gubernatorial candidate was unrepentant about his recent ad and the general tone of his campaign during a press conference today, stating that he believes the questions he is asking are vitally necessary.

McCord has recently attacked front-runner Tom Wolf for sticking by Charles Robertson after he was arrested in 2001 on murder charges relating to a race riot that occurred in 1969. Robertson was ultimately acquitted.

“After Robertson was arrested, Tom offered to stay and even helped pay his legal bills,” McCord said. “To this day, Tom refuses to denounce Robertson. So, in my opinion, it was a failure to lead in 2001 and a failure to lead now.”

In perhaps the most stunning moment of the conference, McCord played a hateful and obscene voicemail. The caller referred to McCord’s marriage to Leigh Jackson, a black woman, in extremely offensive language.

After playing the message McCord, who was joined by his wife at the event, was audibly emotionally affected. The point of the exercise, he explained, was to prove “racism still does exist.”

He went on to describe the decision to walk away from Robertson as the “easiest of calls”. Therefore, he continued, “I, for one, worry about his [Wolf’s] ability to make the tough calls.”

When asked about the comments made by Gov. Rendell this morning, McCord responded “I respect Governor Rendell and I respectively and strongly disagree.” He also noted no one had any factual issues with the ad, then stated that the former Governor would not run his campaign strategy, a line that received applause from the candidate’s supporters.

The candidate also asserted that he would’ve confronted Wolf about this even if they weren’t running for Governor and dismissed this as a sign of his campaign’s desperation.

“There’s nothing desperate about me,” he stated strongly.

At one point, McCord was asked why he was bringing up the issue now when these revelations were first revealed months ago. The candidate answered that he hadn’t read enough about the issue as quickly as he should have and cited the Donald Sterling controversy as an impetus for him to confront this issue.

“This is a horrible moment,” McCord said in an attempt to summarize the episode. “Sometimes people fail character tests. Sometimes good people do bad things. Sometimes great people make mistakes.”

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  1. 1) You are not my master. Find what you need on Wikipedia. It’s not hard.
    2) FALSE. Voter ID was recently upheld by the SUPREME COURT in 2008! Plaintiffs’ claims of racism were unfounded.
    3) Exactly. Are you saying these countries are RACIST and SOCIALIST now?

    I checkmated you a long time ago. You’re just the only one not to realize it.

  2. Unsanctioned R-
    1) Please list, compare and contrast the other VoterID laws of these other countries to clarify you vague and uninformative claim.

    2) The PA VoterID laws, and other similarly restrictive one around the country, are being struck down by the courts as unconstitutional. Their clear design to suppress minority and other voters, and the complete dismissal of the pretext of preventing (the non-existent) voter fraud have been at the core of the decisions.

    3) Are you for the more socialized health care system in the “other industrialized nations”?

  3. Your view is willfully ignorant and ignores all the other industrialized nations with voter ID laws.
    Maybe you’re the stupid one?

  4. Unsanctioned R-
    I’m saying that if you support PA VoterID, you are supporting a law specifically designed to disenfranchise blacks.

    If you don’t realize that, you are stupid.
    If you do realize that is the purpose, and then chose to support it, then you are racist.

  5. So if I’m orchestrating VoterID I’m racist?
    Corbett is to dumb to realize?

    People who write race into things need a mirror for introspection. You posit “well established” facts that are nothing of the sort.

    Somebody tell David that he just insulted the rest of the industrialized world that institutes racist voter verification. Get a clue, man.

  6. Unsanctioned R-
    The VoterID law is inherently a racist attempt by the GOP to suppress the black vote.

    It’s been well established that the pretext of voter impersonation fraud was a hoax, and no other motivation remains other than to rollback progress and the Voting Rights Act.

    You can pretend that VoterID has another purpose, but you’d just be pretending.

    Now, that doesn’t mean that Corbett is a racist. However, it does mean that he supports racist policies and refuses to accept (or understand) the inherent problems in those bad policies.

    Corbett is one of those public officials who may actually be too dumb to realize that he’s promoting a racist agenda orchestrated by others. So, at best, he’s a gullible pawn.

  7. What you said is objectively correct, but why then why is the Democrat race baiting only called out now?
    Average Pennsylvanians know the answer.

  8. Unsanctioned R,

    If all circumstances are the same as the situation with Wolf than it’s not racist at all… not matter what stupid letter is next to the name.

    Race baiting is unacceptable in political campaigns.

  9. “…doesn’t even have the slight hint of a racist background as a blatant racist then I’d probably…”

    David said something like this in a previous thread then went on to prove my point by qualifying racist background as support for VoterID.

    Basically, what Wolf did is only racist if a Republican did it.

  10. Funny that the Philadelphia Inquirer endorses McCord just as his campaign is self-imploding. McCord’s wife Leigh was a former Inquirer writer, so its no surprise their ties with McCord are strong. But, a newspaper endorsement is less “news” than a very popular former governor and stalwart of the Democrat machine condemning your campaign practices. Rendell will hurt McCord more than Inky will help him. And…rightfully so. The pandering McCord has done to win votes from the African American community is shameful. His attack ad bringing racism into the discussion is the low and desperate act of a 3rd place candidate whining for attention. Equally distasteful is the way McCord “parades” his African American wife in front of the camera to bolster his racial sensitivity cred. Fortunately, the African American community is smart and savvy enough to see through this transparent pandering. It is actually demeaning of McCord to believe he can capture their vote based on his questionable bio rather than a frank discussion of the issues. Time for McCord to go to bed. The adults need to talk.

  11. Unsanctioned R, I don’t believe in race baiting no matter the party and that’s exactly what this ad is doing. Also, if I felt this ad told the truth and didn’t try to paint someone that doesn’t even have the slight hint of a racist background as a blatant racist then I’d probably be less likely to condemn it but this ad exaggerates and slanders and has no business in a campaign.

  12. If Wolf was a Republican, all the Dem’s who want this ad down would have been glad that it was run.

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