PA-Gov: Wolf Angry With DEP Secretary

Tom-Wolf sadSecretary of the Department of Environmental Protection John Quigley is apparently on thin ice with his boss Governor Tom Wolf.

According to Chris Comisac and Kevin Zwick of Capitolwire, Quigley sent a critical private email to environmental groups that also included complaints about the Governor.

Apparently Quigley was upset at the environmentalists for not lobbying hard enough for Chapter 78 oil and gas regulations and Governor Wolf for pausing them in the face of pressure from the legislature.

“I can only confirm that serious concerns have been raised about the conduct of DEP Secretary John Quigley,” Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee Ranking Member John Yudichak told Capitolwire. “Currently, I am working with the administration to secure all relevant facts before I make any further comment on this sensitive matter.”

The Governor’s spokesman Jeff Sheridan responded that they are looking into the matter.

10 Responses

  1. Fracking, coal mining and the use of fossil fuels can all be done responsibly. With breakthroughs in carbon capture and sequestration getting closer to fruition, we’re smart if we use those resources more intelligently. The environmentalists forget that solar cell and battery manufacturing leaves behind many toxic byproducts and enormous footprints for mining, and wind power takes up huge amounts of acreage in the numbers of square miles just to provide enough power to match a conventional coal powerhouse that takes up less than 100 acres.

  2. I am not a “fracker”, i never have been, i also do not have any gas wells on my property, and i receive no royalty checks of any kind. With that being said, are all you tree hugging hippies stupid… Natural gas is so much cleaner then any other fossil fuel, yeah they jave ro frack to get it, but take a look at a gas well, then take a look at a coal mine…. Where do u think the energy comes from to charge your dumb ass plug in hybrids… I swear people have no common sense anymore

  3. Amazing how fast the pay-per-post Fracking stooges got here!

    But John should know better – Wolf has been the Fracker’s Friend for as long as Katie McQuimty, if not longer. Those regs were never going to get in place as long as he makes money from Big Gas. And his PAC is FULL of fracker cash.

    Pennsylvania is going be left holding a bigger bag of crap when all the Frackers pull out and go belly up, than when Big Coal flipped out – and it is all due to criminally corrupt politicians, from Ed Rendell to Tom Corbett to Tommie Wolf.

  4. Hey, look. A top dog at the Dept of ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION trying like heck to PROTECT the ENVIRONMENT from all enemies foreign and domestic.

    Rock on, my friend John.

  5. Mr. Quigley is a earth worshipping boob. There is no way he can objectively regulate any industry. Especially not one that gives his precious Mother Earth a daily enima.

  6. Mr. Quigley is a earth worshipping boob. Therefore he cannot properly regulate any industry. Let alone one that he thinks gives his beloved Mother Earth daily enimas.

  7. Quigley is an evironmental maniac and everyone knows he’s too ideological to deal with. Wolf would do better without him. Quigley thinks PA is California and it’s not.

  8. I didn’t receive the emails, but I think they were about Chapter 78, not 38.

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