PA-Gov: Wolf Addresses Projected Budget Deficit

Tom-Wolf sadGovernor-elect Tom Wolf is already responding to the latest Independent Fiscal Office (IFO) report.

The IFO gave their annual presentation of the five-year economic and budget outlook today, prompting the Wolf transition team to issue a response to the report.

The full statement is as follows:

The budget deficit projection released today by the Independent Fiscal Office is bad news for Pennsylvania, but the depth of the financial hole being left by the Corbett Administration is still not known.”

“Today’s report showing a multi-billion dollar budget deficit is a stark reminder of the dire fiscal situation my administration will face. As bad as today’s news is, what lies ahead could be worse. It is critical that we understand the full extent of this budget crisis so that we can address our challenges in a responsible manner.”

“Leaders from both parties need to work together to achieve meaningful solutions for the people of Pennsylvania. We have to move Pennsylvania forward and make difficult decisions in order to solve our state’s financial crisis.”

The primary political objective of the Wolf team’s response is to temper expectations and lay the proper groundwork for the new Governor’s first year. In short, they want to convey to the commonwealth that this is all Gov. Corbett’s fault and the new administration will need time and leniency to set things straight.

Of course, it’s one thing to ask and quite another to receive.

11 Responses

  1. Poor services home health services provide in home care to the hancapped who are trying to live life in their home with assistance

  2. Does anyone remember the slight of hand with the PA-40 form and the collection of sales taxes on out-of-state purchases?

  3. So Republican talking points count as facts now? That’s insanity – you guys are off the deep end.

  4. “Corbett balanced the books without raising taxes”…do the books appear to be balanced?…can you possibly be serious?…Dear Lord, I know the Republican/Conservative playbook calls for denial and never admitting you’re wrong, but how can you possibly attempt to put lipstick on this pig?

    Oh, and always amusing to see the party of “personal responsibility” pass the buck.

  5. Steve:

    So Corbett’s only option was to take Rendell’s budget and say the only real change is in the lack of federal dollars? That is why Corbett wasn’t a strong leader and was laughed at by the legislature. He could of sat down and done his job as the governor and find other places to cut from if he wasn’t willing to raise revenue. He thought he could get away with his education cuts and be able to blame the school boards for raising taxes and also blame Rendell for using federal money for education.

    It got people like you to only look at it in Dem vs Rep, but the moderate voters saw through Corbett’s straw argument.

  6. Maybe someone should remind Steve that regardless of the source of the money, be it from the federal stimulus or from taxes collected in PA, spending $1 billion less than the year before is a cut.

    But you don’t have to believe me. Just ask Tom Corbett who said, “We reduced education funding if you take a look at it as a whole.”

    He later said in an interview on WHYY, “Ok, I had a choice of going back and taking money from the [other] areas that state money was moved to from the budget and putting it back in [the education budget] and chose not to. So yes, that was a choice.”

  7. Corbett’s administration would do screwy things to raise taxes. For instance, widow’s pension income was not included for the tax forgiveness. Then, his Revenue Department decided to re-interpret the statute. Suddenly, if a widow received her husband’s pension (shown as “Code 4” on the 1099-R), this was income that counted toward the senior tax forgiveness.

    The next thing you know, hundreds and hundreds of seniors had to pay $400 or more, because they “inherited” their husband’s pension. (It’s true–check out the PA-40 instructions.) What made it worse, is that Corbett did not man up and explain the change. He forced it on the tax preparers.

    Good riddance, you know? You know??

  8. McCarter, I’m not sure where you get your facts or what world you live in but you’re listening to too many Tom Wolf and teachers union commercials. Everyone knows Wolf lied about Corbett “cutting” education when it was one-time stimulus money. Even former Lt. Governor Mark Singel admitted that on PCN on Election night.

    If you are around long enough, you will learn that school districts raise local property taxes just about every year….regardless what money they get from Harrisburg. Check with your school district and ask when was the last time they did not raise taxes at all. Maybe these districts need to control spending a little more. But let’s stop blaming Corbett or any Governor because they didn’t give ech school district every penny they wanted.

    Remember, state taxpayers are local taxpayers, too. So money from Harrisburg is just picking the left pocket of the same taxpayer. It’s not a free money!

    Finally, the gas tax is not what I was referring to. I’m assuming you’re aware the gas tax revenue does not go the general fund which is where the $4 billion Rendell deficit was. That’s the hole Corbett plugged without raises taxes (personal, sales or corporate). And by the way, prices at the gas pump when down significantly after the gas tax was passed. I will concede it had to do with the price of crude but please don’t go around saying “we pay at the pump increased thanks to Corbett’s gas tax increase.” You’re paying a lot less these days!

  9. Steve: I know you’ve been duped into believing the whole Corbett didn’t raise taxes thing, but for those of us living in the real world, taxes certainly went up. Most school districts raised property taxes due to the funding cuts of Corbett and the prices we pay at the pump increased thanks to Corbett’s gas tax increase.

  10. Maybe someone should remind Wolf of the $4 billion deficit he and Ed Rendell left Corbett with just 4 short years ago. Corbett balanced the books without raising taxes. We all know that Wolf is looking for any excuse to raise taxes because that’s what liberals do best. Spent other peoples money!

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