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PA-Gov: Planned Parenthood Hits Corbett with Top Ten List

Tom-Corbett-upsetPlanned Parenthood is taking a page from David Letterman in order to torment Governor Tom Corbett.

The Planned Parenthood PA PAC announced today that they will release their “Top 10 reasons why Pennsylvania women can’t afford four more years of Corbett” once a week, every week until Election Day.

“The hardest part may be stopping at just 10,” said Sari Stevens, Executive Director.

“It is especially important to note on Women’s Equality Day the damage that Tom Corbett has done to women by spending the last four years pushing through policies that harm women’s health and roll back the gains women have made over the years to advance themselves and their families,” Stevens continued. “Women are watching his agenda, and they don’t like what they see.”

As for their No.10 reason? They went with one of the Governor’s more famous statements.

“Corbett attracted national attention with his offensive and ignorant comments about a state bill that would force doctors to perform a mandatory ultrasound on women seeking an abortion, and describe what they see to the woman even if she doesn’t want to see or hear it,” they wrote. “His advice to the women who would be subjected to this politically motivated process designed to shame and demean them: ‘I don’t know how you make anybody watch, okay? Because you just have to close your eyes…’”.

Suffice to say, Planned Parenthood’s PAC plan on being a thorn in the Governor’s side throughout the fall campaign.

2 Responses

  1. Pretend Republican really a Democrat State Rep Duane Milne is practically in a lover relationship with Planned Parenthood. He is Planned Parenthood endorsed in his every election including the first. Milne backs their issues while throwing Governor Corbett under the bus along with Milne trashing the Republican party telling folks they are out of touch. Milne blocked for at least 3 years any reform to solve the pension crisis. Reason Milne is in two taxpayer paid pension plans State Rep & his second state taxpayer paid job at West Chester State university
    DoubleDip fake Republican stuffing cash in his pockets while blocking any reform bills

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