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PA-Gov: NBC First Read Rates Corbett #1 Most Vulnerable Gov

corbett sadJoining a coterie of other news organizations, NBC First Reads put Governor Tom Corbett at the top of their list of vulnerable governors in 2014.

Here’s what they have to say:

1. Pennsylvania (R): The most vulnerable governor in the country is Gov. Tom Corbett. The only question is whom Democrats nominate on May 20 to challenge him. And right now, the front-runner in that Democratic contest is businessman Tom Wolf – probably the best possible nominee the Democrats could come up with; somewhat of a technocrat.

Just a few weeks ago, he received the same distinction from The Washington Post’s The Fix.

1. Pennsylvania (R): The Democratic primary has become very interesting very quickly. Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D) is doubling down on her Obamacare vote in a way you won’t see in most other races. She still has ground to make up to catch businessman Tom Wolf (D), but close observers say it’s still possible. None of this changes the fact that Gov. Tom Corbett (R) remains the most vulnerable governor in the country. (Previous ranking: 1)

While it’s undeniably bad news for Governor Corbett, his primary challenger, Bob Guzzardi was removed from the ballot and the governor has had a fairly painless primary season. His Democratic opponents, on the other hand, have been devouring each other in negative advertising, the efficacy of which remains to be seen, but while they are focusing on hurting each other, Corbett remains unscathed.


15 Responses

  1. McGinty would be the best at protecting our environment and Schwartz has a Social Workers soul so she would be the best for our children, elderly and others damaged by Govenor Corbert’s budget. But Wolf looks like he can raise the money and has the narrative to take on an incumbent. I’ll vote for Ms McGinty and my wife will likely vote for Ms Schwartz in the primary but we will both be proud to vote for Mr Wolf in November. We can then wish the Govenor well and with him his ties to the Sandusky scandal, his disregard of protecting our environment as well as his budget priorities which attacked education, the elderly and those at bottom of the economic ladder. It’s time for a sustainable minimum wage, for our universities and public schools to be properly funded, for reasonable over site of fracking, and for a reasonable natural gas extraction fee. But more than all of that, it is time for those involved in covering up the Sandusky scandal to but put in the rear view mirror!

  2. Desperate and Pathetic, your name suits you perfectly. Actually, I’ve only posted on this website a handful of times and only under this name. I don’t have a preference for Schwartz specifically, only for basically anyone who isn’t McCord or Wolf. If the Democrats do not nominate a progressive, of which neither are, then Democratic voters should lend their support to the Greens. Schwartz or McGinty in the primary or Glover in the general. That’s my voting preference.

  3. Hey JULIO: Can you tell me how you get a call returned from the staff of the Corbett/Brabender Administration without being a Cyber Charter Corporate Welfare Queen, a client of Brabender for political strategic consulting or the Baker’s client, World Class Jeff Romoff of UPMC who needs Corbett’s help to hide from the public and rater-payers in PA. The sooner the better that Tom Corbett takes World Class Jeff Romoff’s $40 million jet to his retirement home in South Carolina.

  4. To Desperate and Pathetic,

    Towel snapping aside, its my opinion based on what I think I see and what I actually see. I’ll let you know about my mental state as soon as my Dr. tells me its in jeopardy.

    Until then, I’m just stating my views on this game and this site like you. I have no reason to put you down or call you names.

    We just disagree and I’m sticking with my position. The race is tightening and will get tighter. Wolf is in the lead because of fantastic narrative TV. Not mad at him.Just saying the fight is not simply being fought on TV or debates, as you well know D&P.

    If you’re a Philadelphian, you might remember Sam Katz vs John Street in 2003 or Michael Nutter in 2007 when he was a solid #5 horse in a 4 horse field. Well, he’s Mayor, now.

    Im just saying that between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia there is a very good chance the same kind of dynamics are at work with McCord. Or not…I just think they are.

  5. All the democrats in PA Governor race are unqualified clowns. Tom Corbett is doing an excellent job. Corbett 2014!

  6. Wow — You have been peddling the “Allyson Schwartz is inevitable” and “Wolf can’t win” on this site for months under the handles “frank”, “wowee”, and other names. Think about your repeated predictions and brilliant analysis on the morning of May 21. Have fun when you and your Green Party yard sign are less effective winning votes than your constant advocacy for Allyson Schwartz (the “frontrunner” until people started campaigning).

    Hey — I can’t figure out which is greater: your delusions or your lack of understanding politics. Both are complete. But your crazy theories are funny to laugh at. To laugh at, not with.

  7. “Hey” –

    No way will I vote for McCord or Wolf. Never. Under no circumstances. Period. And if the PA election came down to my vote and my vote alone, I’d still vote Green before either one of them. The PA Democrats had a solid gold candidate in Hanger, and while McGinty and Schwartz are decent bronze and silver candidates, McCord and Wolf are not to even be considered. Corbett, McCord and Wolf are what’s wrong with Pennsylvania politics. I’m not looking to get Rendell’d ever again.

    You can take Mr. McCord and shove him.

  8. We have the technocrats in Europe. We are suffering highest unemployment ever. The technocrats are socially liberal but austerity prone when it comes to all except the corrupt bankers and their insolvent businesses. It is not a good thing these fascist technocrats.

  9. Did you not read the article:

    “businessman Tom Wolf – probably the best possible nominee the Democrats could come up with; somewhat of a technocrat.”

    Wolf leads Corbett by the widest margin compared to McCord or Schwartz.

  10. Its very evident now that McCord will be the nominee. Despite the hyperventilating. The only way Wolf wins is if the McCord campaign cant manage the enormous GOTV apparatus at its disposal.

    Through endorsements and behind the scenes negotiating gearing up prior to primary day, McCords people would really have to had botched their ground effort not to close this deal.

    Regardless of the optics of his assault on Wolf, McCord is the strongest candidate to take on Corbett. There really is no comparison.

    If serious, determined Dems don’t see this and vote accordingly, then…

    …Pa will have 4 more years of Tom Corbett.

    If logic is the guiding light here, then there will be a Corbett vs McCord general.

    The Philadelphia Inquirer editorial and Karen Heller piece fully and intelligently fleshed that out.

    Its about winning. Even Republicans are figuring that out nationally.

  11. As I said in another thread, I’ll be voting Green if McCord or Wolf get the Democratic nomination. Spare me the lectures, fellow Democrats, about “wasting my vote” or some such nonsense. I would rather vote Green and feel proud of that vote that reflect real progressive values and principles than hold my nose and vote for McCord (who thinks pro-choice women should stay out of politics, is arrogant and smug, and who generally lies when its politically expeddient) or Wolf (who is great at creating jobs… in Right-To-Work – aka Right to Work for Less or Be Fired – states like Indiana).

    A horrible Republican versus a marginally less horrible Democrat? No thanks. I’m done playing that game.

    Unless Schwartz or McGinty can turn this around in two weeks, I think I’ll be supporting Glover/Lee. I’m sure I’ll be planting a yardsign the morning after the primary.

  12. Exactly. Wolf is the best possible nominee.

    Plus, McCord’s attacks, as crazed and desperate as they are, along with Schwartz’s more understandable ad against Wolf’s business, inoculate Wolf for the fall.

    This reminds me of 2002, when Rendell and Casey beat each other up during the primary. When Rendell won, everyone forgot about Mike Fisher, the Republican nominee.

  13. Did anyone else happen to catch this line in MSNBC’s First Read as printed above:

    “businessman Tom Wolf – probably the best possible nominee the Democrats could come up with; somewhat of a technocrat.”

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