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PA-Gov: RGA Ad Promotes Corbett’s Energy Policy (VIDEO)

The Republican Governors Association has crafted a new web ad for Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett that defends his “pro-energy” position.

The two-and-a-half minute spot focuses on the jobs that can be created by Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry. As an example, the commercial highlights NuWeld, Inc., a small welding business based in Williamsport, PA.

“It all comes back to energy because you need energy to have manufacturing,” Corbett states near the end of the video. “We’re going to be able to reindustrialize Pennsylvania because of our natural gas and because of our coal.”

Although 58.2% of Pennsylvanians support a extraction tax according to a recent Robert Morris poll, the RGA ad argues that such a tax would destroy jobs.

“The only thing we’re really concerned about is if the politicians was to put a severance tax on the gas companies,” Tim Satterfield, founder of NuWeld, Inc., says in the ad. “It would actually take jobs out of Pennsylvania . . . You can tax the industry to death and basically shut it down.”

Corbett’s campaign is looking for a lift from the RGA and is hoping commercials like this one can improve the Governor’s image across the state.

The Governor is running against Democratic nominee and former Department of Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf in November.

3 Responses

  1. Yep, thanks to all those fracker jobs PA is in the bottom of states in regards to job creation. A bunch of baggers said it on the Internet so it must be true. I don’t think even Republicans are stupid enough to believe this garbage.

  2. this video is absurd. first off, it’s been clear forever that Corbett’s shortsighted economic policy has consisted primarily of expanding tracking as quickly as possible without regard to the health, environmental or safety consequences to the residents of the areas where the drilling occurs, and this video just substantiates that once again. Second the idea that imposing a severance tax on the natural gas drilling industry is going to cost us jobs is just a blatant lie. Every other state in the country except for PA imposes a severance tax on drilling and jobs don’t leave those states. The failure to impose a tax is just another craven attempt by Corbett to sell out the residents of Pennsylvania for a temporary sugar high of economic activity that comes with the reckless expansion of the gas industry. Good bye Tom, your record on education and failure to be a good steward of the state’s economy and sensible manager of the tracking expansion is going to cost you the election, not win it for you, no matter how many slick commercials you produce to gloss over your record…

  3. Lololol… A WEB video?? Can you say “token support,” boys and girls? Looks like Christie’s RGA is really going All In for One-Term Tommie. Which is a shame, actually, since any money they waste in PA would mean less for actually contested races elsewhere.

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