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PA-Gov: Mercyhurst Poll: Wolf 43 Corbett 28

Tom-WolfAnother day, another gubernatorial poll showing Tom Wolf with a substantial lead.

The Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics found that if the election were held today, 43% of respondents would support Wolf, and 28% would support Corbett.

With a little more than a month to go until Election Day, 22% still remained undecided. The number of voters who are still undecided in the Mercyhurst poll is on the higher end of what most polls have found.

Meanwhile, the 15 point margin for Wolf over Corbett is a tad bit lower than the 20 point margin found in the F&M poll that was released yesterday.

As has been the theme for much of the year, approval of the job Tom Corbett is doing as Governor of Pennsylvania is also low. A mere 31% of those surveyed approve of the job Corbett is doing, compared to the 51% who disapprove. 17% said they did not know.

The Mercyhurst Poll was conducted from September 15-24, 2014, and included 479 registered voters in Pennsylvania. The margin of error is +/- 4.48%.

One Response

  1. At this point, who’s souls are we battling for? Are the undecideds really undecided, or are they indifferent? If they are indifferent, will they vote? That is why gube debates do not get a lot of media attention. And why the historians say there has not been one that has made a difference.

    That is not to say Dr. Wolf lost the first debate. This nonsense about millionaire Governor Corbett finding his voice? He’s blown through $16 million in entirely discredited attack ads since February – to no avail in the polls. What was that, if not his “voice”?

    Speaking of Mr. Corbett’s voice, I did not hear it say anything about what school funding should be, and he’s the one who has been doing the matrix studies – so he is obviously aware there is a problem. I notice he did not mention Acting Education Secretary Carolyn Dumaresq. She must be too busy puttering around in Ron Tomalis’s fake office, writing and deleting emails, and otherwise trying to make it look like somebody works there.

    And Mr. Corbett’s voice was downright gibberish when confronted with PA’s depleted bank accounts. He started with a billion dollar surplus from Ed Rendell. Now we are at least $1.5 billion in the hole, one of only 11 states running in the red. The last time we had emergency General Fund transfers was during the Ridge Administration. So it most certainly is not the common occurrence.

    That is the key. We cannot fix any other problem until we fix revenues. As a business owner, Mr. Wolf understands the need to have money in the bank. Governor Corbett, who has been on the public teat all but the 5 years he worked for a garbage company, has never made a payroll in his life. That pressure/responsibility is something that only a CEO/business owner can appreciate.

    Mr. Corbett has been on the inside for over 3 ½ years, so he should have all the answers, not Mr. Wolf. If Mr. Wolf does not have the answers yet, it is truly because he does not yet have the data to evaluate. Politicians make pie sky promises, only to shut up and duck once they get in, because they did not fully understand the situations. Mr. Wolf is smart enough to know that. When new managers are hired to fix problems in a company, it takes time to study, assess and implement. Ask any successful manager in the private sector. There is only one of those in this race.

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