PA-Gov: Quinnipiac Poll: Wolf’s Approval Rating Inches to 47%

Governor-WolfThe latest Quinnipiac Poll brings positive news to Governor Tom Wolf- an increase in approval ratings.

The new report shows that the Governor’s approval rating is now 47%, a 3% increase from April’s results. The number for disapproval is also down 2% from April, as it currently stands at 32%.

Gov. Wolf attracts more support from women, seeing a 51% approval rating compared to 43% from men.

As expected, the Governor’s approval ratings are also more favorable among Democrats, 68%, than Republicans, 28%. Independents, meanwhile, give Wolf 44%.

“Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf prolongs the honeymoon with job approval numbers his Republican predecessor, Tom Corbett, could only have dreamed of,” notes Tim Malloy, assistant director the Quinnipiac University Poll.

State Legislature

The state’s legislators, however, didn’t have as much success with Pennsylvanians as Wolf.

The state legislature’s approval rating stands at 28%, with 53% of voters disapproving of the job.

There is not a wide gap between any of the demographic categories when it comes to the legislature’s approval rating. The legislature, however, garners the most support from Republicans (35%) and women (29%).

This Quinnipiac survey was conducted from June 4th to June 15th. 970 Pennsylvania registered voters were interviewed through land lines and cell phones. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.2%.

5 Responses

  1. wolf is a great burden of the ppl of pennsylvania–higher taxes (and if he gets to raise the sales tax-we will have the 2nd his=ghest in the nation!!!). And now he stands with the other liberals esp. those in washington who want to resettle syrian terrorists–what a great idea–first france and next america–why have ppl forgotten that 9/11 was perpetrated by muslims with their radical ideology???

  2. Tom Wolf represents special interests and wishes to take away rights while raising taxes. My health insurance was raised to the point where i can no longer afford it. My deductible was $2500 per year now he raised it to $12,000.00 per year. And YES, HE raised it. The important questions were never asked. If he is so PRO UNION why was his own company never union? Because he didn’t want to pay UNION WAGES to his employees. He laid off 250 of his employees to do what? Pay for his candidacy? He has now sold his company. So I dont work for him any more. Maybe a good thing.

  3. Hey Tom, if Wolf was honest and campaigned on all the taxes he want to burden people with instead of rhetoric like “change” maybe I would agree. He beat an unpopular Governor. That’s why he won. Not on the specifics of his plan…which has little support.

    Wolf has less than 50 percent approval. Sure, better numbers than before but still…more than half the people do NOT give him a positive approval. You’re looking thru rose colored glasses.

  4. Then why does the Legislature act like they represent the will of the people? Wolf made history and voters sent a message that they want something different than the stale ideas of the right wing that put PA in a tough situation. Republicans represent their little gerrymandered constituencies, Tom Wolf, represents all Pennsylvanians.

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