PA-Gov: McGinty Finishes On A Positive Note (VIDEO)

Well we’ve reached that time again, when candidates unveil their final TV commercials before election day.

These spots are usually always positive and former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty has made it a point in this campaign to never go negative. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the spot highlights her own credentials without mentioning her opponents.

“In the race for Governor, Katie McGinty offers an ‘impressive resume’,” the narrator states as newspaper quotes about the candidate are splashed on screen. “A ‘policy driven’ leader, with a ‘passion for Pennsylvania’.”

The ad goes on to outline McGinty’s platform, including plans for “middle-class college scholarships”, taxing oil and gas companies and raising the minimum wage.

“I’m from a working family, and running for Governor to champion those who clock in, work hard, and need a hand,” McGinty concludes.

Other Democratic candidates for Governor include former Department of Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz and State Treasurer Rob McCord.

10 Responses

  1. Katie is Hot Looking She will make a Hot Looking Governor and make PA Proud again

  2. Western PA Ron — Influential Democrats attempted to get Katie to move down to Lt. Gov. and run as a ticket with Wolf in the primary. Katie declined in favor of staying in the Gov. race.

    Wolf will be the Democratic nominee for Gov. Katie has a future in PA politics if she wants it. Allyson never will hold office again (she’s the oldest of them, and in 2 years, she will be 2 years older, coming off an embarrassing loss, and not elected to anything). McCord is finished in politics. Too bad his political career will be over when his term expires in 2016, after 8 short years in political office as a row officer nobody knows.

  3. 50 State Strategy by Howard Dean? Yeah, we’re real strong in Idaho and Mississippi now. Lol. You all just keep living in your bubble

  4. What Ron said. Also, as head of the National DNC, Eddie ended the 50-state strategy in favor of Red-Blue territorial politics. His own in-state strategies along those lines is what lost us the legislature, and consequently, the re-districting. The Republicans saw in 2004 and 2005 what was important, as did Howard Dean in 2004 and 2006. Eddie flat-out dropped the ball. On the plus side, he did get Midge appointed to the federal bench and then got her promoted, so it’s all good for his Eddyness.

  5. Western PA Ron, that’s not correct. We actually gained seats in the PA House during both the 2006 and 2008 elections. We haven’t controlled the Senate in well over a decade.

  6. Perhaps Observer is pointing to the fact that we slowly lost control of the state legislature during his tenure. When redistricting time came about (after Rendell left office) the Republicans were in control and drew the lines.

  7. She’s a nice girl who unfortunately has always been an Insider, never to rock the boat. Harrisburg needs its boat rocked – badly.

    She is mainly an acolyte of the Clinton Rendell Power Seeker group, nothing really Progressive about her. Let’s rememebr that it was when Fast Eddiee was the big PA Democrat that we lost the gerrymander and re-districting war, which effectively ended the PA Democratic Party’s role in PA government – all while Eddie was making sure his own power and perks were uninterrupted. He doesn’t give a damn about this state or its people, only his own policital influence. Until Katie steps far away from him and the Clinton bundlers, she has no real future in politics. Eddie’s dead, except that ghost of him we see from time to time on MSNBC.

  8. I applaud Katie for remaining positive throughout this primary campaign season. It’s unfortunate that our Governor candidates don’t get to choose their own running mate for Lt. Governor. She would make an excellent choice to compliment Wolf.

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