PA-Gov: Wolf Rated Most Liberal Governor in U.S.

Governor-WolfTom Wolf is the most liberal Governor in the United States.

At least according to a study from OnTheIssues and InsideGov that was published on The Huffington Post.

They used public statements, press releases, campaign platforms and voting records to score all fifty Governors. Each executive was ranked on a scale from -10 (most liberal) to +10 (most conservative).

Gov. Wolf scored -5 which put him furthest to the left, just ahead of the -4.25 scored by Governors Jay Inslee and Mark Dayton, of Washington and Minnesota respectively.

Gov. Butch Otter of Idaho got the highest score with +7.

Of course, Wolf’s short tenure may have contributed to his rating. Its unlikely, however, that his political foes see it that way.

10 Responses

  1. From reading these posts, it is clear to see that Pennsylvania is full of just too many Liberal nut jobs.

  2. GOP BUDGET IS SMOKE AND MIRRORS AGAIN. Four years of Corbett and GOP BUDGETS put Pennsylvania in this financial mess. Why didn’t the GOP fix this mess four years ago? Answer Smoke and Mirror Budgets that cause a crisis every year. Meanwhile taxpayers suffer Seniors suffer , and Education of Children suffers. Wolf was elected to change the disastrous GOP financial formula for Pennsylvania.

  3. james – no clue what you’re talking about. Wolf vetoed a pension reform bill that would have saved PA billions of dollars and would have prevented the pension liability on the books from growing any larger than it is now – even progressive Pgh mayor Bill Peduto agrees. Wolf is harming small businesses and seniors with his disastrous decisions. The only question remaining is whether or not a dem presidential candidate can hold PA in 2016 – my guess is that the answer is probably yes at this point, but that may change if wolf doesn’t come to his senses quickly.

  4. The analysis of public statements, press releases, etc. by pollsters did not start with establishing a base explaining why governors make the comments they do. Here’s the “foundation” Wolf was handed upon taking office in PA: A state that was devastated by a hopelessly inept, conservative governor, house and senate over the 2010 – 2014 period. Some of the devastation: multiple state bond-rating downgrades, severe cuts to public education at all levels, a $50+ billion unfunded public pension liability that grows like Topsy, a billion dollar structural state deficit, among the lowest job growth in the U.S., and it goes on. What was Wolf supposed to say upon taking office in January, “Hi there Pennsylvanians, ‘happy days are here again?’ No new taxes on my watch. Our Republican-party dominated house and senate will solve the few hiccups we have. And either the Phillies or Pirates will win the World Series, also. Think positively.”

  5. In today’s political world being Liberal is really just a word for trying to govern from the Middle.
    Ultra Conservative groups believe the Comservatives are now Liberal. Koch Brothers definition of Comservative would place Dwight Isenhower and Ronald Reagan In the Liberal Column. Governor Wolf is a good man working hard for everyday people in Pennsylvania. If that defines him as a Liberal, maybe what this State and Country need are more Liberals.

  6. I agree. A more accurate report would list the most politically inept guvs in the usa. Unfortunately, wolf would still top the list by an even greater margin. I would be interested in seeing poll numbers on wolf’s job performance. Hes got to be in the low to mid 30s at this point. Hes making the other one term tom look like the Winston Churchill of our generation. If I were a dem rep outside of philly, I would be dusting off the Ole resume.

  7. Why is liberal rated negative and conservative rated positive? Obviously, this must be a rightwing (GOP) rating system.

  8. It is obvious that this grading system is from some corporate backed, probably Koch associated, entity. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why people buy into the idea that elected officials who are working to help the middle class are “BOO HISS LIBERAL” and scored on a negative scale vs. those who are trying to get more money into the hands of the top 1% aka “A PRO-BUSINESS CONSERVATIVE”. History tells us the last time the ultra-rich were given all the breaks was the roaring 20’s that led to the stock market crash and the Great Depression. From the new deal on until 1980, the ultra rich were taxed at a high rate, money was available for infrastructure improvements and to send a man to the moon. Then came Reagan and trickle down and now after 35 years of tax breaks to create jobs, we are all circling the drain.

  9. “Of course, Wolf’s short tenure may have contributed to his rating. Its unlikely, however, that his political foes see it that way.”

    The methodology does not exclusively review tenure:

    “OnTheIssues analyzes public statements, press releases, campaign platforms and voting records to score each governor’s view on important issues.”

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